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The Libya Project

The Libya Project
Still more revelations about the Obama cover-up.  The gross “never ending” security concerns went unheeded despite the fact that Ambassador Stevens continuously bought his concerns to the attention of the State Department and wrote about these concerns in a diary dated as far back as April 2012.  The diary was uncovered in the ruble of the consulate ruins by journalists because all government officials had been pulled out by the Obama administration as part of the cover-up.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the security measures in place there, were "robust."  Well… as usual she lied…

By de Andréa
October 2, 2012

The more I learn about Benghazi, the more Benghazi smells and looks like a gross security failure incompetence and cover-up.  Or… maybe it was purposely orchestrated, just another “Fast And Furious” project of Obama’s that got more Americans killed. 

The whole Obama administration is a Giant Cover-up, Listen to :


It’s troubling enough that the Obama administration once again misled the American people this time about what happened at our consulate in Libya.  It is now known that Obama knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack, likely from the very beginning or even before, but in spite of that, continued for days to falsely claim it was a “spontaneous mob” incited by a video that interestingly no one had seen until it was made public by the Whitehouse.  There were terrorist attacks and riots in places where there was no internet.  It was clearly a ruse to buy time for him to cover-up what really happened. 

Significantly, in a sign that there is a slow but growing bi-partisan concern, Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations committee are joining Republicans in raising questions and demanding investigations.  I can almost guarantee however that this will go in the same round file as all the other criminal activities such as “Fast And Furious” where there are still people dying because of Obama’s botched criminal project.  You see Obama has already entangled the Federal Government in the web of Islam.  Islam is close to owning America, if Obama is reelected…it will!  Read my article titled “Brotherhood is Running U.S. Government.”   

In the following (highlights added), is what I learned in the details about the security concerns that were purposely ignored and went unheeded by Obama’s State Department, four Americans, including our ambassador, are dead as a result.  Dead American bodies are beginning to gather like leaves on a compost pile in the wake of all of Obama’s criminal Jihadist projects. 

In his United Nations speech on Tuesday, President Obama talked about the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and declared, "There should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice."  But what about how relentless he'll be in tracking down the incompetent security lapses and intelligence failures and his own attempted cover-up and his own contribution to the murders.  Let's just say there's some doubt about that.  As I said Islam is close to owning AmericaNone of the initial explanations offered by the White House and State Department since the assault on the Benghazi consulate has held water.  Why! Because they are all lies, and all just part of another Obama cover-up.

More Lies
Administration officials maintained that the diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt, the site of the first attacks this September 11, were properly defended and that the U.S. had no reason to prepare for any attack.  "The office of the director of National Intelligence has said “we have no actionable intelligence that an attack on our post in Benghazi was planned or imminent," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week, calling the security measures in place there "robust." 

Cell phone video footage and witness testimony from Benghazi soon undercut the Administration trope of an angry march "hijacked by a few bad people”.  As the truth is coming to the top like cream, it turns out the assault was well-coordinated, with fighters armed with guns, RPGs and incendiary bombs, which were used to set the buildings on fire.  In a Congressional Briefing after the truth came out, Obama changed its story and said the attacks were pre-planned and linked to al Qaeda.
  what else could he do, he was caught!  You'd think this admission would focus attention on why the compound was so vulnerable to begin with.  But of course the Administration wants to avoid this conversation.  The removal of all staff from Benghazi, including a large component of intelligence officers, would also seem to hinder their ability to investigate the attacks and bring the killers to justice, all part of the cover-up. 

Journalists have stayed on the case however, and their reporting is filling in the holes of Obama’s sieve.  On Friday, the Wall Street Journal showed that starting in the spring of 2012; U.S. intelligence had been worried about radical militias in eastern Libya.  These are the armed groups that helped topple Moammar Gadhafi last year but weren't demobilized as a new government has slowly found its legs, and they won’t be, because they are part of the Jihad, al Qaida Muslim Brotherhood and the Mushahadeen

Despite the claims of “Robust Security” by Secretary Clinton,
deteriorating security was no secret.  On April 10, for example, an explosive device was thrown at a convoy carrying U.N. envoy Ian Martin.  On June 6, an improvised explosive device exploded outside the U.S. consulate.  In late August, American citizens who were planning to travel to Libya were warned about the threat of assassinations and car bombings because they were common.  Despite all this, U.S. diplomatic missions had minimal or no security. 

Officials told the press that the Administration put too much faith in weak Libyan police and military forces.  The night of the Benghazi attack, only four lightly armed Libyans, and five American security officers were on duty.  The complex lacked smoke-protection masks and fire extinguishers.  Neither the consulate in Benghazi nor the embassy in Tripoli were guarded by U.S. Marines, it simply wasn’t a priority.  Indecently, Stevens died because he didn’t have a smoke protection mask.  Of all the billions of American dollars Obama gives to support terrorism all over the world he couldn’t spare ten dollars for a smoke mask for our foreign Ambassador.  I guess a smoke mask would be called counter productive.

Rummaging through the Benghazi compound, a CNN reporter found a seven-page notebook belonging to Ambassador Stevens.  Oh shucks, it must have been over looked by Obama’s officials, as he said in his United Nations speech,  …”relentlessly tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice."  According the diary Stevens said he was concerned about the "never-ending" security threats in Benghazi and wrote that ‘he’ was on an al Qaeda hit list.  Even though Stevens worries are newsworthy, and can inform America's response.  Mrs. Clinton's long-time and closest media adviser chose to attack CNN.  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines called the network's conduct "disgusting.”  Why, because they uncovered a cover-up and reported the truth?  He then deployed words not fit for a family newspaper.  I really hope they all go down for this…  But they won’t, the Brotherhood runs America!

Imagine the uproar if, barely a month before Election Day, the Bush Administration had responded to a terrorist strike—on Sept. 11 no less—in this fashion.  Obfuscating about what happened, refusing to acknowledge that clear security warnings were apparently ignored.  Then, trying to shoot the messenger who brings these inconvenient truths to light in order to talk about anything but a stunning and deadly attack on U.S. sovereign territory.  Moreover, you’ll notice – no military response against the Libyan Brotherhood or al Qaida for the attacks …Four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi in a terrorist attack that evidence suggests was anticipated and could have been stopped.  Rather than accept responsibility, Obama has tried to stonewall, cover-up and blame others. 

Congress should call hearings to hold Obama accountable for yet another obviously planned project that resulted in the death of Americans, (Oh well they’re expendable, the end justifies the means and all that).  But even if they do, it will go the same place the “Fast And Furious” project went.  In the DEAD FILE, to be buried with all the dead Americans that he is responsible for…

THE BOTTOM LINE:  By now some if not most of you are thinking this guy de Andréa is just another McCarthy, who sees terrorists everywhere.  Yes I see terrorists everywhere because that’s where they are!  And FYI for those of you that have been robotically programmed by our so-called higher educational system, McCarthy was right!  The proof is starring you right in the face today my friend, or are you still too blind and brainwashed by the indoctrinational institutions and the Communist News Network to see it.

An accurate analogy or allegory would be to say that Western People are like a school of fish in the ocean, free’ and minding their own business, all following each other not knowing or caring where they are going.  Then – surreptitiously, a seemingly peaceful boat appears on the horizon, stealthily feeding out a long giant net behind the boat as it slowly moves through the waters overhead.  As the net expands on the surface of the ocean, the fish seem to swim under it freely and unfettered by the horror that is unknowingly about to befall them.  Then just at the right time the fishermen lower the boom on the net, it closes, swish!  And the fish are ensnared in the giant net that they were so totally unaware of.  They look at one another exclaiming!  What happened, why didn’t we see that coming?  Then a fisherman tells them…because you were too busy being free - and minding your own business, all following each other not knowing or caring where you were going.  By the time you see it; it will already be too late.  ---    You don’t get it…  Well that’s okay; go back to sipping your Mint Juleps by the pool in your back yard.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your front yard.  What you don’t see can’t hurt you!  Right???

Another one of Obama’s cover-ups going on right now that has received little attention is the fiasco of training Afghans to police the Taliban.  We are Training Afghan Muslim terrorists to kill Taliban Muslim terrorists and then they are killing our soldiers.  It’s not Friendly Fire, it’s called “Insider Attacks”.  It’s called IGNORANCE on the part of the military; it’s the STRATEGY OF JIHAD, on the part of Obama, Obama covers it up with a bump in the road.  It’s just more typical Islamic infiltration, the same infiltration that is going on in every country of the world including our own American government.   The publicized exit strategy by Obama emboldens the Afghan jihadist to get the free training and free arms and equipment and then kill their benefactors so we will leave.  Moreover Obama knows this, because he may be one of the few in our American government that has ever read Muhammad’s book of Jihad called the “HADITH”, Islam’s Play Book of War.  It’s in a bookstore near you, or just click on the name; it’s less than $4.00…and every Muslim terrorist has one…  The net is overhead, you might want to read about it before they lower the boom so to speak, it’s in there…

Thanks for listening…  de Andréa  

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