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The Children Of Allah

The Children Of Allah
The anti-god

This child may never grow up, but if he does, he will want nothing more out of life than to kill you and die! He may not even know why, except that his parents said he must do it for Allah…

By de Andréa

What kind of god is it that would want his children to worship death, to kill, not only others but also to kill each other and themselves? Certainly not a god of love or a god of reason; what would be the point of being born just to kill yourself in the act of killing others?

What kind of a god is it that would want his children to hate, to hate not only others but also to hate each other and themselves? Certainly not a god of love or a god of reason; what would be the point of being born just to hate, yourself, your children, and your neighbors enough to kill them.

What kind of god does all this deception, hate, death, and destruction, come from?
What kind of god would want to watch what he had created, destroy itself?

One should understand that hate, death, destruction, and deception are all things contrary to God. In other words, these things come from an anti-god; moreover, all of these things come from the Quran.

Everyone knows that there is a right and a left, an up and a down, an east and a west, matter and anti-matter, right and wrong, good and bad, and there is a God and an anti-god.

Allah the god of Islam is not a god at all but an anti-god, of deception. This anti-god deceived Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and now nearly 1400 years after his death, Muhammad and his god still deceives a Nation.

One can easily discover that Allah is anti-god by simply reading the Quran the word of Allah. Example: the Quran does not even contain the word love. It does not teach forgiveness, benevolence, charity, kindness, virtue, or righteousness. One will only find these things in the Bible, the word of the true God, not in the Quran the word of Allah, the anti-god.

This is what the child will look like next year with a bomb strapped to him, he will run into your restaurant or your barbershop, and he will pull the cord that detonates the bomb.

Why does he do this? Because he too has been deceived. Allah is the great deceiver, he cannot tell the truth because he is anti-god. While the God of love wants you to know the truth and have eternal life, Allah the anti-god of hate, wants to deceive you and wants you dead, moreover, he uses the Nation of Islam to carry out this death and destruction.

What kind of god demands human sacrifices of his people and of his children so that he may be satisfied? Moreover, what kind of parent would strap a bomb on their child just to kill them and others? The answer is simple, one who is so totally deceived and possessed by a demonic anti-god of hate and death that he may no longer have a rational mind of his own.

What kind of god would need the help of a deceived people to be able take control of this world? Certainly, it would have to be a god that did not already have control of the world. What kind of a god is that?

The God of love, the God of Abraham already has control of this world, but the anti-god must use deception and a nation of people to carry out his agenda of death, hate, oppression and control.

Who could this anti-god be, that could so totally control a people enough to cause them to commit such heinous acts as cutting the heads off innocent babies or killing people just because they hate them?

Who is the only entity powerful enough to control a people but so weak that he would need to deceive and pervert a people in order to control the world?

The anti-god Allah, is Satan, the god of deception, hate, and of death, who created demonic spirits, who deceives the world, and controls the nation of Islam to send their sons to die that we might also die
The God, who created the world and everything in it, is the God of love, who sent his son to die that we might live.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The purpose of this article is to clear up any misunderstanding that Allah/Satan the god of the Muslims--and Jehovah/God, the God of the Jews and of the Christians might be one in the same. As one can clearly see they are not only, not the same, but they are the opposite. They are clearly the definition of good and evil, opposed in everyway.

Satan/Allah, this same anti-god is the snake that deceived Eve and then Adam, the first deception of Gods creation. And when God took away this control of death because of sin from Satan, and made a way for the redemption of man from the sin of that deception by sending His Son Jesus Christ to pay the price of death for all mankind. He unraveled the doom of death, and Allah was put out of the business of eternal death to all humanity.

580 years after Allah was defeated by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of the God of love, Allah had to get back into the business of death, hate, and destruction. So, in the year AD 610 he paid a visit to Muhammad just as he had to Eve more than 4500 years earlier, moreover, he used his same weapon of “deception”

After scouring the earth for someone nearly as evil as himself, Allah appeared to Muhammad, a known pedophile, killer and robber, not as the snake he is, as he appeared to Eve, but this time impersonating someone he knew Muhammad would have knowledge of, the Angel Gabriel. Allah deceived Muhammad with the lie that he was Gabriel, sent by the God of Israel Moreover, the deception of a people who later became the Nation of Islam, and the agenda of world conquest and control by the anti-god Allah, AKA Satan, had begun.

Don’t you be deceived by Allah/Satan the anti-god …

de Andréa

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