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Internet Speech Controlled.

The free flow of Information and ideas on the World Wide Web is about to come to an end.

By de Andréa

The “Arizona Massacre” may be the catalyst that ends Free Speech in America.

Recently in Arizona, Federal Judge John Roll ,63; Dorthy Murray, 76; Dorwin Stoddard, 76; Christina Greene, 9; Phyllis Scheck, 79; and Gabriel Zimmerman, 30, were gunned down by a psychotic maniac at a Tucson mall. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head. It was a terrible act of violence, and we pray for the victims and their families.
I want it understood as you read this article that it has already been established that this murderer, Jared Laughner was not a conservative but a far left wing drug sniffing liberal nut case.
Nevertheless, this event has provoked the other Liberal nut cases to come out of their holes blindly vomiting out ‘their’ hate against conservatives calling conservative free speech, “hate speech.” They are using this tragic event, as usual, as a political crowbar to silence and suppress the views of those who disagree with them. I worry the legislation coming out of Washington is going to get worse under this Hate America Muslim President, especially after this tragedy. We must be alert, and keep an eye on our First Amendment Rights! Rep.
Jim Clyburn is calling for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, which is designed to do nothing but stop the free speech of conservative talk radio. We must not let him succeed. Liberals have tried---and failed---several times to give traction to the idea of bringing back the Fairness
Doctrine, but thankfully, so far, more reasonable minds have prevailed.
Right now, there is a great deal of emotion in Congress, and there is a great deal of rhetoric being thrown around, hatefully and ridiculously blaming conservatives for the Arizona massacre. If they keep up the drumbeat, this could be their moment to ride the inertia and finally silence the constitutional conservatives. Media Matters CEO David Brock has already asked Roger Ailes of Fox News outright to rein in or fire, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.
While Liberals are lining up to unfairly and hatefully attack conservatives without any facts to back them up, another threat to our First Amendment Rights is rearing its ugly head, this one far away from the media glare: Obama is quietly working on a plan to create a "National Internet I.D. program. The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, run through the Commerce Department, it is about "enhancing online security and reducing and perhaps even eliminating the need to memorize a dozen passwords, through creation and use of a so-called more trusted digital identities, according to Gary Locke, Commerce Secretary. In other words --- a Federal Government Gestapo controlled Internet. The real purpose is of course to control the now free exchange of information and expression. I for example would likely be banned from the Internet…Maybe you think that’s a good thing.
What does an internet I.D. program and the shooting in Arizona have in common? Opportunity for government control.
In December we tried---and failed---to prevent Barack Obama's FCC from taking over the Internet.
In December, the FCC asserted authority over the Internet even though they had no Congressional or Constitutional authority to do so. This my friend, is the definition of tyranny. As America has seen after two years of Obama's presidency, this administration is determined to ram through its oppressive agenda without regard for whether or not it is Constitutional.
This national "Internet I.D." program is just one more step in the government's total control over your online activities and free speech.
Instead of YOU maintaining control of your online identity, a third party will take over... hackers could gain control of the third party security, and you can watch your privacy disappear in a flash.
But worse than that, it means THE GOVERNMENT will have control over your Internet identity, and they can use that for whatever purpose suits them, and if they can, they will.
We have all seen how well the government protects its secrets; do you want them in charge of your personal data?
You may be asking yourself what is wrong with the Internet today that makes Barack Obama believe he needs to intervene. Nothing is wrong with it except that it allows the free exchange of ideas.
There are plenty of data security applications available now; why would the government see the need to pressure the market to create so-called "trusted" identities?
The answer: to make it easier to track you and me in the future. The government says this program is not mandatory, but you can bet your sweet bibie that it eventually will be. And remember this is all under the guise of your "protection.” Eventually, you can expect to need a government issued "I.D." as your ignition key to the information superhighway, a superhighway Obama wants to control.
Obama's Internet legislation is designed to control the flow of information on the internet and more importantly to control free speech---which, according to Liberals is dangerous, and causes left-wing potheads who worship Islam and or Communism to go to grocery stores and kill people.
In fact, FCC's Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd says that "blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies."
You know..., that silly "free speech" clause in the Constitution is just so restrictive! The internet worries the government propaganda machine, because it gives YOU, the citizen, too power and too much freedom. The Obama administration is comprised of control freaks who want to limit and regulate what you do and how you do it. Free speech is a threat alright, free speech is a threat to tyranny, so piece by piece, they are going to shut it down. The average American will not even know it is happening.
If the Liberals can't silence us or defeat us at the ballot box, they will do it through illegal regulation and control.
Since the Obama Administration, which obviously did not learn from the Election of 2010, he is determined to ignore the Constitution and the rule of law to implement his agenda, we need to make 535 men and women in Congress listen. And, we need to make them accountable to the voters who elected them.
This has all happened in front of our eyes, but the liberal communist media has been suspiciously silent. When Barack Obama was Senator and campaigning for the White House, one of his campaign promises was to provide more regulation of the Internet. I guess nobody was listening.

I guess no one was listening when he said he was a Muslim or a Communist either. Well you had better listen now, because this is going down soon.
Last year, FCC lawyers quietly presented their argument to the US Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C., insisting that existing law gives the FCC the authority to regulate broadband rates even though Congress never gave the FCC the power to regulate the Internet in any way. In April 2010, the FCC lost. The Court of Appeals told them they had exceeded their regulatory authority. Nobody was listening.
In May of 2010, the FCC again tried to regulate the Internet by arguing that the Internet was equivalent to Ma Bell's old-fashion operated-assisted phone monopoly from the 1880s to the 1960s and, thus, they could regulate it. Again the media was silent, but over 300 Members of Congress implored the Obama Administration to stop pursuing Internet regulation.
The FCC seemed to back down, but they were only changing tactics. They sat down with a group of hand-picked, far Left Obama supporters, and the industry gave them a choice between two bad options, the broad overreaching regulations the Circuit Court had just shot down, on a phone monopoly-style regulation. On December 1st, 2010, the business leaders chose broad-brush regulations that surrendered control of the Internet to the FCC. This happened without one congressional hearing, without one piece of legislation, and without one "aye" or "nay" vote, they just did it --- just like in a dictatorship.
My friends, we are in a dangerous place. We are now letting Obama's Czars and political campaign supporters vote "aye" or "nay" on our rights. If we don't act today, our freedom to speak our mind in the only public forum that "we the people" still own---the Internet---will vanish.
Please write, call, e-mail or fax your Congressional Representative and tell them to push back against these unconstitutional FCC regulations!
Obama and his followers will eventually create an Internet "ignition key" that we will need if we want to cruise the information superhighway---and I shudder to think what that superhighway will look like, or what the price of admission will be. Sadly, I believe it will come at the cost of not some, but eventually all of our freedoms.
At every turn, the Obama Administration continues to overstep its constitutional boundaries. Congress is mad and getting madder. But, they have not yet thrown down the gauntlet and ordered the FCC to stand down. That's why we must contact them now to stop this government intrusion. Obama’s FCC Czar has stolen our Internet freedom by simply declaring that it has the "right" to regulate it---and now they want to create national "I.D.'s." If you weren't worried before, you should be now.
It seems like the longer Mr. Obama is in office---the more control he wants to exercise over the American people. Right now, he is attempting to control the Internet under the guise of safety and security. Obama and his federal agencies must STOP trying to expand their IMPERIAL POWERS! And Congress should push back against this abuse of executive power!
Would you trust the control of cyberspace to Barack Obama and the federal government? Would you trust ANYTHING to the federal government?
THE BOTTOM LINE: Our Internet freedom is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Unlike China, our United States Internet is under the control of the PEOPLE---not the federal government!
We must not let the horrible event in Arizona allow the Democrats to end Free Speech in America. Liberals are frustrated and angry that their policies and politics are unpopular with the American people, they cannot defeat us at the ballot box---so they are illegally working to quiet our voices, and to end the debate by force.
Also keep I mind that as we fight for the freedoms that are so precious to us, let us take time to pray for the Arizona Massacre victims and families, and ask God to send peace and strength and healing to their hearts.
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de Andréa

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