Saturday, January 12, 2013

Achtung, Waffen Sind Verboten

Achtung, Waffen Sind Verboten
Attention, Guns Are Forbidden
“Nobody needs an assault rifle for hunting; no one needs a 10 round magazine to shoot a deer”.  He is too stuck on stupid to know that he is exactly right… 
By de Andréa
January 12, 2013

Heil Obama our Fuhrer!
This is not the caliber of ‘the gun’; this is the caliber of the ignorant stuck on stupid leadership that we have in this country.  Governor General Herr Cuomo of New York in a hysterical prerecorded speech, I’m sure unknowingly in all of his brain-dead ignorance, articulated an absolutely true statement.  “Nobody needs’ an assault rifle for hunting; no one needs’ a 10 round magazine to shoot a deer.”  But no one needs a Ferrari to get to work either.

It is my opinion, if a hunter needs to shoot more than once at a deer he should not be shooting up the woods, he belongs at the rifle range!  But that’s just me…de Andréa

Now... I’m going to write this real’ sloooow Herr Governor, because I’m sure that you can’t read fast…  The first fact that you are ignorant of Herr Cuomo is, there are more than 268 million guns owned by more than 172 million private citizens in this country while there are less than 26 million registered hunters, leaving 242 million guns not used for hunting.  And the Governor is right, the majority of those 26 million hunters not only don’t need an assault rifle for hunting, most by choice don’t use those little 22 caliber auto-assault rifles for hunting, they are not accurate enough, and are not designed to kill anything.  My personal long range sniper rifle is a single shot 3006 caliber; I once dropped a Mule deer at 300 yards with it. One Shot One Kill!

The second fact that you are ignorant of Herr Governor, is that guns, rifles - or ‘arms’ as the Second Amendment refers to them, is that guns are not for the purpose of hunting.  Now this might just blow up what is left of your dead brain Herr Cuomo, but the word “hunting”  IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND IN THE ENTIRE U.S. CONSTITUTION so it is irrelevant.  I will pay a million marks to anyone that finds the word hunting in the constitution or even alludes to it in connection with the Second Amendment…

I’m sorry to have to be the one to break this to you Herr Cuomo but you are an uneducated robotically programmed ignoramus.  I remember studying the U.S. Constitution in the third grade and by the fourth grade I knew exactly why’ Americans must’ have the right to keep and bear arms.  It says so, right in the Amendment.  It says…the purpose of the Second Amendment is specifically to protect American citizens from tyrant Nazis like you Hare Governor.  And that is why we need access to fully automatic weapons and an unlimited magazine capacity because the Gestapo has access to fully automatic weapons and unlimited magazine capacity.  The law states it like this Herr Cuomo, it is  “…Necessary to the security of a Free State”.  NOT HUNTING!  LOOK IT UP… Moreover,  I can guarantee you Herr Governor my Militia is well regulated, and it will fight against you and your Gestapo for the Security of this Free State.

I do apologize however for singling you out Herr Governor; you actually have plenty of company.  I.e. the Mayor of your largest city Mayor Commandant Herr Bloombug, sorry berg!  It must be a contagious desiese this ignorance of elementary education, and the inability to think for oneself; moreover it appears to me that this affliction might actually be a requirement to get into the Liberal Nazi Democrat Party.  I hope it is not something like Alzheimer’s, because then I would have to feel bad for you.  But what ever it is…you don’t belong in public office.  Not in America anyway!  Try the Middle East or maybe the Russian front.

You remind me of someone from the past, maybe someone in the Nazi SS. 
Heil Hitler, I mean Heil Obama, alvederzane.

Thanks for listening to the truth for a change – de Andréa

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