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Cecil: The Definition of Progressive Hypocrisy

Cecil: The Definition of Progressive Hypocrisy

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published August 3, 2015

I’ve seen the story of Cecil the lion being killed, allegedly by mistake, by an American dentist Walter Palmer pictured at right, and I have heard the outrage over the senseless death of one of “God’s amazing creatures.” Liberals, in particular, are up in arms about it
I have never been a fan of trophy hunting and think it should be outlawed. I see no good reason for people to kill animals, particularly big game and exotic animals, just to prove one’s machismo and have their severed heads hanging on a wall. Nor can I personally understand the pleasure one gets from killing such a magnificent animal just for sport. I do understand that sometimes certain animal herds get overpopulated and the authorities feel it’s necessary to thin them out. That’s a whole different scenario. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure lions and other exotic animals aren’t in that category at least not at this point.
Picture of animal trophies.

Now before all the hunters get upset, I think legally hunting for food is another matter, I have done it
myself.  So if someone goes deer hunting, for example, with the full intention of using that deer for food, and happens to score a nice trophy buck and hangs the head on the wall, I have no problem with that. At least the animal is being used and not simply treated as trash.

Perhaps the carcass of the lion was used for meat for someone but if that is so, I’ve read nothing about it nor have I ever heard of it.

With all of that said – I find this outrageously hypocritical that people get angry over ‘one’ lion, the media goes crazy, the hunter himself faces the ruination of his business and livelihood because of the liberal progressive media coverage, but at the same time they stay silent or demand the right to kill innocent, human children by the millions, 60 million and counting, and even try to justify it by saying their organs are being harvested and sold for research. Or’, are babies being murdered just to harvest their valuable organs?  Try justifying the killing of an Elephant or a Rhinoceros for that same reason.

It’s difficult to grasp the thought process in which a lion has rights but a human baby does not. Isn’t a human baby a perfect example of one of “God’s amazing creatures?” 

I have found many times in the past that the brain dead ecologists believe that humanity is not part of the ecological equation and have little value to the eco system, partially because there are so many of us.  Maybe that’s why there is open season on human babies, but kill a kitty and you must be jailed or maybe even exterminated.  

Is this what Liberal Progressiveness is all about? The left has progressed from hunting and killing animals in the past, to hunting and killing humans in the present.

Somehow I don’t believe this is really progress.


What about you?


Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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