Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homegrown American Terrorists

With all the benefits of growing up in a free country, why do they still turn to Jihad?

By de Andréa

In what seems an about face, by Attorney General Eric Holder (Watch a video) on the Islmic threat, who a short time ago wouldn’t even admit before a congressional hearing that Hamas was a terrorist organization, now candidly talks freely about the threat posed by so-called Homegrown "radicalized" American Muslims. This is revealing—not just because of what he says regarding the domestic situation, but for the international implications as well.

Maybe, if only because of obvious circumstances, it may be that the Fed may possibly just beginning to get the picture of the Islamic agenda of world domination. One can only hope!

According to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, "The threat is real, the threat is different, and the threat is constant. The threat has changed … to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens—raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born. It is one of the things that keeps me up at night. You didn't worry about this even two years ago—about individuals, about Americans, to the extent that we now do.”

The truth is that homegrown terrorist didn’t just sprout out of the American soil. Holder and the rest of the so-called security people just didn’t recognize it, nor does most of Washington. The threat has always been there, and it hasn’t changed as he said. It is ignorant and arrogant pride, to think that just because one discovers something, that it just came to be. The west is just too blind, deceived, and ignorant to see it. He is correct in that threat is real, but it is not different, it is constant, but hasn’t changed, nor will it ever change; it has been the same for fourteen hundred years.

The Counter terrorism agencies are scratching their heads trying desperately to understand why these people, born and raised in freedom of America, would have a desire to destroy it. This just proves what I have been trying desperately for years to get across. And that is --- no matter where or what, the agenda of Islam is the same and it will continue. If one is a Muslim, homegrown or not, then one is programmed by the Islamic ideology to carryout the mission of Islam.

So what is the mission of Islam?
Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun said it best, when he concisely articulated the mission of all muslins, he wrote: "In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the [Muslim] mission and the [obligation to] convert the world to Islam either by persuasion or by force. . . . Islam is under obligation [to the Koran] to gain power over every nation."

Perhaps you have been politically brainwashed into thinking that Ibn Khaldun was speaking out of anger, considering the continuing incarceration of Muslim combatants at Gitmo, or the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq just for our greed of oil, and the so-called sufferings of the Palestinians. You would be wrong — since Ibn Khaldun died early in the 15th century. But the Mission of Islam has in 1400 years, never changed and it never will. This is what the West out of political and spiritual blindness, fails to understand.

Holder noted that --- while he was confident in the United States' counter-terrorism efforts, Americans "have to be prepared for potentially bad news…. The terrorists only have to be successful once." This tellingly means… that he is confused, not confidant.

Holder's assertion that "the terrorists only have to be successful once" has important implications. Aside from the obvious—that it only takes one strike to create devastation on U.S. soil. It is also a reminder that when people ignorantly argue and believe that most American Muslims are moderate, and only a few are radical terrorists or support terrorism is irrelevant and it does not help our security. It took only nineteen Muslims to commit 9/11; and we have already seen that American Muslims are in fact terrorists. According to Holder, in the last two years, 50 of the 126 people charged with terrorism were U.S. homegrown citizens. So the belief that Muslims that have been brought up to enjoy Western benefits—including democracy, liberty, prosperity, and freedom of expression, will naturally become westernized is nothing short of being nieve.

Holder's point that "we didn't worry about this even two years ago—about individuals, about Americans, to the extent that we now do," is odd, ignorant, and blind. Why should Americans not have been worried up until now? Anyone even moderately familiar with Islamic ideology knows that it allows for absolutely no national allegiance. The notion that American Muslims could become radicalized should have been a concern at least since 9/11—nearly a decade ago. It should have been a concern when it became obvious that American Muslims—like John Walker Lindh clear back in 2002, Gregory Patterson, Levar Washington, Kevin James, Christopher Paul and Jose Padillawere turning to violent jihad. It defines that we have been deceptively blind for years. Valuable time and lives have been lost because of the stubbornness of politics and apathetic ignorance.

More significant is the fact that Americans are, to the surprise and chagrin of our so-called security agencies, being radicalized not only bodes ill for U.S. security; it also suggests that we remain ignorant of who and what this enemy really is. Moreover, American efforts in the Muslim world are doomed to failure. Consider: if American Muslims, who enjoy Western benefits—including democracy, liberty, prosperity, and freedom of expression—are still carrying out the Muslim agenda and being turned into terrorists, why then do we insist that importing these same benefits to the Muslim world will eliminate the even more ingrained form of so-called "Islamic Radicalization" will change anything?

Note the picture depicting what Islam thinks of freedom.

After all, the brain dead mainstream position, the only one evoked by politicians, both Democrat and Republican, is that all the sacrifices America makes in the Muslim world (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), will pay off once Muslims discover how wonderful Western ways are. As if the believe their way is bad. Moreover they will happily slough off their Islamist veneer, which, as the ignorance goes, is a product of—you guessed it—a lack of democracy, liberty, prosperity, and freedom of expression. Yet here are American Muslims, immersed in the bounties of the West—and still they turn to violent jihad. I’m telling you, it’s a robotically programmed ‘Ideological Theocracy’ driven by the evil power of their god Satan/Allah and no amount of external reasoning and logic will change it.

In short, America needs to begin at the beginning and educate themselves about what and who this enemy is. Then rethink its strategy for the war, not on terrorism, but on the ever growing Nation of EVIL, Islam --- both at home and abroad. Domestically, this may mean cracking down without compunction on anything that smacks of Islamist activity, without fear of being politically incorrect or intolerant. It may mean exercising prudence when granting visas to people from dubious backgrounds. It may mean the deportation of Muslims beginning with non citizens then even Muslim citizens. It may mean the unthinkable; it may even mean our survival…

THE BOTTOM LINE: As I previously stated, “anyone even moderately familiar with Islamic ideology knows that it allows for absolutely no national allegiance to the host country”. The two have no compatibility. One can be an American, or one can be a Muslim, but not both. The whole mission purpose of Islam is to forcibly change the world into the ‘Muslim Ummah’ the World Nation of Islamic Tyranny. Unless we finally wake up from our apathetic complacency, shake off this politically correct tolerance of the intolerable, and after ten years of war with Islam, educate ourselves about this ideological theocracy of Islam the enemy of the world, it will most certainly consume us. Thinking that the solution to this ignorant misguided war on terrorism, promoted by most Western politicians, is to spread Western values, Western culture, and Western ways of governance --- will eventually prove itself as no solution at all. But it may then be too late to turn it around.

Moreover the longer we wane in our ignorance and blind deception the worse and more barbaric the only eventual solution will seem. Western Europe learned that lesson already in approximately AD 1100 after 300 years of Muslim infiltration and Jihad.

I guess no one reads their history anymore. You know what is said about a people who refuse to learn from history… That’s right…they’re doomed to repeat it…

I believe this comes from giving in to deception, apathy, complacency, and replacing American education, with robotic political indoctrination. But that is just my opinion.

de Andréa

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Anonymous said...

I Totally Agree with you! How do we get Washington (our so called Leaders) to comprehend this and do the Right thing, Round Up All of these Traitors (Moderate or Radical Muslim) and Deport them? The minute just one American Citizen converts to Islam (becomes a Muslim), in my opinion, that makes them a Traitor to the USA. If they cry "My Constitutional Rights", they have NONE, their Citizenship is NULL & VOID!!! Our so called "Sleeping Giant" of a Country needs to WAKE UP before we wind up like Chechnya & Russia, or worse!!!