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We Have All Become Nothing But Ignorant Useful Idiots

We Have All Become Nothing But Ignorant Useful Idiots

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist  
Published August 30, 2015


This article is based on the fact that few Americans know or understand their own


Where are the Federal laws that make abortion, sodomy and homosexual marriage legal?  Where are they, come on! Show me…  You can’t. Because they don’t exist my friend.  You have had your brain, your conscience, your mind, your lives, systematically reprogramed to accept the lies.

Herein lies the problem:
Christian conservatives are always on the retreat. In fact, it’s our constant giving up of moral ground that has created a government that no longer even follows its own laws. We share in the demise of America and our own moral decline as much as the elite political Communist perpetrators.

We no longer need to amend the constitution, we no longer need a federal or state legislature that are answerable to the people. Because the courts make laws for us…and the worst of it is’ --- we accept it.

The conservative Christian "battle" goes something like this: "Sodomy is illegal because it violates the law of God." So the Supreme Court decides to legalize it.

"OK", say the Christians, "but no way are we going to let them get married." The Supreme Court then rules that homosexuals can’ get married.

"OK", say the Christians, "but we aren't baking any cakes for same sex weddings." The Supreme Court then says “it is illegal to refuse to do so because it discriminates against homosexuals.”

The Christians respond, "OK, but no way will we violate our conscience." the Supreme Court says, "Oh yes you will, because of the equal protection clause in the Fourteenth Amendment.”  Which of course is a lie because it pertains to the equal protection of laws for all races of people, not perverts and murderers.

"OK", say the conservative Christians, "but we’ will make a law restoring our religious freedom and solicit funds from like-minded supporters to fight the evil."
California did that legally…twice…both times the state Supreme Court illegally reversed it.

Round and round in circles, the courts chase the Christian conservatives…

The reason we end up running up against all the legal mumbo jumbo is because of ignorance, we are deceived and always end up fighting the wrong battles for the right reason. The homosexual marriage and abortion issues are classic examples of this failed strategy in our once Christian culture.

Our response should be simply…Just show me the law!

Note: The whole purpose behind the moral decay of America is to create chaos. Then we will usher in the immorality of despotic rule. “We are your government and we are here to save you!” Replacing a moral God with an immoral Government.  Marxism!

So much of what we trusting Americans ‘choose to believe’ is simply not’ true. Do you really want to be set free my friend? Then stop believing the lies! The truth shall set you free. Folks, we have all been robotically programmed with cleverly crafted lies and propaganda. The Fabian Communists have made useful idiots out of the majority of Americans. It has often been stated that if you repeat a lie often enough and long enough, it becomes the truth. And if you compromise an inch you will soon be compromising your values. Moreover, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

Hold on to your constitution folks, I am about to give you a dose of real Truth. You don't have to believe it, but it is nevertheless still the truth.

Until we are willing to challenge the lies that we've been taught, and fight back on the proper premise, a legal premise, we will continue running around the tree chasing our own tail.

First and foremost…the "Supreme" Court cannot legally/constitutionally make laws. The Court is only allowed under the law, to offer opinions on whether or not a "law" made by congress and signed by the president meets Constitutional muster. If the law, in point of fact, violates the Constitution, then the law is remanded back to the Legislative branch so that the law can be re-written and re-passed and re-signed to fall in line with Constitutional law. The Congress can also choose to ignore the court’s opinion again based on constitutional law.  Justus Scalia even said this was not a constitutional issue. Why? Because this was not about violating the law this was about the illegal creation of law.

The existing law still stands until congress revises it, and rescinds or repeals it.

This is how our government is supposed to create laws. This my friend is the architecture and the foundation of this American Republic.

Bear in mind that offering a judges "opinion" does not change the law, make it, or negate it. They just tell’ us, that it does, they lie and we believe their lies. We then repeat their lies and teach them to our children and others. The lies soon become accepted as "truth", although it is not the truth. I'll say it again. And again… Courts cannot make law.

Today abortion is not legal anywhere in the United States of America. That's right, there is no Federal Law written anywhere regarding abortion. None! There is a Supreme Court ’Opinion’ called Roe V Wade, but that is merely an opinion my friend…not a law! They just tell us that it is, and we believe them, we follow the lie, and we become enablers and teach it our children and to others. We become the Fabian useful idiots.

In fact, if you were to ask any judge anywhere in America to show you the “Federal Abortion Law,” he / she would have to refer you to a state law because that is the only place you will ever find any law regarding abortion. In 30 U.S. states abortion is illegal, period. In the other 20 states it is legal only with exceptions regarding the life of the mother, period.  It has been that way for years, moreover I happen to agree with and support those state laws. 

My friend the truth is:  Access to abortions of convenience and irresponsibility is illegal in all 50 states. It is as illegal as the premeditated murder - of anyone, A "Supreme" Court decision cannot and does not change the law. They ‘just tell us’ that it does, and we, like useful idiots, fall into lockstep and believe them, we accept the lies and we continue to enable our own destruction as well as the murder of 60 million American children.

Planned Parenthood has been violating the law, in all 50 states, it has tortured and murdered 60 million innocent small human beings and should be shut down, and all of the directors and abortionists should go to prison as accessories to murder. That’ my friend… is the law of the land, and that’ is the Truth.  I challenge any lawyer including the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court to prove me wrong. Show me the law.

The same Truth also applies to homosexual "marriage." Before the recent "opinion" of the "Supreme" Court, marriage was strictly between a man and a woman in 39 states. Eleven states had legalized sodomite "marriage" through the legislative process, 3 by direct election of the people, and 8 by action of State Legislatures. Today, sodomite "marriage" is still illegal in all 39 of the states where the law is still on the books. The U.S. Supreme Court cannot change the law, but can only offer opinions about it.

Interestingly enough, there actually is a Federal Law regarding “homosexual marriage." It is called the Defense of Marriage Act between a man and a woman, and was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1996. The Fabian activist courts illegally overturned it by judicial fiat in 2013; however Congress did not repeal the law so it still stands, this did not nullify the law that was on the books. They only told us that it did, and we believed it, and we told others to believe it. We enabled the tyranny of the courts and if we continue to do so - it will lead to our total destruction as a moral culture by any standards.  

This is called Judicial Tyranny my friend, and it has radically transformed the direction of this nation. Laws can only be made by one of two ways in America; and that is by an act of an elected Legislative Branch by the people, or by a citizen's initiative through a direct vote of the people. In other words in this Constitutional Republic, the people run this country. The Courts can never make law, not ever. They just ‘tell us’ that they can, and we believe it, and we pass it on to others until the lie eventually becomes accepted as "truth."

Abortion is still against the law. Marriage is still the union of one man and one woman. There is no separation between the church and the state as is currently accepted in America. They just tell us there is, we believe it, and we teach the lie to others.  It is a Example, a foundation for future tyranny in America.  

THE BOTTON LINE: We have slowly begun to push back. But must attack the lies head on, on legal terms. They have distracted us and they have us focusing on "religious liberty" or "conscience" or "deeply held religious beliefs." Even though those are right,  they are the wrong arguments. We must stand and fight on the basis of Truth and law. Courts do not make laws. A court decision does not carry the force of law, and it most certainly does not "change" the law. Abortion is illegal, homosexual "marriage" is a fraud, and religious values cannot be separated from government. Not our government anyway.

Remember one cannot be legally prosecuted or brought up on charges of violating a law unless there is a written duly and legally passed law that one has violated.  Anything to the contrary is tyranny.

It's time to make one simple request of the judges: Show me the law! Show me the law that legalizes abortion. Show me the law that legalizes “Same sex marriage." Show me the law that separates church and state.

No law?  I rest my case and I’m out’a here!    

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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