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When The Madness Comes

When The Madness Comes
When the madness comes, those without a sword will parish.  Those with a sword will be blessed with the strength of a thousand Lyons and the enemy shall not prevail.  – de Andréa

By de Andréa
January 22, 2013

On December 14 2012 the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut did not have a sword, nor was there anyone with a sword to protect them from the enemy that had come to destroy them.  They did not have the power of a thousand Lyons to defend them.  Why?

Please forgive me for waxing a little poetic and philosophical but I cannot ignore the fact that there should be a lesson learned here, but I fear the lesson is being lost in a sea of politics and a misguided discipline of ignorant and redundant ideas.

Why do our legislators see the necessity of protecting our treasure of gold with the security of modern arms, but protecting the treasure of our children is apparently not considered even equal value, and so is not granted at least equal security?

We protect our gold with guns and we protect our children with hope and a paper sign that reads GUN FREE ZONE!  The paper sigh is nothing but a green light and a paper target advertising the helplessness and vulnerability of our school children.  Moreover the enemy reads’ these advertisements of helplessness and they respond like pathetic cowards with a sword against your helpless children.

But who pays the price of this stupidity and careless attitude of our leaders?  The weakest among us pay the ultimate price, our children pay with their lives.

The people of America must decide for themselves whether their children are worth at least as much as gold.  I personally am long passed the age of having small children, but if I were a parent of a school age child today, I would demand armed protection for my precious treasures.  And if the public schools refuse to offer at least as much security as they would a cache of gold, no matter how difficult or impractical it might be, you would not find my children in their care.    

So what are the plans that our leaders are implementing to secure our schools in the future against the cowardice attacks of these maniacs?  The same as they did after the Columbine school massacre, more paper signs that read GUN FREE ZONE!  But that’s not all…

They have also decided that passing more laws prohibiting everyone except’ criminals and would be child assassins from possessing a weapon is the answer to preventing the slaughter of school children in the future.  Why do I say prohibiting every law abiding citizen from possessing a fire arm except’ the criminally insane?  Because the interesting thing about criminals is that they don’t obey the law, they have no respect for the law at all - hence they are called criminals.  So the people that will be disarmed are the people that would provide security against this madness-.  I hope I have made that as clear and succinct as possible. 

In other words instead of actually making schools secure for our children our careless legislators have with the prohibition of fire arms in the hands of protectors, made it even more dangerous and inviting for anyone that derives pleasure from the cowardice act of slaughtering helpless children.

I don’t think our legislators actually want children to be murdered, I really think they hope they will grow up and become as blind and brainwashed as they are.  So the motivation for disarming the nation isn’t really so your children will be magnets for crazies with a sword or in this case a so-calls assault rifle,  it’s merely a side effect of their agenda of power and control not over guns, but their desire to have control over people.  You see they really don’t care if criminals have guns or not, it is the common ordinary law abiding citizen that they need to disarm so ‘they’ can feel safe to control and oppress the masses.  The criminals may even be an asset to carrying out their agenda of tyranny.  And your children’ are just considered collateral damage.  Don’t forget that the Second Amendment was designed and written to prevent this very problem.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  So what is the bottom line?  Well the bottom line is, if our leaders, decision makers, legislators, or so-called protectors were really interested in the security of our schools and our children, they would provide the security necessary to protect our children from these predatory animals.  But instead of taking reasonable and logical steps toward that goal they take a different path with a different goal, knowing full well that anti-gun laws are a joke to the criminals that don’t obey them anyway, they then instead attempt to disarm the law abiding citizens of America, these are two completely different agendas my friend.  They will never really address the issue of child safety because it interferes with their agenda of disarming America.  The lives of your children are not really part of the equation.

What people are not thinking about is that for the Federal Government the issue of guns is not safety at all; it truly is about controlling people.  What we forget in all’ this spin and double speak, is that the Founders designed a system of government that would be controlled by the people not the other way around.  It was the closest thing to total freedom and anarchy that one could get and still have a common central entity that would unite the independent States and keep order.

What this and several other administrations have done is to surreptitiously dismantle the Constitutional Republic and make it irrelevant.  The agenda and goal is what it has always’ been for government, and that is - UNLIMITED POWER.  This my friend, is what the Constitution and the Second Amendment was designed to prevent.

In the quest for power, I’m afraid the lives of your children have become irrelevant. 

Smokey The Bear says…  “Only you can prevent forest fires”, and in this case, only you’ can prevent the needless slaughter of your children.

It is time that “We The People” take back the constitutional power that belongs to us and demand the ultimate security for our children so “When The Madness Comes” there is someone with a sword to protect them against the sword!

And not just a paper sign…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa  
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