Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Point The Finger Why Don’t You

As if right on cue, certain elements within our society began to come out of the woodwork

By de Andréa

I join with America in mourning for the friends and families of the victims of the shooting this past week in Arizona, which left Arizona Rep. Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords still in critical condition. One of those killed was Judge John Roll, who was nominated to the bench by President George H.W. Bush.

As if right on cue, certain elements within our society immediately began to attribute this despicable shooting rampage to “inflamed political rhetoric.” Yet some of these same elements are usually the first to dismiss any link between radical Islam and its ideology of jihad to acts of Islamic terrorism. And speaking of despicable, I find it unconscionable that the anti American gun prohibition lobby wasted no time at all in its attempt to exploit this hideous attack in an effort to further its un-American political agenda. When will these jerks stop dancing in the blood of crime victims in an attempt to resuscitate their failed relevance?

Also one of these anti- American elements is CAIR, the terrorist Hamas Brotherhood front group the Council on American-Islamic Relations. A CAIR statement posted in the Jihad Watch blog below (emphasis mine) cites “inflammatory political rhetoric that can contribute to such tragedies.”

Note: CAIR, in spite of its history and connection with terrorism the FBI is still in a romantic relationship with the organization and it is still granted tax free charitable status by the IRS.

Notwithstanding the fact that, from the Ft. Hood shooter to the Times Square bomber, when the common refrain is “jihad,” CAIR of course denies any connection between Islam and these acts of terrorism. Then it shamefully politicizes the Arizona shooting perpetrated by a man identified in several media reports as mentally unbalanced.
Check out the Jihad Watch blog below for a short list of the so-called “hate crimes” that CAIR has touted over the years. Why anyone would believe anything this front group for the terrorists Hamas Brotherhood says is beyond me.

Terrorist Hamas-linked CAIR, which has publicized fake anti-Muslim hate crimes, blames Giffords shooting on "inflammatory political rhetoric" The mainstream media is trying to use the shooting of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords to demonize and silence conservatives, as Pamela Geller establishes here. The Leftist/Islamic supremacist convergence is nicely illustrated by this press release from the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations:

Thanks but no-thanks!

CAIR Offers Condolences on Arizona Shooting Spree.
(WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/9/11) -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) offered condolences to the loved ones of all those killed or injured in yesterday's shooting spree in Tucson, Ariz., that left six people dead and left Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords fighting for her life with a bullet wound to the brain. Those killed included a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl.

In a statement, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said: "We offer sincere condolences to the friends, colleagues and family members of all those killed or injured in this brutal and senseless attack. We must come together as a nation to mourn the dead, pray for the speedy recovery of the injured, and reject the extreme partisanship and inflammatory political rhetoric that can contribute to such tragedies."

And Hamas-linked CAIR knows all about "inflammatory political rhetoric." Does publicizing fake hate crimes count as "inflammatory rhetoric"? From "CAIR's Hate Crimes Nonsense" by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha:
CAIR cites the July 9, 2004 case of apparent arson at a Muslim-owned grocery store in Everett, Washington. But investigators quickly determined that Mirza Akram, the store's operator, staged the arson to avoid meeting his scheduled payments and to collect on an insurance policy. Although Akram's antics were long ago exposed as a fraud, CAIR continues to list this case as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

CAIR also states that "a Muslim-owned market was burned down in Texas" on August 6, 2004. But already a month later, the owner was arrested for having set fire to his own business. Why does CAIR include this incident in its report?
CAIR lists the March 2005 lawsuit filed by the Salmi family for the firebombing of their family van as one example of a hate crime report it received in 2004. However, the crime named in the lawsuit occurred in March 2003, was already reported by CAIR in 2003, and should not have been tabulated again in the 2004 report.

CAIR reports that "a home-made bomb exploded outside of the Champions Mosque in the Houston suburb of Spring, Texas," staking its claim on eyewitness reports that on July 4, 2004, "two white males" were seen placing the bomb. An inquirey about the incident, found that Spring's sheriff department could not locate any police files about an explosion. Further inquiries to the mosque and an e-mail to CAIR both went unanswered. There is no evidence that any crime even occurred.

CAIR notes on it list of hate crimes that "investigators in Massachusetts are still investigating a potential hate-motivated arson against the Al-Baqi Islamic Center in Springfield.” However the case was long ago ruled a simple robbery, news that even CAIR's own website has posted. The Associated Press reported on January 21, 2005, that prosecutors determined the fire was set by teen-age boys "who broke into the Al-Baqi mosque to steal money and candy, then set the fire to cover their tracks." The boys, they clarified, "weren't motivated by hatred toward Muslims."

CAIR describes what happened to a Muslim family in Tucson, Arizona: "bullet shots pierced their home as they ate dinner in October 2004" and two months later their truck was smashed and vandalized. But the only evidence that either incident was motivated by hate of Muslims is the Dehdashti family itself, not the police. Detective Frank Rovi of Pima County Sheriff's Department, who handled the shooting investigation, said that according to the neighbors, the desert area by the Dehdashti house was often used for target practice. Neither incident was classified as a hate crime and both cases were closed by February 2005, long before the CAIR report went to press.

I myself found a 38 caliber bullet stuck in the side of my house next to a kitchen window where I often stood. Maybe I should put it on the list of hate crimes against me even though there is no evidence of that.

Then there is the long history of character assassination and defamation that Hamas-linked CAIR has engaged in against any and all who dare to stand up for freedom and human rights against Islamic supremacism including yours truly. Oh yes, if there is anyone who knows "inflammatory political rhetoric," it is Nihad Awad and his unsavory sidekick, the amiable stomach-stapled beekeeper Ibrahim "Honest Ibe" Hooper.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I find it so interesting that whenever one of their own commits an unconscionable act such as this, the hate America groups immediately come out of the woodwork and quickly before anyone knows anything about anything --- cast the blame on the real freedom loving Americans. Point their fingers of hate at those who love America and accuse them of a hate crime.

Sometimes it’s an effective way to take the focus off of the real offenders…

de Andréa

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