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Brigitte Gabriel

If you have never taken the time to read any of my other articles, you must sacrifice some of your valuable time to read this…
A Powerful Breakthrough on Capitol Hill !!

September 13, 2007
de Andréa

If you have not had the opportunity to meet, hear, read or see Brigitte Gabriel you need to take advantage of this occasion to experience all four these educational events. Brigitte was born in Christian Lebanon to Christian parents, and then raised under Islamic Palestinian occupation and Sharia law. [Read Brigitte’s Bio]

Making sure that you have an evening to watch videos that will profoundly change the way you view and understand Islam, in the next paragraph please take time to click on the hyperlink and prepare to get an education that you will never forget. I suggest that you watch the second video first; it is about her incredible childhood.

Please watch a Duke University interview of Brigitte telling her incredible story of growing up to age 17 in Muslim occupied Lebanon. The incredible story of living for seven years in a hole in the ground, eating weeds and flowers gathered at night to survive, and crawling under a shower of bullets just to get water. And how she was wounded and later escaped to Israel with her wounded mother, then two an a half months later returning to the hell of Lebanon to take care of her aging parents. After her mother died, she escaped once again to Israel, this time with her father and how she later returned to dig up her dead mothers body and bring her to Israel to be buried next to her father on Mount Zion.

Now living in America and with intense and enormous energy, she fights an up hill battle against America’s blindness of the relentless and deceptive evil agenda of Islam. Having grown up in Islam, she provides a unique and chilling view of what it means to be Muslim, with a frighting look inside the evil Nation. Now attempting to share her understanding with a deceived America, she founded an organization called the American Congress For Truth.

Below, please find a letter written by Brigitte and e-mailed to me, telling about her experience speaking to a group of Congressional leaders and their response to what she had to share. She says that she may get the chance to speak to the full congress both the house and the senate. Please pray that she does get this opportunity.

If the full Congress has the opportunity to hear Brigitte, it could have a profound effect on the future of this country, if not the future of the world.

Please read her letter…
Thank you, de Andrea

Members of Congress listened in stunned silence to her message

From Brigitte Gabriel
September 11, 2007

Dear de Andréa,

Being on Capitol Hill yesterday was a remarkable experience. As Stephanie, my assistant, and I pulled into the Capitol under heavy security, we looked around in utter amazement as heavily armed SWAT teams with their fully loaded M16’s stood with hands on triggers ready to fire, covering the Capitol and its surrounding streets. You would expect to see this in Israel — but not in the United States. It is a chilling sign of the times we live in and a harsh reminder that we are at war with Islamofascists who are bent on killing us.

My presentation on Capitol Hill was one of the most important presentations I have ever given. The room filled quickly after the 9-11 ceremony on the steps of the Capitol. I began speaking at 7:30 PM. You could hear a pin drop as Members of Congress sat there stunned, listening to the details I was sharing.

There were no journalists, no cameras, and no CSPAN. With the doors shut I let the truth fly. I was more candid than I have ever been in any public presentation. I knew I had only one chance to drive the point home to these influential representatives who head up and sit on committees making decisions about our country that impact our safety and our future. I spoke as if my life hung in the balance. By the time I was done speaking and finished another hour answering questions, I was standing in the company of brothers and sisters who share the same concerns for the welfare of our nation, our children and our grandchildren.

It was obvious my message was like a breath of fresh air. Our representatives hear from CAIR, and similar organizations, but as many of them told me, there is no one, there is no other organization on the Hill with the message I brought to them on your behalf. One Congressman told me he’s been trying, since 1987, to convey the kind of information I covered, but, in his words, “I have never come close to the level of success you achieve.” To hear the message I delivered and to know there are all of you in their districts with these concerns energized these representatives more than ever to do the job they were sent to Congress to do.The members who attended were so moved and so motivated that they want to organize a major meeting to have me present to the entire body of Congress, House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats. They are going to reach out to their colleagues who were not at yesterday’s briefing and urge them to get involved as well.

Yesterday’s presentation was the beginning of a partnership between ACT and our elected officials — those who are interested and are listening. They welcomed us to bring issues to their attention, to become more involved in writing bills and resolutions to protect our country and its citizens. This was the beginning of many meetings to come. We are no longer working on the outside and hoping they hear us. We are working with them, hand in hand on the inside.

One of the highlights of last night was meeting Congressman Steve Pearce of New Mexico ( who introduced the John Doe bill which we helped pass. He sends every one of you his thanks and appreciation for the calls and emails you made to Congress to help pass his bill. I thanked him for being a vigilant and courageous representative protecting the American people. I promised him and everyone in the room, that we at ACT and ACT for America will work with them and support them in writing and presenting bills that will protect our country and our freedoms.

As I reflect on the success of our meeting I am convinced we can tackle not one issue, but many issues. We are now organizing the same type of meeting on the Senate side. Senators could not attend yesterday’s presentation because of congressional protocol. This is why General Petraeus today is repeating his same speech to the Senate.

Please write and thank Congressman McCotter ( and Congressman Saxton ( for facilitating this meeting and organizing it. These two people are some of our nation’s best and brightest serving our country and “we the people.”
I especially want to thank you, our members, for standing with me and supporting our team financially. You are the ones who made it possible for us to mail copies of my book BECAUSE THEY HATE to every elected official in our government. It was this effort that opened their eyes. Many members yesterday said that my book is sitting on their night stand or sitting on their desks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for playing your part in making our efforts possible.

I will be emailing you the list of names of the attendees at yesterday’s briefing and the committees they serve on so you may write them and thank them for attending. Thanking them is as important as your calls urging them to attend. They told me they hear from people on many issues – taxes, immigration, health care – but NOT on national security. Our elected officials need to hear from you.

To continue supporting our efforts and enabling us to do the important work we do, please if you can, make a financial contribution today. Click here to donate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Brigitte Gabriel

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