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Moderate Muslims – And the Stealth Jihad

Whether one believes that their warm fuzzy Muslim friend living next door is moderate or not, ‘is irrelevant’. Muslims do not, I repeat, ‘do not’, assimilate, they infiltrate’.

By de Andréa

Counter terrorism officials in the United States, and the West in general, have not yet come to understand that there is a political, non-combatant wing called the global Salafi-jihad movement (Stealth Jihad or the infiltration phase). It acts as an international production line, manufacturing a collective of non-thinking, robotically programmed Muslims, with a Salafi religious orientation, a Salafi worldview, indoctrinated with the belief that they are part of an international movement designed to reform the world community of Muslims, bringing them back to “true” Islam, and bringing Islam back to global leadership. If this leadership and the deception of the West is successful the nearly 2 billion Muslims world wide cannot be stopped.

Although I have written about this subject many times from many prospectives, and since it seems usually to fall on blind eyes and deaf ears, or maybe most people are just so brainwashed that nothing can reach them. I nevertheless, do to new events, such as my last article titled “The destruction of the Cross”, have decided on yet another prospective. And for you Christians or those who pretend to be Christians hypocritically and piously believe that because God is in control --- that this is part of his will and plan. Then I would strongly suggest that you do everything possible to promote this outrageous, oppressive, murdering religion of peace, lest you be condemned for not doing Gods will. Think about that for awhile.

The Muslims, often seen as moderates are anything but;
While the majority of the members of this Muslim Jihadist movement do not always commit acts of violence themselves, they do however; always totally support the combatant wing of the movement. They make their own contributions to its success by proselytizing, preaching, and fundraising; forming new front organizations; and creating centers of jihad support in schools, mosques, and Islamic centers… in a word, they “Infiltrate”. Have you ever wondered why if the vast majority of Muslims are really peaceful, loving, warm fuzzy friends of Christians and Jews and or all infidels, that they aren’t self policing? It’s because they are not your friend, moreover as they are pretending to be your BFF, they are conspiring to kill you.
It is out of this movement that the activists, committed long-term Jihadists, and lone wolf attackers emerge. Unless we alter our approach to include aggressive investigations and proactive action against the movement’s political organizations and elements such as so-called Islamic nonprofit Charities, homegrown terrorists (Salafis) will continue to be robotically programmed and inspired to violence, and come to the attention of the authorities only after they have attempted to commit or successfully committed their crimes. The west, because of the deception tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Consider the cases of individuals such as Adam Gadahn (al-Qaeda spokesman Azzam al Amriki), Anwar al Awlaki (the 9/11 imam), John Walker Lindh (the American Taliban), Major Nidal Hassan (Ft. Hood massacre), and Faisal Shahzad (the Times Square bomber), the shoe bomber- so now we inspect shoes, the underwear bomber – so now we inspect underwear.

Note; there is no such thing as Charity in Islam.
The result is being deceived by our own self-imposed limitations. This is all the more surprising because bin Laden’s deputy himself has told the world on numerous occasions, over at least five years, that much of al-Qaeda’s activity has nothing to do with carrying out specific jihad attacks.

In his book Knights under the Prophet’s Banner, Ayman al Zawahiri plainly stated:
“The jihad movement must dedicate one of its wings to work within the masses, preach, provide services for the Muslim people, and share their concerns through all available avenues for charity and educational work. We must not leave a single area unoccupied. We must win the people’s confidence, respect, and affection. The people will not love us unless they felt that we love them, care about them, and are ready to defend them”. This is reprehensive of the Islamic doctrine of ‘Taqiyyah’ (the deception).

Three years later, in an al-Qaeda communiqué entitled The Freeing of Humanity and the Homelands, which appeared on March 10, 2005, Zawahiri specified exactly the kind of non-combatant help it needed. He stated that in order to educate the Ummah (the world Nation of Islam), showing the world’s Muslims the dangers facing them, and inciting them to resist, al-Qaeda needs the active assistance of honest propagators, intellectuals, teachers, journalists, trade union men, and tribal elders. (the cultural infiltration)

Again, a year and a half later, in an al-Qaeda communiqué entitled Between Islam and Disbelief, published on December 21, 2006, Zawhiri directed students, missionaries, and professionals to conduct specific non-jihad tasks, such as building mosques (ie) the ground Zero Mosque. And universities, colleges and high schools centers for jihad support; converting infidels for the coming jihad. And facilitating recruitment, fundraising and spreading the ideological theocracy of Allah; identifying jihad targets, providing intelligence, and disseminating propaganda; carrying out acts of civil disobedience such as strikes, demonstrations, and sit-ins; refusing to pay taxes; preventing cooperation with security forces; the establishment of Islamic Sharia Law, and boycotting U.S. and Israeli products.

It is not surprising that al-Qaeda expends so much energy on non-militant jihad activity. The concept has been part of Islamist ideology since the year 610 AD and put into practice in modern history with the creation of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. Islam’s three most revered ideologues have espoused it — Hassan al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; Sayyid Abd ala Maududi, the founder of the Jamaat i Islami (the equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Southwest Asia); and Sayyid Qutb himself. Moreover, it is in their book the Hadith for anyone and everyone to read, but alas no one does, so we ignorantly believe whatever we are indoctrinated with. (And the deception continues)

As Maududi wrote in the 1940s:
In the jihad and in the way of Allah, active combat is not always the role on the battlefield, nor can everyone fight in the front line. Just for one single battle, preparations have often to be made for decades on end, the plans deeply laid, and while only some thousands fight in the front line there are behind them millions engaged in various tasks which, though small themselves, contribute directly to the supreme effort. These millions of Muslims, mistaken for moderate middle of the road warm-fuzzy peaceful people are those that engage themselves in these various behind the scene tasks so vital to the success of the final militant Jihad. They have so far, successfully deceived the western culture.

In the United States, the non-combatants that Zawahiri and Maududi describe as being so important to the movement will not be found by investigating small, violent jihad cells. In fact, many of these individuals will most likely never commit a violent act, but they will vigorously and enthusiastically convert, train, and support those who do.

THE BOTTOM LINE: As I said at the opening the west has been deceived into believing what is seen on the surface, that if a Muslim appears to be your friend then he must be. Never in history has the Muslim been a friend of the Kaffaar. There is no charity in Islam because there is no benevolence. The word love does not appear in the Quran.

There is no such thing as a “Moderate Muslim” and Muslims do not assimilate. This is something that took the Europeans three hundred years, from approximately AD 700 to AD 1000 to come to understand. We don’t have three hundred years to learn this all over again. Doesn’t anyone learn anything from history anymore???

Or maybe Westerners have just become illiterate…

de Andréa

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