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New York Public Terrorist School

By de Andréa

New York public school KHALIL GIBRAN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY an Islamic Jihad-themed school blasted for misappropriating the name. The FGC says NYC officials are misusing the legacy of the Christian Lebanese-poet, Khalil Gibran

A Lebanese-Christian group the Friends of Gibran Council says the New York City education department is misusing the legacy of a famed Lebanese-Christian poet by naming its controversial new Islamic jihadist school after him.

The proposed Khalil Gibran International Academyscheduled to open next month in Brooklyn is a “taqiya” (an Islamic deception) which will teach Arabic and Islamic culture, among other indoctrinations.

"Gibran's ancestry was Lebanese, Christian and Maronite. Therefore, the claims of teaching Arabic under the name of Gibran ring hollow as he was is not ethnically Arab," the group said in a press release. "The founders of KGIA could easily change the name of the school to honor a great Arabic writer if that is their true intent."

The Council also expressed concerns over troubling radical associations plaguing the public taxpayer funded school.

KGIA's principal recently stepped down after her ties to a group glorifying Palestinian terrorism were revealed. A native of Yemen, Dhabah "Debbie" Almontaser defended the "intifada" – a Palestinian terror campaign that left 1,221 Israelis dead.

In addition, a local imam advising the school has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement.

"Gibran, pictured to the right, was a believer in the universality of human rights and the dignity of the individual," the Council said. "Therefore, the board of trustees of KGIA should reflect Gibran's values and ideals. Appointing radicals and imams who have been associated with terrorists and jihadist groups is an affront to these ideals."

New York school officials did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment about the nonprofit group's request to change the name of the Arabic academy.

"As an American citizen of Lebanese descent, I think that the literary work of Lebanese-American author Khalil Gibran is in full conflict with the jihadist inclination of some members of the school board," said the expert, who wished to remain anonymous. "He (Gibran) would have preferred – and his community today certainly would prefer – seeing a school or institution developing the heritage of his culture, not the political culture of the jihadists."

KGIA's program will integrate intensive Arabic language instruction and the study of Middle Eastern history and historical figures – which Brooklyn teacher and activist Sara Springer says will include the life and teachings of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Text books, lesson plans and teacher materials will be adapted from publications supplied by the Council on Islamic Education, Springer says. CIE's chief consultant is Susan Douglass, a Muslim activist whose husband is on the Saudi government payroll as a teacher at an Islamic academy that has graduated terrorists.

The Friends of Gibran Council says it does not oppose the teaching of the Arabic language in public schools, but it objects to any promotion of Islamic culture.

"The teaching of Arabic in public schools is a laudable goal. Many more American students should be proficient in this largely spoken language," the group said. "However, in no way should the Arabic language and the teaching of Islamism be mixed."

Garth Harries, chief executive of New York City's Office of New Schools, has insisted that KGIA will be a "non-religious" New York City public school.
"It is not a vehicle for political or religious ideology," Harries said. "And if the school is used this way, we will close it."

The Council asserts that KGIA used Gibran's name "clearly under false pretenses."
Some critics go further, saying it was no accident that the hard-line Muslim founders of the school picked a Christian with an Arabic-sounding name.

They say they named the school after the Christian poet to pacify those who might suspect their true intent was to turn it into a madrassa for militant Islamic indoctrination.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What the west does not comprehend is that Islam practices an Islamic form of deception known as "taqiya." The best way that I can describe this is…The Quran teaches a form of lying that is acceptable if it will promote the future conquest of the world for Allah. In other words, “True Lies” to deceive infidels is taught, and there is know one better at this than Muslims. A Muslim can actually articulate one of these deceptive lies and pass a lie detector test.

The use of the name of Christian Lebanese-American author-poet Khalil Gibran to promote the Jihad of Islam is taqiya in its most perfect and vile form. Mr. Gibran was not an Arab and most certainly was not a Muslim.

This Issue however is more than just the deception of using a name to hide behind. It is the fact that America is still so deceived by Islam that it actually provides funding for the promotion of the future demise of American culture. This is a public American school funded by American taxpayers. Moreover the school is run by our enemy’s, these are known terrorist conspirators.

The U.S. is surreptitiously and incrementally becoming a de-facto terrorist training camp. This is because of the Islamic deception of using political correct tolerance and multiculturalism.

In this case, hiding behind a Christian, this deceptive religion of peace, is just relentlessly carrying out the almost fourteen hundred year old agenda of world conquest and domination, using taqiya-deception/jihad, mass murder, all of which are acceptable and taught in the Quran.

As a Mule drawing a buggy, this country has become blinded with tunnel vision as well as the Mule-like stubbornness brought on by the new American religion of social acceptance of anything and everything. Multicultural Tolerance and Political Correctness. This new American religion plays right into the hands of Islamic Taqiya. The result is that the demise of the West with all its liberty and freedom becomes self-perpetuating.

de Andréa

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