Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Eastern Roman Empire

The Eastern Roman Empire

The eastern half of the Roman Empire fell to the Christian Byzantine Empire and then to the Islamic Ottoman Empire in the 14th century.  It ended in 1924 and is now, in 2012, falling back into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood that began in Egypt in 1928.  This may just be the beginning of the revived Roman Empire (of the east) revived under the rule of Islam that is found in the book of Daniel.

Putting the puzzle together
By de Andréa
October 14, 2012

Will the antichrist come out of the revived Roman Empire… absolutely, but not as you might think…

Civilization began in the Middle East, and it will end in the Middle East.  One must not forget the Roman Empire originally included most of the Middle East as well as Southern Europe.  It was divided in AD 395 into two halves the Clay half and the Iron half as depicted in Daniel 2:40-43 the European half fell to the German tribes in the 5th century and the Middle Eastern half to the Byzantines which ruled for about a 1000 years, until the 14th century when the floundering Empire was lost to the Muslim Ottomans.  Ending in 1924 it quickly reorganized in 1928 as the Muslim Brotherhood of today. 

You can read more about the Islamic antichrist HERE!

So, will the Muslim Brotherhood continue to conquer the entire Middle East and restore the Eastern Roman Empire?

Just this year following successful campaigns in Egypt, Libya and many other Middle East and North African nations, as well as gaining political ground in Turkey and Pakistan, the Muslim Brotherhood is now trying to destabilize Syria and possibly overthrow Jordan’s government.  One by one the Middle East will fall to the Nation of Islam under the revived historical Eastern Empire of Rome.

The Saudi-owned news channel Al-Arabiya, citing leaked files, reported that the Muslim Brotherhood battling the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies have also sought to destabilize neighboring Jordan by manipulating peaceful demonstrations there, and turning them into deadly violence.

The leaks came amid rising political tensions in Jordan.  Mass demonstrations in the capital Amman were sparked by a decision by Jordan’s King Abdullah to dissolve the parliament ahead of Muslim Brotherhood protests planned for Friday.  Abdullah is calling for early elections.

International Christian Concern’s Middle East analyst, Aidan Clay, says the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the biggest threats to the stability of Jordan and the rest of the Middle East.  He said the move to dissolve the parliament as a gesture of compromise was politically risky for the king.  The Muslim Brotherhood did not initially accept the move, Clay noted, considering it to be half-hearted.

“Yet, the king is still a seasoned politician who may be able to offer concessions that the Muslim Brotherhood accepts,” he said.  “The problem is, of course, that once concessions are offered, the Muslim Brotherhood will be emboldened and demand even more,” Clay warned.  “And, the king will not be able solve this dilemma by holding elections in accordance to country’s current law, which lacks a national consensus.”

Clay said most Jordanians support the king.  “However, it is also true that every Jordanian is fed up with the widespread corruption within the government,” Clay said.  “Moreover, the economy is quickly declining, unemployment is rising, and there is a great rift between the rich and poor.  The MB is highlighting these widespread concerns in their pursuit of so-called ‘democratic reform’ which resonates with nearly all Jordanians – whether they are MB sympathizers or not.”

The “Arab Spring” movement as the call for democracy is just a cover for the Brotherhoods Muslim Ideology.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s use of the word “democracy” as a type of Western Democracy is just a ruse that could tip the balance in their favor.  Of most concern is that the MB is among the primary groups calling for political reform.  If that continues to be the case, then many Jordanians may decide to back the MB, whether or not they agree with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic ideology.

“Free elections, ending corruption, higher wages, and other claims all sound great, no matter who’s leading the campaign – whether it’s the MB or liberals,” Clay said.
“Many Jordanians just want change and some are willing to join whatever movement promises political reform,” Clay said.   However, there is a gap in the people’s understanding when it comes to the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood.  “What many people here fail to understand, I think, is that Jordan is reliant on international aid.  Without it, their economy would collapse, especially with the recent influx of Syrian refugees that the kingdom must now provide for,” Clay said.

“King Abdullah II has a strong alliance with Western nations which has brought stability to Jordan.  If the Muslim Brotherhood gains significant political influence, that alliance will no doubt be jeopardized, as is now the case in Egypt,” Clay said. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  As I said “One by one the Middle Eastern countries will fall to the Nation of Islam under the revived historical Eastern Empire of Rome now called the Muslim Brotherhood.

If you thought that - well, the Middle East has always been Muslim!  First you would be wrong and second while it has been the religion’ of the Middle East since the 7th century the governments were usually secular dictatorships not controlled by Sharia, (Islamic Law).  The Muslim Brotherhood as it’s predecessor the Ottoman Empire is Sharia driven; it governs everything from personal hygiene to their Oppressive Governmental control.  Moreover it will be the foundation for the Nation of Islam.  Upon the rise of the Islamic Mahdi (the antichrist) who will rule from Babylon, the Sharia driven Brotherhood will give way to a more secular Islam under the rule of the antichrist.

For a more in-depth study of this subject click on “The Mahdi The Antichrist” .

Thanks for listing – de Andréa


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