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A New Amerik'a Under Obama

A New Amerik'a Under Obama
What will America or “Amerik'a” with a “K” look like?  What’s in store for Americans if Obama wins?  Of course the answer can only be opinion and/or speculation based on documented fact or evidence.  But looking at Obama’s past four years, his educational indoctrination, his political ideology, and the influences in his life, as well as his background and Communist and Muslim organizational ties, I can only say…it looks down right scary my friend.

Evidence that demands a verdict   
By de Andréa    
October 18, 2012

I may have more questions than answers for you, but either way it should hopefully provoke thought.  Well… maybe not!  But if, what is already happening, is any indication of what is to be expected in the future of ‘Amerika’, then it is not only looking extremely bleak but it could lead to another American Revolution…at least I hope we don’t just continue to bow down to this Commie dictator.

(This article is well documented, look up all the highlighted ‘hyperlinks’.)

Gun and ammunition sales are through the roof, and in spite of Obama’s coming UN treaty to ban all fire arms in the U.S., people aren’t going to give up their Second Amendment right to keep an bear arms to defend their Freedom, Americans are preparing for war...  And then there is the popularity of post-apocalyptic TV shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Revolution.”  Foreclosures, debt, the “misery index”, and suicide rates are on the rise, while employment, consumer confidence, median family income -- and optimism’ about the kind of country today's children will inherit are way, way, down. 

Against this turbulent backdrop, American people are more polarized than at any time since the Civil War, we now face the most staggeringly consequential election in generations, maybe since the first revolution.  Has Obama just spent the last four years laying the foundation for his despotic regime?  Think about that as you read this article.

What will America look like under four more years of the Obama Regime?  How many of you are old enough to have seen the television mini series called “Amerika” If not, then how about the movie “1984”?  Look them up and watch them, it will give you a glimpse of a “A New America Under Obama”

In one of his campaign speeches in 2007, Obama promised to “…fundamentally change America”.  What does that mean?  It means my fellow freedom loving American, that he will change the very core, the very foundation of this Constitutional Republic.  Oh!  But then you knew that, and you still voted for him didn’t you?  Well, let’s see what you ignorantly voted for, because he is doing exactly what he said he would do.  And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet my friend…

Do you wonder what Obama will actually do’ if reelected… since he would be a lame duck having “more flexibility” then after his last election, how about a treasonous act that he confided to the Communist Russian Vladimir Putin via president Demetrius Medvedev, not realizing his microphone was still on.  Are you concerned about what will happen to America’s already crippled free-enterprise system in the U.S. and world economies in the next four years under Obama?  Are you concerned about the nation’s already-porous borders, or whether we will ever again have truly free elections?  Are you anxious over the future of the Supreme Court, considering that the next president may appoint up to three new justices – which in turn will determine the future of abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage and all the constitutionally protected rights liberties and freedoms you have left?  Are you concerned over what will become of Israel, and alarmed over the increasing jihad of the entire Arab-Muslim Middle East, not to mention the Islamic juggernaut of Sharia law sweeping Europe and the U.S.?  Are you concerned about Obama ‘gutting’ security, the military and leaving America vulnerable not only to terrorism, but to nuclear attack…and why he would do that?  Do you believe any or all of these concerns may become undeniable realities?  Well you should!  Will there be massive’ civil disobedience, mob riots, and violence?  Will States attempt to secede from the union? Will America’s freedom and liberty be able to survive Obama?  Will there be another REVOLUTION???

Many authors definitively expose just how dangerous Barack Obama really is, including Obama's deep ties to a communist anti-American fringe nexus instrumental in building his political career, some members of which have helped draft White House policy.  For a total unknown to get where he is so fast and so easy, you must know he had a lot of help from a lot of very powerful people.

 Islamic Jihadist Infiltration exposed in the White House, including top czars and communist-linked people like Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod.  And the fact that Obama's health care policy was pushed and crafted by Communists and Obama’s deep association with the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama is already making America vulnerable to both financial collapse and nuclear attack, and his second term will allow him to - as he says…“finish the job”.  You should be asking yourself…why would he do this?

Did Obama really try to get America back on its economic feet, or did he try to “fundamentally change America and destroy our free enterprise capitalistic system as he said he would?  If one is bent on introducing a new system, as Obama said …“fundamentally change America then one must first destroy the current system. 

You might want to read, “Obama's 2nd-term dream, is America's nightmare” by Aaron Klein, who takes readers on a tour of Obama’s upcoming policies, as revealed by the think tanks that created his first-term agenda.

Obama’s Foreign Policy disarmed what little security there was at the American Consulate in Benghazi resulting in the death of at least 4 Americans even though Ambassador Stevens had requested more security since April of 2012.  When I say disarmed, I mean disarmed, the entire puny civilian security force of four American’s and six Libyan’s had no ammunition in their rifles, on orders from Obama’s State Department.  It’s no wonder he tried to cover it up, blaming a couple of American patriots in California for blaspheming his beloved satanic prophet.  Bringing that video to the attention of the Islamic nations is what caused all the rest of the riots around the world, and even more people died.  Did you know that Obama gave out medals to soldiers in Iraq who showed restraint in engaging the enemy, some of them posthumously?

In Obama’s 2nd term he plans to: Disarm border agents, protect illegal aliens in multitude of ways, like granting amnesty, and converting them into dependant voters.

In Obama’s 2nd term he plans to: Pass the U.N. Gun Ban treaty BMS-4, it is already before the Senate committee.  Treaties have only to be passed by 2/3’s vote of the Senate to be international law which in spite of a Supreme Court ruling in 1952 Reid v Covert could trump the U.S. Constitution, all in the name of “SAFETY”.  Remember…Hitler did the same thing!  Ask yourself how many unconstitutional laws are already on the books and how many compromises has the Supreme Court already made regarding the Constitution. And don’t forget Obama disregards the Constitution and will appoint new Supreme Court Justices that will ignore it as well.  As he said, he will…  “Fundamentally Change America

In Obama’s 2nd term he plans to: “Take control and nationalize ‘every industry’.  The Government’s ‘success’ with automaker bailouts will be replicated throughout the economy.

In Obama’s 2nd term he plans to: Institute 'Marxist' jobs, plan Government-mandated 'living wage', not minimum wage, a guaranteed Income, this will 'crash and burn' the entire economy.  How do you create a new socialist’ economy?  Well…  First you destroy the old free’ economy, open your eyes and smell the unemployment.

In Obama’s 2nd term he plans to: Morph Obamacare into hardcore socialized medicine (Mandated Single-payer system is waiting in the wings) some seniors are already getting notices that their Medicare may not cover everything.  Obama is robbing it blind…

In Obama’s 2nd term he plans to: Gut the military and transform soldiers into social workers; we won’t need a military because our enemy will control us.  He will instead create his own ‘SS’ Private Army, reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s SS (another campaign promise) and a new focus on 'global warming,' and ‘environmental issues’ (AGENDA 21 ), 'injustice,' poverty(leveling the playing field – code for redistribution of wealth), and the bolstering of the U.N.

Read: “Burn down the suburbs?” by Stanley Kurtz, who documents the shocking truth that Obama is actually trying to abolish America’s suburbs.

Most of our Security agencies have been infiltrated with Muslim Jihadists says an American retired General.

“Obama is bringing about a ‘nightmare scenario’” by Troy Anderson, in which Dinesh D’Souza, the author and filmmaker who made “2016,” says America is becoming vulnerable to both financial collapse and nuclear attack.

Read “Top 10 reasons not’ to re-elect Obama” by Chuck Norris, on how the current administration has devastated America over the last 4 years.

Obama’s message to the Palestinians: “Don’t declare statehood to the U.N. until my election is over”.  He said something similar to Putin when he thought the microphone was off.

“Obama lunges toward global government” by Phyllis Schlafly, on how just one executive order is giving away “a huge slice of U.S. economic and environmental sovereignty” under LOST.  His support of the North American Union organized under the Bush administration.  

“Freedom hangs by a ‘gossamer thread’” by Chuck Norris, who says the next president could nominate 3 new Supreme Court justices – and that the resulting high court will rule against America’s’ First and Second Amendment rights and many others

THE BOTTOM LINE:  If you now have more questions than answers; well maybe that’s a good thing.  But you should have asked these questions a long time ago, like when this Muslim Communist was still a Senator, or at least when he first ran for president four years ago. 

I have already answered all these questions and more in past articles, check the archives.  But the question I have for you is; if you don’t know the answer to these and other questions by now, about the future of America under this Islamic Communist Dictatorship of Obama, are you willing to risk finding out the hard way???

I hope not…

If the content of this article is not enough to convince the most robotically programmed brainwashed liberal voter that Obama is trying his very best to destroy the American Republic and replace it with a Global Social Communist Regime as well as a Religions takeover by the Satanic Nation of Islam, then there is no hope in saving our Free Nation from a future of despotic tyranny and  oppression. 

This evidence demands a verdict my friend!

I have literally hundreds more documented articles that will evidence what Obama’s America will look like…just check the archives.

There is no more excuse for ignorance, not in this world of the technological information highway…

Thanks for listening -   de Andréa 

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