Friday, January 14, 2011

The First American Dictator

Barack Hussein Obama is an enigma. He is difficult to figure out. But I do know this: Since his Congressional power has been significantly diminished by the November election, as a result, Mr. Obama has already decided that he is going to rule this country by “EXECUTIVE ORDER”.

By de Andréa

Executive Orders, the way Obama is using them are unconstitutional, as they are simply interoffice memos from the "boss" of the Executive Branch to his employees. And, in precisely the same vein, "Secretarial Orders," the new "under the radar slider" used by Mr. Obama's department heads (CZARS), are equally unconstitutional. Executive Orders and Secretarial Orders bypass the U.S. Congress, which Barack Obama no longer controls. Mr. Obama is determined to circumvent the United States Congress on issues that he cannot pursue through legislation---and, since all of his social progressive mandates are pretty much unconstitutional, he fully intends to operate as a Dictator, while he pretends to be a moderate, Constitutional, Democrat. Don’t be deceived.

We must stop him:
I will continue to shine the light of truth on this Muslim, socialist-fascist "chameleon fraud," and support any and all legislation and litigation necessary to stop his un-Constitutional power grab from Congress and the American people. How about you?

In spite of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama positions himself as a moderate, and fought to extend the George W. Bush tax cuts for two more years, don't be fooled by who, or what he really is. He is a Communist Socialist. He is a Muslim, and he believes that he is "above" the law and the Constitution of the United States of America. Let him succeed in legislating by Executive Order, and his department heads by Secretarial Orders (a right they don't possess), and, somewhere, down the road, between now and the Election of 2012, he may just take away all of our Constitutional rights by Executive Order. And, when you say, "Nah, he couldn't do that ‘here’ because we are protected by a written Constitution and we are a Free Republic, Remember this:

In 1934, the Weimar Republic was protected by a written Constitution that was just as powerful as the Constitution of the United States. The Weimar Constitution required the President and Chancellor of Germany to go to the members of the Reichstag (Congress) for authority to do anything. Once he was able to rule by decree, IT TOOK ADOLPH HITLER EXACTLY 39 DAYS TO DESTROY THE WEIMAR CONSTITUTION and become an absolute dictator---and assume the power of life and death over every subject in the THIRD REICH. If one wants to see into the future, all one needs to do, is study the past. There is nothing new under the sun; it has all been done before.

Think about ‘that’ when you get ready to shrug your shoulders and dismiss the notion that Barack Hussein Obama is ready to RULE OVER YOU via Executive Orders! This permits him to go around every Member of the U.S. Congress and legislate by decree.

In reality, that makes him a "dictator". The November 2nd elections gave Mr. Obama, by his own words, a "shellacking.” Yet, he never owned up to it. He just said that he did not properly communicate his message well enough to the voters. What?!? Here is the honest truth--- THE AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST REJECTED BARACK OBAMA, JR.!

Now that Mr. Obama no longer controls the U.S. House of Representatives, and only marginally controls the U.S. Senate, what "nuclear" options does he now possess?

PLENTY! By using his own "dictatorship" policy that he has spent the last two years putting in place, and by fabricating authority that he does not Constitutionally possess, through the use of EXECUTIVE ORDERS he's made it clear that he plans to use every means at his disposal to enact his agenda.

I don't mean to bore you with rudimentary Government 101, but there are THREE distinct branches of government, according to our U.S. Constitution. The Executive (the President) Branch of government is totally separate from the LEGISLATIVE Branch (the U.S. Congress). However, more than any another other "Commander-in-Chief" in history, Mr. Obama wants to LEGISLATE his liberal agenda with the use of veto-proof Executive Orders that purportedly become "law" when they are recorded in the Congressional Record. The third branch, the judicial branch, may be the only branch left that isn’t totally corrupt.

Ruling by executive order is forbidden by the United States Constitution. We need to CHALLENGE the claimed "right" of Barack Obama to legislate by decree... or by allowing his department heads to do the same by using Secretarial Orders.

I, quite frankly do not have anymore words to tell you how dangerous this man really is. In spite of the spike in his ratings when he played the roll of "moderate Democrat," by forcing the leftists in Congress to reinstate the George W. Bush tax cuts, the liberals know that he is STILL the same Social Communist that he was a few weeks ago. He is simply giving it back to us with one hand and plundering America with the other.

Mr. Obama pays no attention to the majority of the voters. By using EXECUTIVE ORDERS, he will go around Members of the United States Congress---both Republican and Democrat! In short---he is now out of control; and “We the People” must expose his preposterous MIS-USE of power via Executive Orders, and help draft the lawsuits to challenge them. You might want to mail off a check to the United States Justice Foundation who is filing one lawsuit after another try to save your future, and your freedom.

A couple of recent examples:

Barack Obama just gave the authority for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to register guns---if you buy too many in too short a period of time. If you buy two guns in a five-day period, you must register them. Here is the real deal: the ATF does NOT have the Constitutional or Congressional power to register guns. A Secretarial Order gave them the right to do so... even though Congress never gave the ATF the right to make, or enforce, such a regulation. Yet, in Obamaland, such "Orders" must be obeyed. Why do you think Obama is working so hard with the UN’s treaty to disarm the world? How about for the same reason Hitler disarmed Europe.

“Dictator" Obama recently gave the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the "power" to REGULATE carbon dioxide emissions. Let's be perfectly clear: The United States Constitution and the United States Congress did NOT and has not given the EPA the authority to regulate anything! I know this first hand; I personally fought with that Gestapo for more than 20 years. Moreover at great expense I won every court battle because they are illegal. They nevertheless continue to wield their illegal power.

Moreover carbon dioxide is not an air pollutant.

YOU, as an American citizen, must realize that Mr. Obama has decided to extend the tentacles of federal government over ALL of US. His plan is to rule the United States of America through the illegal regulations of illegal regulators, and not by the rule of law. Incidentally power and control is the purpose of regulations and regulators; they have little or nothing to do with protecting the environment.

Barack Hussein Obama will do anything that he can get away with to complete the task of implementing his grand scheme to redistribute the wealth, as he promised by the way in his campaign, through any devise at his disposal, including the use of:

Presidential Proclamations
Presidential Decision Directives... and, now...
"Secretarial Orders."

Now, instead of taking the heat from Congress for the excessive, and improper, use of Executive Orders to orchestrate change that cannot be legislated by his Communist allies in Congress. He has opted to have his own Department Heads use an even more questionable practice---called "SECRETARIAL ORDERS"---to implement ‘regulations’ for which those agencies have never been given Congressional authority to enact and/or issue.

Barack Obama began stepping up his decrees in December, when he realized that the clock was running out and he was not going to be able to have certain key facets of his agenda passed by Congress. In fact, even the far left was afraid to bring them to the floor---even with the "keep your eyes closed and vote" philosophy working so well on other key Obama pieces of legislation like the health care plan that no one read. Mr. Obama's actions beg a question: Why try to persuade Members of Congress to vote on issues that one can lose, when one can rule by decree and win every battle?

THE BOTTOM LINE: In reality, via Barack Obama and his minions, you now live in a dictatorship where the rule and the process of law has been replaced by... EXECUTIVE ORDER.

One way or another, Barack Hussein Obama is determined to see his oppressive agenda enacted, with the cost of implementing his dreams heaped on the backs of Americans. I hope you can now see just how important this battle is. What Mr. Obama cannot constitutionally legislate, now that he has lost his super majority in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, he is implementing by dictatorial decree.

It is now problematic whether or not this criminal atrocity can ever be corrected using congressional legislation. I can only hope that the Federal Court system is still morally and legally intact enough to turn this great Nation of ours back in the direction of “We the People” and save what is left of our God given rights and freedom. Going a step further, it may be that it can only be accomplished by turning this Nation back to God from whence it came.

Think about it…

de Andréa

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