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Behead Those Who Insult Islam

Behead Those Who Insult Islam
One of those very “Peaceful” Muslim Murdering Jihadist Terrorist named Muhib Ru’yat al-Rahman, a senior writer of a leading jihadi forum called the Shumoukh al-Islam, is exercising his “oppressive Sharia Speech” by offering a fatwa to cut down on the criticism of Islam around the world.  Behead the critics and post their heads along roads, with a sign that says, “This is the punishment of those who insult our prophet.”  Isn’t Islam a peaceful religion…?

  By de Andréa
September 29, 2012

Should Christianity be peaceful as well, and do a little beheading of its own? No!  But amid a world that is upside-down where bad is good, and good is band, lies are truth and truth is extreme,  “Peaceful” must mean violent and  violence must be the new peace.  Better get used to it, because it’s coming to a town near you!

The writer al-Rahman praised the murderer of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, in November 2004 for making the movie “Submission”.  The Murderer was an Arab Muslim Dutch citizen from Morocco who was considered a so-called “Moderate” Peaceful Muslim.  (Those are the most dangerous kind)  Wearing traditional Islamic clothing he shot Theo van Gogh, the nephew of Vincent van Gogh the Dutch Artist, several times and stabbed him repeatedly, as well as nearly severing his head.  Now isn’t that peaceful?

One must understand, there is no free speech in Islam, because there is no Free’dom’ in Islam.  As a matter of fact the only thing Free’ in Isalm is the free money that they get from the American Government.  The Muslims do not even comprehend the concept of “Free-Speech” or Freedom.  It is not in their vocabulary it is not in the Quran, and it is not Sharia.  This is why Islam and the rest of the world are not compatible.  This is why Muslims cannot assimilate into any other culture.  Instead they must infiltrate and “CHANGE” the culture of their host country eventually by force and violence.  “You”, instead, must assimilate into Isalm. 

Simply ‘being’ a Christian a Jew a Buddhist a Hindu a Shinto an Atheist a Homosexual or an electrician is an insult to Islam, well… maybe not an electrician, but that’s why they hate us.  That’s why they must make slaves of us or kill us.  It is Sharia law!  And Sharia is not going to CHANGE… my friend.

The following report comes from the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, a unit of the Middle East Media Research Center.  This organization, which monitors Middle East media, said the comments of “beheading those who insult Islam” were made by Muhib Ru’yat al-Rahman, a senior writer of a leading jihadi forum called Shumoukh al-Islam. 

This reaction is nothing new, it is indoctrinated into Muslims from childhood, and it is part of the programming of fundamental Islam.  Read their book!  It’s in there…

The report said it was in a posting called “Allah Willing, This Is How We Will Avenge Our Prophet Against Those Insulting Him.”
“One member, using the handle ‘Abdul Khaleq 20,’ posted two recently published YouTube links featuring Muslims protesting ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Amsterdam, while chanting anti-American slogans and bearing images of slain al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, radical Yemeni-American cleric Anwar Al-’Awlaki, and Muhammad Bouyeri,” the report said.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Even our Muslim president Obama, despite evidence that the attack in Libya that killed four Americans including the ambassador was preplanned by the very terrorists leader that Obama supported in the so-called Arab Spring in Libya, has blamed the violence ‘on a video’

The content of the video “THE INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS” and the content of the movie by van Gogh “SUBMISSION” where true.  So there is no slander, no disrespect, no insult, no lies, only the truth!  But you see’, Islam is upside down, lies are truth, truth are lies, good is bad, bad is good, peace is violence and Heaven, my friend --- is Hell

It’s not the videos or the movies or the books or the free speech or America or the West or the Christians or the Jews or the food or the crosses or the woman’s hair or the alcohol or the foot washing or women driving a car or the pigs or the, or the, or the…  It is Islam, and it’s Sharia, it’s the law, and it will never change, and it’s not going away unless Islam, Sharia, and Allah go away.  And Allah AKA Satan ain’t going away anytime soon!

So you might want to put on the whole armor of God my friend…

de Andréa 

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