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Christians believe that God is in control of everything. While that may be true, does that mean that we should be so passive as to sit back and let everything happen?

A little personal…
By de Andréa

On January 11, 2007, I published an article titled Islam Through Christian Eyes. We as a people, and especially we as westerners, some of us as Christians, tend to absorb information filtered through whatever type of culture that we were exposed to as we grew up and matured. This is assuming of course, that we did in fact mature, to the extent that we have at least achieved the ability to develop some sort of original thought.

I am continually confronted with the Biblical truth that God is in control. While I think I do know what this means, it doesn’t always seem to fit the issue at hand, which in my mind should result in some sort of action. This is usually when I am reminded that GOD IS IN CONTROL.

What does one say at this point, NO HE ISN’T? Of course He is, but does that really mean that because God is in control that we have no responsibility to at least attempt to intervene in the face of the enemy? Politics is not a spectator sport, especially these days.

Let us say that while reading a magazine on a lazy Saturday afternoon the silence is suddenly interrupted with a child screaming in the front yard next door. You look out of the front window to see a bigger kid kicking the tar out of a small child writhing in pain on the ground. Is this really the time that we should introduce the fact that God has the whole world in his hands?

While I totally believe that God is in control of whatever it is that he wants to be in control of, I don’t believe that this means that we should just sit passively by and allow anything and everything to happen just because well…God is in control.

I have found this arrogant smug attitude mostly coming from Christians, or at least people that call themselves Christian. I believe, for a lack of any other reason, it ironically comes mostly from fear. If one is seen for example, as being concerned, about something, one might question ones faith or worse yet think others might question their faith. I mean after all, you do trust that God is in control don’t you?

So to what extent to we use this arrogant hammer that God has the whole world in has hands to beat the people over the head with, that are trying to do something about the fact that Americans are surreptitiously loosing their freedom. If God is in control, will we loose the Country and the liberty that He gave us? Now I am writing this slowly because I know that some of you cannot read fast…YES!

I can say that God has given us this Country and this freedom while looking at the big picture of history. However, there are specifics that show that the early Americans made an extraordinary effort, even shed their blood and lost their lives in achieving independence from an oppressive government. Moreover, if my memory serves me well, since the 1700’s we have on occasion fought a war attempting to preserve this hard earned freedom. Was God in control???

Do you think for one moment that a few farmers with flintlocks could have intimidated the most powerful military in the world if God was not in control? Of course, I am reminded that we had a little help from the French that would rather switch that fight, nevertheless people got up from off of their couches and did something.

So what is the point of this whole article? I am going to write this slowly again, because I know that you may not be able to read this fast… RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Yes just as a parent might hopefully be in control, he will expect some responsibility from his children. Not that the parent needs the help but the child needs the involvement and the experience. A person needs to be responsible, and become a part of his or her own future.

I recognize that the majority of us may have lost our responsibility somewhere back there in the sixties. But personally I am sick and tired of being hit over the head with the self-righteous attitude of... don’t you know that God is in control, while, as in Europe we are enabling our enemy to surreptitiously and incrementally take over the control of this country.

I have news for you; God is not going to control anything while we are too busy and irresponsible to even make ourselves aware of the fact that Sharia Law is slowly taking the place of our Constitution. By doing nothing, like ignoring the bullyboy kicking the little child we are enabling the enemy to violate everything we hold dear.

God, instead of being in control will say, we deserve what we get…

de Andréa

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