Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Erik Stakebeck is a Christian News correspondent who centers on Islamic Terrorism

By de Andréa

If you have never watched any of Stakelbeck’s interviews on terrorism, then here is the chance of a lifetime to learn’ as well as glean’ an understanding that will far exceed what our own congress knows and understands about the enemy we face and have encountered for over 25 years.

Below is a series of four videos, the first of which is Stakelbeck’s, CBN News presentation that goes inside Iran's fearsome Revolutionary Guards Corps with Reza Khalili, a former member of the guard who worked undercover for the CIA.

The Revolutionary Guards Corps is the most powerful and influential force behind Iran's secretive and radical regime. Over the past 30 years, its structure has been nearly impossible for Western intelligence agencies to penetrate. Yet, Khalili put his life on the line to gather sensitive information for the CIA about the inner workings of the Iranian regime.

Watch as he shares his story in an exclusive interview with Stakelbeck on Terror. Khalili also wrote about the experience in his book, A Time to Betray.

Because of the nature of his work, Khalili is forced to disguise his identity and alter his voice for safety reasons. Reza Khalili is obviously not his real name.

Please watch the other three informative Stakelbeck videos, learn, and more importantly, ‘gain’ - an understanding that in general your government does not have because they refuse to go beyond their political correctness to the truth. These videos are well worth watching.

Are you prepared to fight Islamic terror in your neighborhoods, because your government obviously isn’t? Have you noticed that at the same time our governments, both State and Federal are endorsing the rules and laws of our enemy, they are moving toward banning the arms that our constitution guarantees us for defense, moreover, both domestic and military? Mmmm… do you think there is any connection there?

Naw --- of course not… That would be a conspiracy… The only conspiracy is that real Americans want to maintain their Constitutional freedom. As they say: “Watch for the tongue in my cheek”.

de Andréa

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