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Lord Of The Ring

Lord Of The Ring
Who is Obama married to, Michelle or Allah?

Read the Paradigm- An earlier time... 
By de Andréa
October 10, 2012

A wedding band that Obama has been wearing for over 30 years even though he has only been married for 20 years has an inscription on it, well… not an English inscription, like ‘Michelle Forever’ or something, no, it’s an Arabic inscription.  The inscription basically says: La Ilaha Illallah”

It is cast into the ring in two sections one above the other.  On the upper section, is written in Arabic from right to left: Lam, Alif, Alif, Lam, Ha.  On the lower section is from right to left: Alif, Lam, Alif, Alif, Lam, Lam, Ha.  The inscription is the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, The Shahada: It translates in English to…  There is no god except Allah.”  

None of the evidence that I have written about Obama being a Sleeper Muslim Jihadist would likely stand on its own as proof that he, Obama is the “Enemy Of The State”.  But when you put all’ the evidence together and connect all’ the dots as they say, the picture of Obama’s connection to Islamic Jihad and Social Communism becomes more than obvious.

To read the full Story of the ring, go to WorldNetDaily OBAMA'S RING: 'THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH'

A Paradigm  - An earlier time
You’ may not be able to see that Obama and Islam’s agenda are synonymous, but I can!  It’s probably because I am an independent thinker and not robotically programmed by today’s Communist Indoctrinational institutions commonly called Colleges and Universalities.

Maybe this will help de-program your brain
I am going to bring you back to an earlier time in history, and overlay the history of today onto that of the 1930’ and 40’s.  It goes something like this…

In 1932 while on the campaign trail it was discovered that Franklin Delano Von Roosevelt had some early ties with Nazism.  Despite his claim of being born in the United States and being a good American, he was born in Austria on January 30, 1882.  As a boy he studied Nazism and the teachings of Adolph Hitler in the Nazi holy books “Mien Kampf” (My Struggle) and "Das Dritte Reich" (The Third Riche).  He learned the ritualistic Nazi salute, the Goose Step and the usual Hail Hitler Chant.  His birth father Franklin Delano Von Roosevelt Sr. was a Nazi and came from a Nazi family in Germany.  His mother was a Communist and was from The United States of America. 

Shortly after young Frank was born, his parents were divorced and Frank’s mother married yet another Nazi by the Name of Hare von Soetoro.  Frank Von Roosevelt was registered in a Nazi School as Barry von Soetoro.  Frank came to the United States on a student visa in 1902, attended Occidental College in Southern California as an undergraduate on a foreign scholarship.  Later claiming he was born in the United States and obtaining a false Social Security number from the State of Connecticut even though he never lived there, and creating a fraudulent birth certificate among other false documents such as a draft card etc.  He attended Columbia University in New York.  He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science with a specialization in international relations; his Thesis topic was Soviet and American disarmament.  Then as a Graduate student he attended Harvard Law School, graduated J.D. magna cum laude, and was President of the Harvard Law Review.

By 1910 Franklin von Roosevelt moved to Chicago Illinois and became a Community Organizer (a Communist term for Organized Communal Living).  Later he was elected to the Illinois State Senate which was a stepping stone to the U.S. Senate.  While he did little or nothing in the way of legislation as either a State Senator or as a U.S. Senator he was being groomed by the Elitists for the Presidency.  

In spite of his Nazi ties and Nazi education as a child and a phony birth certificate, in 1932 Frank ran for President of the United States.  The people said he was clean and articulate and they thought of him as a Messiah.  In his first one hundred days as president he visited Europe, and while in Germany he praised the rising Nazi regime saying that he came from a Nazi family, and he is one of them, he studied the Nazi holy book, Mien Kampf.

Frank inherited a U.S. economy that was in recession following a downturn in the stock market in 1929, the market had fallen 12 percent overnight.  But after Frank took office in 1933 he had already managed to destroy the market completely, by then it had fallen 90 percent.  The people loved him because he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.  He said he was going to tax the rich into poverty and then everyone in America would finally be equal.  He printed money and gave it to green businesses and the people.  They cheered his reign as dictator for 12 years until he died.

During his first 8 years as dictator of America he did everything he could to finish the destruction of the American economy, the culture of freedom, as well as promoting Nazism without looking too conspicuous.  But on one occasion, on a visit to Germany, he bowed down to Hitler and worshiped him, and for more than 30 years he wore a ring with the inscription - “There is no God but Hitler”.  He invited Nazis into the Whitehouse and celebrated the most holy days of Hitler.  He appointed Nazis to his cabinet and ignored Congress by making his own laws called “Executive Orders” which violated the Constitution.  He would never respect the American Flag instead he promoted flag burning, The Occupy Movement and the display of foreign flags, nothing too conspicuous even though the people were mesmerized by his supernatural charm.  He gave money that he stole from the people to the Nazi regime in Germany but still the majority of the people didn’t see him as a Nazi supporter.  He sided with Nazi Germany when France wanted to build a housing development along the border with Germany near Saarbrucken.  The Nazis wanted to annex that part of France for a Nazi Stronghold in the up and coming war.  Frank ignored all the Prime Ministers of France.

He made sure the borders of America stayed open so that Nazis could easily enter the U.S. illegally and then he gave them amnesty.  He promoted Nazism in the schools and provisions were made to accommodate Nazi rituals.  Nazis had infiltrated every part of U.S. Government and the Security Agencies.  By 1935 FDvR was looking more like a Nazi than a U.S. President but the people didn’t notice.

In 1939 when the Nazis Attacked Poland Frank gave Hitler aid and air support until Poland fell.  With U.S., aid one by one the little European countries including England, America’s former ally, fell to Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  All the while von Roosevelt said “We’ are not at war with Nazism” the people were too blind to see than in that little bit of twisted truth was a hidden lie, America was surreptitiously and incrementally becoming a Nazi State from the ‘inside’. 

By 1945, Adolph Hitler with the help of Franklin von Roosevelt eventually conquered the world and it became the World Nation of Nazism.  The people no longer worshiped von Roosevelt; they all stood around blinking their eyes waking up from their stupor of ignorant deception saying ‘what just happened’ and how did it happen?  But the People nevertheless became oppressed and were forced to worship the Fuhrer und Reichskanzler Adolph Hitler as their God or face death.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Of course this didn’t actually happen back in the 30’s and 40’s - because the people were educated instead of indoctrinated; they were independent thinkers.  They were real Americans independent business men, entrepreneurs, and capitalists.  They believed in God and Freedom.  No, this didn’t happen back then because it couldn’t of happened back then.  von Roosevelt wouldn’t have been elected dogcatcher.  No my friend, this instead is precisely what is happening right now, today.  Everything that the fictitious von Roosevelt did in the Paradigm has already happened, or, is happening now, or, will happen.  All one needs to do, is replace the name von Roosevelt with Obama and Nazism of the 1930’s and 40’s with Islam of the 2000’s and the 10’s and we have the Islamic State of America.    

Why would 600.000.000 American people want to repeat this history, fictitious or not?  If you do, you must either be a Muslim, a Communist, or brain dead, and you most certainly, will lose your FREEDOM.

Come on! Think about this future of America in November. 

We need to get von Roosevelt/Obama off of our freedom and out of our Whitehouse…

Thanks for listening - de Andréa  

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