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Obama Won’t Stop Iran

Obama Won’t Stop Iran
President Barack Obama will not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  What does this mean?  It means that President Barack Obama will not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, that’s what it means…

By de Andréa
October 1, 2012

A better question would be…  Why’ won’t Obama stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons?  Take a look at his record, it speaks very loud and clear that he is a Muslim Jihadist Infiltrator, doing everything he can to carry out the agenda of Islam.  Obama, as all Muslims - has been programmed to aid in the return of the 12 Caliphate or the Grand Mahdi (the Antichrist) to establish the Ummah (the world Nation of Islam).  It is his ethos.  Moreover, I have to say; he has done a very good job at it!

Obama took the side of the Palestinian Hamas with the Israeli settlement expansion into the west bank part of Jerusalem Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for the Muslim Brotherhood backed Syrian rebels.   Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia Libya and Egypt. In his book "Dreams of My Father” Obama said “I will side with Muslims should the political wind shift in an ugly direction.”  And he has done exactly that!

Obama says: “he doesn’t want Iran to have a nuclear weapon”, but he’s been very clear that he is not going to authorize any type of military action or any action that will have any detrimental impact on Muslim people of Iran.

Well… you can’t stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon unless you take away their capability of doing so.  And to do that at the very least requires taking down their electrical grid, and taking other steps that would stop their development of this technology, this would have at least some impact on the people of Iran.  Or’…  Israel will nuke the place!  It will be a matter of nuke or be nuked. 

You can’t say I want to stop Iran and then say I won’t do anything policy-wise that will stop Iran, and that’s why Benjamin Netanyahu has said what he said: “…that we have to have policies that draw a red line, and this president is refusing to do it.”  And that will put Israel between a rock and a nuke and force Israel to act unilaterally.  He refused to even talk to Netanyahu.

Obama’s seemingly indifference towards Iran which actually supports and enables Iran - reflects his disastrous foreign policy that has allowed Islamic Jihad to spread throughout the Middle East.  It peaked, ‘so far’, with the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Libya that killed four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.  And where is the U.S. retaliation?  There is none, nothing but more apologies.  Totally antipodal of what President Reagan did in Libya in April of 1986.  He bomb it…

The Obama administration tried to cover-up the real reason for the attack on American soil by attributing it to a video clip of a film by a California real estate developer that Muslims found offensive, anything true is offensive to Islam.  But then under increasing pressure from the conservative right, the administration has since admitted that the assault was organized terrorism.  He won’t admit however that he supported the leader of the attack, who also led the so-called Arab spring civil war in Libya financed by the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

You saw protests against this movie in countries that didn’t even have the Internet.  This is absurd, it is just a Muslim excuse for terrorism— and then, for the president to still go up to the United Nations and continue to apologize for America about our freedom of speech and this video, when it’s clear that that’s not what’s going on around the world. 

America needs to apologize to no one except to God for going down the wrong road…  We do not’ need to apologize for our freedom.  Obama apologizes to Islam for our freedom because he hates freedom. 
This is why he ignores the U.S. Constitution that protects it. 

What’s going on around the world is a response to Obama’s policy of allowing Islam’s agenda to take root, treasonously enabling and abetting our enemy by saying that we will negotiate with it — which is what we’re doing when we negotiate and deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and other types of Jihadist organizations, like Iran.  Read Muhammad’s Hadith!  One should never negotiate with Islam.  The purpose of a Muslim negotiation is to do nothing but buy time otherwise it means nothing to them.

Obama is creating a template that is allowing this type of insanity to gain further and further ground in this region and in our own country as well.  Moreover, it is obviously a very clear and present imminent danger to the state of Israel

But isn’t that part of the Agenda of Islam?  You see it is also the stealth secret agenda of Obama, to blow Israel into the Mediterranean Sea.

If Obama is reelected he will relax his stealth Jihad on the world and take off the gloves, “you ain’t seen nothin yet” as they say.  He has worked for four years to put into place the foundational infiltration of Islamic Jihad in America, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Obama will disarm Americas Military and its Citizenry
Obama has plans to disarm America using a UN Treaty.  With the Jihad Infiltrators in place he will continue to surreptitiously destroy the remainder of the Constitutional Republic of America.  He will turn the U.S. over to the Muslim Brotherhood Read about it.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So why won’t Obama stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons?  Because… as he said “I am one of them”.

I warned about this when he was just a candidate for president in 07, moreover, it was the truth then, and it is the truth now!  As I said, tigers don’t change their stripes and Muslims don’t change their agenda!  EVER!

I am warning about this once again, maybe for the last time, because if Obama is reelected in November, America will become an Islamic State just like his home country of Indonesia.  Just like Lebanon, just like Saudi Arabia and Iran, Libya, Egypt Pakistan and Turkey.  People like me and you will be dead…Because there is no future for those who slander the Prophet.  Yes Obama said that too…

Thanks for listing,

de Andréa

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