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Connecting the Big Dots…

A Little History, the Future of World Globalism and what is Behind the One World Government

By de Andréa

Over the last several years, a picture has been forming in my mind, a big picture, on a grand scale. I have been studying Islam and the Middle East, for the better part of two decades. What really stands out in the Nation of Islam and in their guidebook the Quran, is their agenda of world conquest and domination. Because of modern Globalism, this is a relatively new idea; Islam however, has had this relentless drive for over a thousand years.

A parallel or many parallels are unfolding adjacent to this grand scale agenda of Islam. There has been a similar agenda by the U.N. as well as a European, a Soviet, and a North American agenda to accomplish this same Goal. In fact, it is very apparent that this goal or agenda has been the ambition of many groups over the years, sometimes countries, sometimes an organization, in the case if Islam, a religion, and even sometimes as in the case of Adolf Hitler, just one man. Oh yes, he was willing to share half the world with Japan for a while, but at the time it was just one-step towards One World Government. It just was not to be, maybe Adolf was just a little ahead of his time as well as being greedy and lacking the stealthy patients of Islam.

What I see now however, is not what one could call a grand conspiracy, with many groups and or countries all working together to bring about a one world government, but many organizations working independently at the same time and taking advantage or using each others progress toward this goal. It is anyone’s guess as to who will rise to the top after all the homogenization is completed.

This kind of stealthy incremental philosophy with regard to “The New World Order” or One World Government as I see it, started with what was called the European Economic Community actually beginning right after WWII, on the Q.T. of course. By 1957, the EEC had begun to take shape, and by the 60’s the cat was out of the bag.

Today we have not just the EEC but is has evolved into the EU, the European Union, 13 nations complete with an encroaching developing government. Everything is in place to become not only the world’s largest economic power, but eventually a world dominating entity. The individual European countries have now become States within the European Union Government.

During the formation of this new European super-nation, Islam as well as the U.N. had been stealthily inching forward with their own agenda for world power. But what was not known by the general population was that there had been for more than 100 years yet another parallel conspiracy to form yet another EU style country complete with its own currency, government, identification, economy, laws and laws and more laws.

Now bear in mind the EU started as the EEC, an economic agreement to benefit several smaller countries, all-working together like good little girls and boys for the benefit of the whole. Nobody then, said anything about giving up ones sovereignty. Nevertheless, here we are 60 years later, and it is no longer just the EEC European Economic Community but the EU European Union. Does anyone remember the Soviet Union?

Like the EEC, North America started its own economic agreement, N.A.F.T.A. the North American Free Trade Agreement, of course, as with EEC, only for the purpose of economics. Now one would think because one had only heard about NAFTA in the early 1990’s that is was born in the 90’s. However, little did we know that this was a twinkle in the eyes of several Globalist organizations as far back as early 1900 and part of an even bigger picture. It however was not called NAFTA, which came out of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, it was called the NAU, the North American Union, the foundation for America’s New World Government.

Take note, the foundation of this brain child is the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Prosperity being the Economic merger part of this agreement, as in the EEC. And the Security being the Government merger part of this behind your back agenda as in the EU.

Now remember what I said about the EEC evolving into the EU. Now that the NAU is out of the bag, we are hearing, “oh no this does not in any way effect the sovereignty of the individual Nations of America/Mexico/Canada”, this is just an economic improvement, its called progress.

So who, where, when, and how, did Americas version of the one world government begin? It is hard to say exactly because these things start of course in the minds of devious and divisive human beings. This seed of grandeur probably began in the late 1800’s with probably as few as one individual then two; by 1900, it evolved into a think tank of several individuals. Two of these individuals were J.P. Morgan and his Lawyer Elihu Root, and so the seed of the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations was planted.

One of the first items on the agenda was to grow the American Government into a powerful entity and how could they do this without great wealth? Something that greatly concerned the Framers, enough to write into the constitution was that the Central Federal Government could not levy internal taxes on the American citizens. However, by 1910, this group had enough influence to get a bill passed in Congress and in violation of the Constitution without the required State ratification, by 1913, it became the 16th Amendment, and the Internal Revenue Service was born.

Now the American Central National Federal Government became wealthy beyond anyone’s imagination, with an unlimited source of income, it would eventually have unlimited power. This new wealthy and powerful government would of course ignore the 10th Amendment, which purposely limits the power of the Federal Government and gives it to the States and or the people.

The idea of course was that this new Shadow Government, the Council on Foreign Relations, could influence and manipulate this newfound power. Working surreptitiously behind the scenes it could begin laying the groundwork for building its utopian ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. It isn’t wealth alone that creates power it is also shrewd politics and patience. A good example of this is Mr. George Soros, an American billionaire who became rich from the American capitalistic system, and now is trying to use his money to destroy the very system that created his wealth. The problem is, instead of working with the system, and behind the political scene he is an in your face egomaniac and accomplishes little.

This discreet club of New York financiers and international lawyers who had unofficially organized in June 1918 was headed by Elihu Root, JP Morgan's lawyer. They joined other small groups and the CFR was formally established in New York on July 29, 1921, with 108 founding members, including Elihu Root as a leading member and John W. Davis, the chief counsel for J. P. Morgan & Co. and former Solicitor General for President Wilson, as its founding president. Davis was to become Democratic presidential candidate in 1924. Other members included John Foster Dulles, Herbert Lehman, Henry Stimson, Averell Harriman, the Rockefeller family's public relations expert, Ivy Lee, and Paul M. Warburg and Otto H. Kahn of the law firm Kuhn, Loeb, just to name a few.

They knew that there was basically, two ways that this single world power could become a reality. One was by surreptitious incremental manipulation, which is a slow and arduous task, or by military force, and that is such a messy business. After all, these were men of thought, not men of war.

Today the membership of the CFR has grown to nearly 5000. Lest one would think that the CFR is the only secret elite upper-crust organization interested in controlling the world I must throw into the mix the Tri Lateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, some say that even the Freemasons are involved in global affairs.

The Tri Lateral Commission started by David Rockefeller in 1973 is yet another underlying shadow government organization influencing, manipulating and in some cases downright controlling the U.S. Government and America’s future. The Bilderberg club started in a Dutch resort by the same name in 1954 by a group of wealthy European businessmen and has absolutely nothing to do with building burgers and everything to do with building wealth and power on a grand scale.

Some of you may have heard of some of these organizations and were told that they were just the result of the wild imagination of a bunch of conspiracy theorists. I must confess so did I, back in the 60’s and 70’s. There is a conspiracy all right, but it isn’t just a theory.

The North American Free Trade Agreement passed by congress in 1993 was just part of the economic structure of the developing North American Union. The NAU of course is just part of an even bigger plan, a single country encompassing the entire western hemisphere. Yes from the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn, economicly and militarily it could take on the EU and then gobble up the rest of the world.

Well, that is the plan anyway, and as I said, there are several organizations, some working somewhat together, most working independently and just taking advantage of each other’s progress.

Did I mention that President Bush is member of the CFR as well as the TLC, oh yes, going back to Great Grandfather Bush, and Chaney is as well and a great many of the members of congress, as well as a number of the new presidential candidates. Now you understand why these organizations are called secret shadow governments.

Moreover, the government of this new country called the North American Union is unelected. Yep, they are appointed, some self-appointed, Now lets see, don’t we have a name for that. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it is called a dictatorship.

The North American Free Trade Agreement is the trade bloc in North America created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its two supplements, the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) and The North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC), whose members are Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It came into effect on January 1994.

This has already developed into a “cooperative transport system”, a super highway beginning on the southern coast of Mexico going right through the bread basket of the U.S. and on into southern Canada. Mexican trucks are already rolling totally un-inspected across the boarder to any ware in the U.S. they want to go, carrying anything thing they want to carry.

Have you ever wondered why President Bush does not want to close the borders? It is because there will never be any borders except around the perimeter of North America.

Goodbye the United States of America, Hello [The North American Union]
On July 11, 2006, I broke the story titled The Union Of North American Socialists Republic thinking I had really gone around the bend I nearly lost all my readers. I didn’t know what the name of the new country was at the time, so I just made up a name.

By December 6, 2006 I knew what the name of our new country was and wrote a second article titled (2006)The North American Union by then Lou Dobbs had aired it on CNN and my Congressman had apologized to me for not knowing a thing about it, he is obviously not a member of the CFR.

As you can see, we now have a new flag, such as it is.

Moreover, we are beginning to get National drivers licenses, North Carolina as you can see is the first, complete with the North American Union Logo. If you live in NC, you will soon find this Hologram on the back of your driver’s license. Eventually every State including the Canadian Provinces and the Mexican States will have the same National license with this logo and the two letter State code on the corners. Imbedded in the Holo are all kinds of electronic digital information, I don’t know if we will ever know everything or anything it contains. I suppose only big brother will know.

This whole NAU agreement made between Mexico Canada and the U.S. was made without the general knowledge or oversight of the American Congress as well as the citizens of the respective countries. I hope you realize that this giant step toward a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is already definitive of a dictatorship.

de Andréa

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