Thursday, August 06, 2015

ISIS Terrorists Are Training Christian Children To Behead Fellow Christians

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service” (John 16:2).

ISIS Terrorists Are Training Christian Children To Behead Fellow Christians
By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published August 6, 2015
The terrorist scum known as ISIS are training kids in their clutches how to do a horribly evil thing by
making them practice their skills beheading dolls.
Watch the part again where Obama says that “they are speeding up the training of ISIL forces.” I guess the training of the enemy forces of ISIL or ISIS hasn’t been going as fast as Obama had hoped.
I remember, when in the military, I first trained as a Combat Medic, we trained how to give injections on an orange. This is quite a bit different.
In some of Obamas ISIL training camps the children had all been shown videos of the beheadings of Christians and told by their trainers with the Islamic State group that they would perform one someday.

First, they had to practice the technique. The more than 120 boys were each given a doll and a sword and told, to cut off its head.  A 14-year-old who was among the boys, all abducted from Iraq’s Yazidi Christian minority, said he couldn’t cut it right. He chopped once, twice, three times.

“Then they taught me how to hold the sword, and they told me how to hit. They told me it was the head of an infidel,” the boy, renamed Yahya by Obamas IS’ captors, told The Associated Press last week in northern Iraq, where he fled after escaping the IS training camp.

When Obama’s Islamic State Muslims overran Yazidi towns in northern Iraq last year, they butchered older men and enslaved many of the women and girls. Dozens of young Yazidi boys like Yahya had a different fate: The IS sought to re-indoctrinate them. They forced them to convert to Islam from their ancient Christian faith and are turning them into jihadi fighters.  Something that has been going on in Europe for years but has only just begun here in America.

It is part of a concerted effort by the ISIS Muslims to build a new generation of militants, according to the AP interviews with residents who fled or still live under IS in Syria and Iraq. The group is recruiting teens and children using gifts, threats and brainwashing.

Boys have been turned into killers and suicide bombers. An IS video issued last week showed a boy beheading a Syrian soldier under an adult militant’s supervision.  (This video does not show the actual graphic beheading) Last month, a video showed 25 children unflinchingly shooting 25 captured Syrian soldiers in the head.
And what is Obama doing? He is dropping leaflets to try to encourage ISIS to convert to DEMOCRACY AND BE SET FREE.

Obama will do nothing about it because you can bet that the children trained by these pigs will grow up to be the next Jihadist beheaders of innocents in Europe and in America.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The inscription on the Ring on Obama left hand is: “There is no God but Allah.” It is the first pillar of the IS Islamic faith.

Is Obama a Christian? The Bible speaks about a wolf in the skin of a sheep…


Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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