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Islam In A Nutshell

There is within the west many ideological and political obstacles in acknowledging what we are really up against in the so-called “War on Terror,” which is, ‘in reality’ the “War with the Nation of Islam” and its ‘Ideological Theology’. Like Nazism, it is a war for our very survival.

By de Andréa

In the following, are a few things you need to know about Islam’s Jihadists War Against the West.

Last month, Americans celebrated the holidays without a terrorist attack on American soil. While that might be a source of relief, it should not feed the dieses of complacency. Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Philippines were not so blessed. The cold hard fact is, that a global conflict is underway. You, as a freedom loving American need to understand that. You need to know who is waging this war, what motivates them, and what their goals are. Without such knowledge, you will not be able to make informed — much less wise —decisions in for example voting, and in writing your representatives.

So here is our enemy in a nutshell:
In 1979, there was a revolution in Iran although not limited to Iran. Those who took power established the first modern nation dedicated to Jihad — holy war against Christians, Jews, Hindus, and anyone who will not accept their Islamic agenda of world conquest and Theocracy, yes even Muslims. Iran is a predominately Shia country but its revolution also re-inspired the rise of militant groups among the more numerous Sunni Muslims of the broader Middle East as well. Al-Qaeda is not the only one; it is only the best known.

Sunni jihadist and Shia jihadist for example are rivals, but not enemies. They cooperate and collaborate against common enemies --- ‘us’. The evidence for this is abundant, and overwhelming if one would just take the blinders off.

What is the goal of jihad?
It was articulated concisely by the scholar Ibn Khaldun who wrote: "In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the [Muslim] mission and the [obligation to] convert the world to Islam either by persuasion or by force. . . . Islam is under obligation [to the Koran] to gain power over every nation." Perhaps you have been politically brainwashed into thinking that Ibn Khaldun was speaking out of anger, considering the continuing incarceration of Muslim combatants at Gitmo, or the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq just for oil, and the so-called sufferings of the Palestinians. I think not — since Ibn Khaldun died early in the 15th century. But the Mission of Islam has in 1400 years, never changed and it never will.

All Muslims embrace this interpretation of Islam but while they deceivingly may not act on it openly, they all support the Jihad in some way. They ‘must’ according to the Koran, follow Sharia, or they have no chance of going to heaven. Allah’s Koran caters to the pride and vanity of the world's nearly 1.8 billion Muslims, nearly a third of the world’s population.

Also important, in what we have come to call the "Muslim world," are the so-called modernizers and reformers. They deceptively claim to be changing Islam such as the so-called “Muslims Against Sharia”. Check out three earlier articles I wrote in 2008, that sparked a war with words with the so-called “Muslims Against Sharia” Part I and Part II and the Rebuttal . Pardon my arrogance in these articles, but one has to speak to Muslims from a position of truth and power, else they consider one weak and useless, moreover they will trample you, to death if they can. This charade of Muslim reform is only for the deception of the Infidel so don’t be fooled my friend.

The Muslim world is a rapidly expanding world:
The Saudi-based Wahhabist Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) claims 56 member states. ‘Some’ are not — or at least not yet— Muslim-majority nations. The OIC is the most powerful single bloc in the United Nations, an organization that the U.S. blindly continues to generously fund. (You may want to ask your representative why such expenditures make any sense, since it is tantamount to supporting the Nazi regime during the Second World War.) Meanwhile, the Muslim population of Europe is growing rapidly while what might be called the continent's natives are in a demographic rapid death spiral. Remember this…Osama Bin Ladin is one of 52 siblings and has fathered 27 of his own children. It’s part of the plan my friend.

While the "Hard or militant Jihad" is fought with violence, there is also the "Soft or Stealth Jihad" that always precedes the final violent Jihad — it is a successful effort to infiltrate and destroy liberal democracies from within, and use Western values and institutions, to undermine Western values and institutions.

You might want to think about that one for a moment…

The most important organization promoting Soft or Stealth Jihad is the Muslim Brotherhood, (indicted by the Justus Department for Terrorist money laundering) and its many affiliates which operate freely in this country, most are still approved and recognized by the IRS as ‘Charitable Nonprofit ‘Tax-Free’ Organizations’. Twenty years ago, an American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood issued an internal memorandum acknowledging — boasting, actually — that it was engaged in a "grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within" by "infiltration and sabotage.” Anytime one is approached by members of a so-called "moderate" Muslim group, one should ask about their links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the weapons of the Soft Jihad warfare has come to be called "lawfare”. To take just a couple of the recent examples of this statigic warfare, Soeren Kern, a senior fellow at the Madrid-based think tank Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos (GEES), recently reported on a Spanish high-school geology teacher who is being sued for having "defamed Islam". He did this by just mentioning pork products in his classroom, a death sentence in Islam. Specifically, during a lecture on Spain's regions, he noted that Andalusia offers the perfect climate for curing the world-famous delicacy known as jamón ibérico – Spanish ham.

Kernn writes that though Spanish legal scholars are divided over whether the lawsuit has merit, nearly everyone agrees that the case has potentially major implications for the eventual abolition of free speech in Spain. They agree that the constant threat of lawsuits will eventually force Spanish school teachers to carefully consider their choice of words in the future. This is the surreptitious incremental loss of free speech, and the introduction of Sharia, which also now threatens America. Oklahoma is the only U.S. state that has past a law prohibiting the consideration of the oppressive Islamic Sharia law in local courts, and as a result it is being sued by CAIR, the Counsel on American Islamic Relations - an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood and a co-conspirator in the Federal money laundering indictment case.

Lawfare also embraces efforts to spread Sharia, Islamic law, for example by insisting that Western firms provide "Sharia-compliant financing," this again has already been introduced in America. This gives Islamic clerics power over investment decisions and, potentially, siphons off funds to so-called "charities" that support terrorism. The State banking system of Minnesota for example, is Sharia compliant.

And then there is this:
In the past few weeks, a Danish court charged three Muslims with plotting an armed assault on the office of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that in 2005 published satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Most significant is the message this sends: Under traditional interpretations of Islamic law it is forbidden for Muslims to portray Mohammed pictorially in any way, respectfully or not. Now, however, these prohibitions are to apply equally to non-Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries. And, apparently, there is no statute of limitations. If the UN-OIC were a really the moderate organization it pretends to be, it would object to that. Instead, it has been pushing the U.N. for international laws that would limit free speech especially where opposing Islam is concerned. The U.S. has an ambassador to the OIC. He should be vigorously opposing such efforts. You might want to inquire into why it does not appear that he is.

And then there’s Pakistan
As I was putting this article together today, the Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province was killed. Governor Salmaan Taseer lost his life because of Pakistan's blasphemy law. As an opponent of the law, Mr. Taseer became a blasphemer in the eyes of his own security. Read the AP's report in the Washington Post.

This, my friend, is the result of barbaric Sharia law practiced in an Islamic State. One does not even get a trial. We cannot even compromise on this … The problem is, we already have.

If you've followed me thus far, here are three policy implications: (1) While the War Against the West is different from previous wars, it is not simply a "law-enforcement" problem as too many people in our government believe, including, it seems, James Cole, a new CZAR just appointed by President Obama as ‘deputy attorney general’. We simply must recognize that we are in a World War for our survival against an ideology much like Nazism. (2) Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia — these are not separate wars, but rather fronts in a single global conflict. (3) Be aware that the jihadism in Tehran ‘will’ acquire nuclear weapons.

Final point:
2011 is the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic Militant Jihad attacks. Osama bin Laden is alive. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made it quite clear that he has a plan to destroy the west, and no amount of negotiations, treaties or sanctions will deter the mission of ISLAMIC JIHAD, EVER…

Incidentally, do you know what “Mien Kampf” means in English? Translated from German it means “My Struggle”. Moreover, do you know what “Jihad” means in English? Translated from Arabic it means “Personal Struggle”. Both struggles are the same, the struggle to rid the world of opposition to a barbaric ideology of tyranny and oppression by any means necessary. Whether it is the ‘Nazi Gestapo’ or the ‘Islamic Terrorists’, the bottom line is still the same.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Well that is not all there is too it, but it is all I can fit in a nutshell as they say. Your question may be, well… then what do we do. It is not so much right now, ‘what we do’, as much as ‘what we don’t do’. In other words, while we may not go out into the streets of our neighborhoods and round up all the suspicious looking characters that just ‘might’ be some kind of murderers, we certainly should ‘not’ invite them into our home.

Oh! Well…I guess we’ve already done that haven’t we…oops!

As far as ‘what’ we should do --- well… you really don’t want to hear that. I mentioned this awhile back, the only way to completely stop the robotic agenda of Islamic tyranny and I lost half my readership and a large part of my family and friends.

I’ll leave that up to your reason, logic, and imagination…

I’ll give you a hint --- fight them as if this were a ‘real’ war, as if war had been declared on us, as if --- we had been attacked.

Oh! It is…, it has…, and we have!

Why is it then --- that the enemy of the free world is running loose in our country? Oh, that’s right, during the Second World War we let Nazis run loose, and we elected them into the senate, we even elected a Nazi as president, and oh! - We also put them into our military so they could kill our soldiers.


I’ll leave the light on for you…

de Andréa

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