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The Obama Arms Conspiracy

The Obama Arms Conspiracy
The foundation is almost in place to launch Obama’s secret plan to disarm America’s 90 million armed citizens by 2016 which is designed to destroy the security of a ‘Free State’.  All Obama needs, is to get himself reelected…

By de Andréa
October 20, 2012

So what’s the big deal about the Second Amendment anyway?  You’ might not like guns, or you say, I don’t go hunting anyway so why do I need a gun, or guns are dangerous and should be OUTLAWED!  Or the one I like the best “If we banned all guns we wouldn't have any crime”.  I think it was John Lott Jr. that blew that one away, with and in-depth well documented double blind statistical study titled “More Guns Less Crime”.  But then who pays any attention to the facts these days.

So let me handle those statements one by one but not in that order, I’ll take the second one first.  So…”you don’t like guns”.  What if I didn’t like trucks, do you think it would make sense to ban all trucks?  Of course not, we need trucks!  So what if I show you that we need guns even more than we need trucks.  Or “I don’t go hunting anyway” first off’, the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting; hunting is not even mentioned in the entire Constitution.  Or, “guns are dangerous and should be outlawed”, so were back to trucks again, because trucks can be dangerous as well, but I think we can agree that outlawing trucks simply because they are dangerous would be a bad idea.  Then we have the one I like the best “If we banned all’ guns, we wouldn't have any’ crime”.  I've got a history book, my friend, that tells me when guns were invented, it was in the 1500’s, no…that’s AD not BC, and I can assure you the same history book also records CRIME long before there were any guns.  Actually, before there were guns, there was more crime per-capita.  So the only connection between guns and crime might be More Guns Less Crime.  We use knives, baseball bats, hammers, poison, chainsaws, rocks, and an occasional truck for weapons.  And yet none of those objects is a target of a ban.

The last line of defense
And lastly’ let me address the first statement “So what’s the big deal about the Second Amendment anyway?”  Well’ listen to what the Second Amendment says.  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  No, that’s really it, the whole enchilada.  Uncomplicated, direct, and to the point, just as everything in the Constitution.  There is nothing in there about HUNTING’, nothing in there about danger, crime, or not liking guns.  You see it doesn’t say you have to like guns or even that you have to keep and bear them.  But it does say you have a “right” to’, and it does say it “shall not be infringed”.  It also says what it’s for’, just like a truck, it is ‘necessary’.  The Militia of the time was not the US Marines, they didn’t exist.  The Militia was of the people, the common folk, like farmers, shopkeepers, school teachers etc.  This was the Militia then, who fought the American Revolution and spilled their blood so you could be Free, and it is the Militia now.  The Amendment says it is “necessary for the security of a free State”.  What is necessary for the security of a Free State?  It’s “the right of the People to Keep and bear arms.”  Like I said, simple, direct, uncomplicated.  Without this right, there would be no FREEDOM!  Why…because the security of freedom must be in the hands of a free people with the right to arms.  The Constitutional Architects knew this, I know this, and now you know this…  Throw it away and you will also throw away your freedom.

All throughout history, even more than the threat from other countries was the constant threat from one’s own government, the Framers knew this first hand.  Just as now, the threat was of an ever expanding powerful central national government that would incrementally take ‘Freedom’ away from the people.  So when push comes to shove one must be able to exercise ones God given right to defend’ their God given FREEDOM and their God given lives with their God given GUNS.  

Obama’s conspiracy
If you want a glimpse of a genuine nightmare for America, just look at what Obama has in store for us.  Unlike a nightmare however, this isn’t some fantasy.  It’s a very’ real, very’ dangerous, conspiracy of public deception intended to destroy your freedom your liberty and your Constitutional Republic.  It’s targeted directly at you my friend.  Moreover it will succeed unless you recognize it, understand it, and take action right now to stop it.  Remember, ignorance leads to deception.  

Let me give you the facts, evidence, congressional testimony and documented words and deeds that reveal the frightening but irrefutable truth about this sinister plot of Obama to destroy your freedom by taking away your ability to defend it.

Over the past three years, the Obama administration and its anti-gun allies have been engaged in a silent, secret backroom, but sophisticated long-term conspiracy to…
Neutralize gun owners as a political force in national elections, and thereby… Win re-election to a second term in the White House, where they then will be immune to the will of voters and free to continue consolidating, and misusing their ever-increasing power to…  Prosecute a full-scale, sustained, all-out campaign to excise the Second Amendment from our Bill of Rights through legislation, litigation, regulation, executive orders, judicial fiat, and international treaties— in short, all the levers of power of all three branches of government.  Because Obama, as Hitler did, knows that an armed citizenry stands between TYRANNY and FREEDOM.  And the key to the success of his despotism lies in keeping citizens like you and me in the dark.  I hope I can shed just a little light on this important and fundamental Issue.

Obama’s White House pushes ‘Gun Control’ secretly under the radar
President Obama, his administration, and his anti-gun allies in the media have tried to shrug off, laugh off, shout down, or shut down anyone who dares to investigate their clandestine, back-channel, under-cover anti-gun activities.  They spout platitudes about protecting sportsmen and hunters, (Again nothing to do with the Second Amendment).  They insist they’ve done nothing to attack your right, to own a gun.  They even claim to have strengthened your rights, by restoring your right to transport firearms in luggage aboard Amtrak trains, or possess firearms in national parks, all exterior fluff for show on the front side.  It’s just a diversion to distract you from their true objectives. 

A little background
Listen now!  Before moving into the White House, Barack Obama spent his entire career proudly, publicly advancing the most radical anti-gun positions you can imagine.  In Chicago he endorsed a total ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns.  He opposed the Right- to-Carry.  He voted to ban nearly all common hunting-rifle ammunition.  In short, Obama never met a gun he liked, and never met a ‘gun ban’ he didn’t like, neither did Hitler.  And now incidentally, Chicago and the state of Illinois with its Gun bans, have among the highest violent gun crime rate in the country but that you see is part of the objective, to create a reason to enact the Power and Control of Martial Law.  

So what happened after Obama won the White House?  Did Obama, Biden and the anti-gun extremists who soon filled the West Wing suddenly completely reverse their positions?  No’, they didn’t.  In an act of pure political calculation, they plotted to keep their gun-ban objectives concealedAfter all, Obama knew what happened in 1994, when the politicians who voted for Bill Clinton’s gun ban were swept out of Congress.  Even Clinton admitted the NRA and its members were the reason Democrats lost their 40-year lock on the control of the House of Representatives.  Obama saw what happened in 2000, when Al Gore built his campaign on the platform of gun control, and watched as gun owners derailed Gore in the battleground states of Arkansas, West Virginia and even his home state of Tennessee—costing him the White House.

Obama saw how an upfront gun control stand was a political loser—and the Second Amendment the winner in election after election.  So Obama concocted a scheme to avoid the gun issue, lull gun owners and all freeAmericans into a false sense of security, and play us for fools in the 2012 election, all the while working to build a foundation of destruction for his second term.  But while the Obama regime has rarely revealed its true agenda in public, --- in private he has remained true to his unchanged and unspoken, ultimate objective of a Communist Marxist gun free America.  Change!  Change!  Change!  “I will fundamentally Change America”!  He said.

Ask Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, D–N.Y.  Before Obama’s inauguration, she pressured Obama’s transition team to back her ban’ on magazines and that’s not the kind you read.  But, as she later confided to Newsweek, “Obama told me, that’s not for now, that’s for later.”

Since then, the White House has maintained almost military discipline in its “don’t talk about gun control” directive.  Whenever anyone breaks rank on that issue, they’re quickly brought back to toe the line.  For example, within a week of their election victory, the Obama-Biden transition team had posted a web page—at —that listed several anti-gun objectives as priorities, including:
• Permanently re-imposing the Clinton gun bans • Opening up sensitive BATFE gun “trace” data for manipulation by anti-gun politicians • Imposing restrictions that would severely restrict gun shows among others.

You can bet some webmaster lost his job over that miss-step, because within days the web page, and its anti-gun agenda items, disappeared into the ether.  Even Attorney General Eric Holder mistakenly departed from the company line.  In his first month on the job, at a news conference in Mexico City, Holder said, “As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons.”  The phone lines must have been on fire between Washington and Mexico City that day, because Holder didn’t mention that plan again.  But Holder and the White House are planning and plotting, behind closed doors, to launch a massive anti-gun onslaught when the time is right.  For the past four years Obama has been laying the foundation for an American Dictatorship, and at the core of that foundation is the destruction of the Second Amendment.

So what is the secret conspiracy?
Just this spring, gun-ban zealot U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., told The Washington Post that Attorney General Holder had visited him on March 29 “and tried to give us his assurance to help us with legislation” that Lautenberg and McCarthy were pushing to ban magazines.  The next day, March 30, 2011, according to The Washington Post, Sarah Brady—head of the gun-ban lobby formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc.—met with President Obama, who she said brought up the issue of gun control “to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda.”  According to Brady, as reported by the Post, President Obama told her, “I just want you to know that we are working on it,” and “We have to go through a few processes, but ‘under the radar’.”

Prelude to War on Freedom
For proof, just look at the Justice Department’s as well as the BATFE’s clandestine and deadly conspiracy in the “Fast and Furious” scandal.  The only plausible explanation for “Fast and Furious” is that they wanted to somehow “prove” the administration’s false and fraudulent claims that—to quote President Obama—“more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States.”  When the truth is, they came from Russia.  So the Justice Department and BATFE secretly conspired to allow, encourage and assist an illegal gun smuggling operation—even spending your tax dollars to buy thousands of guns for the drug cartels—knowing full well that thousands of guns were heading straight to the most violent criminals on both sides of the border.  We were never supposed to find out about that.

The Criminal Operation of “Fast and Furious” might have remained a secret if it hadn’t led to the murder of one federal officer—U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, where “Fast and Furious” guns were found at the scene of that murder—and many other violent crimes and murders both in the U.S. and Mexico.  It’s still going on today because they never intended to recapture the guns!  Legally when a crime is committed and a death occurs in the commission of that crime all involved are prosecuted for murder.  But as you can see, no one has been prosecuted for anything, not even a speeding ticket for going Fast and Furious. 

This is what you can expect from another 4 years of Obama, a total disregard for the law, and blatantly worse.  Even though two congressional investigations into this criminal conspiracy have been under way for most of the year, so far, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have done nothing but shrug their shoulders, shirk responsibility and stonewall the investigations at every turn.  As if Americans shouldn’t care that a massive criminal enterprise has been run right out of our own so-called ‘Justice’ Department, just to set the stage for a future Obama gun ban.

Yet “Fast and Furious” is just part of their sinister operations to destroy a Free America.  Instead of coming clean on the scandal to stop the killing of innocents on both sides of the border, the Obama administration has exploited that crisis to impose gun registration in four southwestern states by the BATFE through an unlawful executive order.  Never mind that Obama has no legal authority to do this.  Never mind that the order circumvents Congress, makes an end run around and violates the Constitution, and short-circuits the idea of a representative government.  It is an example of things to come and just another example of the arrogance, over-reach, abuse of authority and contempt for the rule of law that has characterized Obama since very the beginning.

And you can bet it will get a lot worse.
Obama is also working behind the scenes with tyrannical governments and global anti-gun groups in the United Nations, seeking to commit the United States to international gun-ban treaties.  Working in the shadows, they’ve quietly reversed the previous official U.S. position, and have signed onto proposals for an international Arms Trade Treaty that would directly contradict our own U.S. Constitution.  And if you think senate will never sign a treaty like that, or our nation’s judiciary would never allow that, you would be wrong my friend and you would be in for a terrifying surprise.

You see Obama has been busy stacking the U.S. Supreme Court with justices who share his distrust and disdain—if not outright hatred—for the Constitution and the Right to own arms and there are more Obama cronies to come to the supreme Court if he gets reelected.  Already his two appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court—Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan,  are two of the most rabidly anti-Constitutional U.S. Supreme Court justices in American history.  In fact, Sotomayor, who supports the Mexican racist gang La Rasa, had to lie to get the U.S. Senate to confirm her.  That’s right: She lied by dodging questions—while under oath—to the U.S. Senate.  During her confirmation hearings, Sotomayor was for example questioned about the Court’s historic 2008 ruling, in the District of Columbia v. Heller case, that the Second Amendment protects the individual right of all law-abiding Americans.  Rather than admit her true beliefs and intentions, Sotomayor dodged the question, telling members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that she considered the Heller case to be settled law.  Yet after securing her seat on the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayor turned right around and did just the opposite of what she’d alluded to.  In the landmark case of McDonald v. Chicago, Sotomayor voted to allow anti-gun cities and states to deny the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms that the Supreme Court had affirmed just two years earlier!  In fact, Sotomayor wasted no time in signing onto a freedom-threatening opinion declaring: “I can find nothing in the Second Amendment’s text, history, or underlying rationale that could warrant characterizing it as fundamental.”  One would have to be deaf dumb blind as well as brain dead, not to know that all’ rights are fundamental and inalienable, except of course to a Marxist.  And don’t forget, she taught that type of constitutional Law at Harvard Law School.

And Obama’s other nominee, Elena Kagan, used the same scripted “settled law” code,—despite a clear record of hostility to gun owners’ rights from her days in the Clinton White House.  Both are liars and both hate the U.S. Constitution and would you believe their job until they die or quit is to protect and uphold the Constitution.

The Cost and Consequences of Obama’s Re-Election
What would the consequences be if President Obama were re-elected?  For starters, just consider the cost to our U.S. Supreme Court.  Right now, four U.S. Supreme Court justices are over the age of 70.  By the end of Obama’s second term, three of those justices will be over the age of 80.

So if Obama is elected to a second term, he will very likely appoint as many as three more justices to the highest court in the land for the rest of their natural lives.  Together with Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, those three new justices would control a clear 5-4 majority of the court, and would re-define freedom out of existence for America.  In other words, our Second Amendment Supreme Court victories over the past three years would be reversed and wiped away as a direct consequence of just one presidential election.

What else would a second term for Obama mean for you and me?  It would mean the return of a Justice Department that has slashed prosecution of federal gun crimes to the lowest levels in more than twenty five years, and allowed an invasion of violent gun toting drug cartel criminals from Mexico into every community in America.  You see we don’t need fewer guns; we need more prosecutions for ‘gun crimes’.

There will be no more operating “under the radar” … now Obama would come out from behind closed doors and show his true colors.  One would look for more global gun-ban treaties coming out of the United Nations.  Secretary of State Clinton has signaled the administration’s support for the Organization of American States gun control treaty, and Obama has urged the U.S. Senate to ratify it.  That and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is currently in the Senate committee, so look for that, as well.  Together, these two treaties would effectively ban civilian ownership of firearms nationwide.
If that surprises you, it shouldn’t.  After all, according to the United Nations, there is no such thing as a human right of self-defense or any other rights for that matter.  In their view, only governments have rights.  This’ by the way is the Marxist view as well.

The picture of the disabled gun is a statue in front of the U.N.

As Steven Croley, the Obama White House gun regulation “czar,” wrote in his book Regulation and Public Interests: The Possibility of Good Regulatory Government, “The evolution of the regulatory state has not been gradual, but rather reflects accelerated growth in response to periods of crisis and national trauma.  In this light, regulation seems not only ubiquitous but inevitable.”

The end justifies the means…Karl Marx
Pay particular attention to those words: “periods of crisis and national trauma.”
Because if the government’s “Fast and Furious” crime is any indication, it appears that Obama and company are willing to use any and every means at their disposal—even criminal conspiracy at the international level—to put their plan for America’s future into force.  If they’re successful, if they win another four years in the White House, look for the worst anti-gun legislative avalanche in history.

Gun bans.  Micro-stamping, bullet serialization, one gun a month,   Global gun databases, secret watch lists and the Holy Grail they’ve worked to impose for the past 50 years: Gun owner licensing and gun registration regimes that would be used for gun prohibition, confiscation, and ultimate destruction, in other words, the end of freedom rights and liberty, period.   

Is this conspiracy real?  You bet it is!  There’s more than enough circumstantial evidence to earn this administration a guilty verdict in any American court of law. Well… maybe not ‘any’, some courts are already so corrupt they protect criminals instead of prosecute them.

The only alternative to this being a conspiracy, is an American president who is so clueless and out of touch that he doesn’t realize what his Justice Department, his State Department, his White House staff—or anyone else in the executive branch—is doing every day.  To believe that is to believe the Justice Department on its own is arming multinational criminal organizations.  And the State Department is negotiating United Nations treaties all by itself… and armies of federal regulators are doing as they please … and extreme anti-gun radicals are rising to the Supreme Court through sheer luck, coincidence, or happenstance, and all this without any input, supervision, or even knowledge of the Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama.  If you buy t hat, I’ve got some free swampland in Florida that might interest you.

Motive for Conspiracy
By convincing gun owners that their freedoms are secure, they hope to win a second term in the White House.  From there Obama’s plan is to use his executive power to take America down the same path as England, Australia, South Africa and Canada, where gun owners have lost their freedom by suffered crushing gun ban defeats in the last 20 years.  Without the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to unite, inspire, empower and activate America’s 90 million gun owners, they will profoundly alter the political landscape of our country forever.  As any totalitarian regime it will leave the people helplessly dependant on government for any scrap of a privilege that might befall them.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Election after election has proven that in some of the most closely contested Election Day battles in American history, the Second Amendment has been the single most decisive game-changer in politics.  Why?  Because of the passion and vision of 90 million patriotic Americans gun-owning voters all across this great country… who share the passion for freedom?  More than anything else, that’s what makes the citizens an impediment to the likes of a demagogue like President Obama.

Centuries of history prove that the right to arms is all that stands between tyranny and freedom, and when human freedom is threatened, the right to arms and the passion to preserve it are what muster and mobilize “we the people” to freedom’s defense.

We saw it among the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord, and we see it every year on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, when millions of American patriots like you proclaim, “I am a free American and I vote!”

Make no mistake: The fate of our nation and the future of your freedom depend on what you do on Election Day...

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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