Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Planned Parenthood, Is Just the Barbaric History of Human Sacrifice Repeating Itself

Planned Parenthood, Is Just the Barbaric History of Human Sacrifice Repeating Itself
If there ever was a contemporary organization born in the very bottom gutters of hell itself, Planned Parenthood is certainly it.
By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published August 25, 2015

In 1517 Hernan Cortez landed on a beach in Mexico. And in 1521 he was the Spanish conquistador who conquered Mexico and claimed it for Spain. He defeated Montezuma and the Aztecs at present-day Mexico City with the help of virtually every other native tribe and nation in the region, all of whom were at the mercy of Aztec tyranny.   Why were the native tribes so eager to join forces with the Spanish? Because the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice, and those tribes were the sacrificial lambs. 
Today’s modern day Aztec culture is Planned Parenthood, and the sacrificial lambs -- are 60 million American children. 
As Cortez's men made their way from the coast to what is now Mexico City, they came across buildings filled from floor to ceiling with 100,000 skulls, each one a victim of Aztec cruelty and human sacrifice. They found other structures, prisons actually, filled to bursting with victims of Aztec conquest, waiting their turn.
The kind of human sacrifice practiced by the Aztecs involved the use of large stones, against which the victims would be placed. The victims would be forced to lean back against the stone, causing their chests to protrude to make it easier for the Aztec priests to slice open their chests, reach in, yank out a still beating heart, and eat it. The hair of the priests were matted with blood, and the walls of temples themselves were soaked inside and out with human blood, as if they had been streaked and splattered with red paint.
This week's release of the latest undercover video from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), exposing the hideous barbarism of Planned Parenthood, shows that the pagan rituals of the Aztecs have returned from the bowels of Hell with a vengeance.
This week's video reveals the gruesome reality that babies are born alive in Planned Parenthood Infanticide laboratories, and then laid on tables with their tiny little hearts still visibly beating in their chests. The abortionist then takes a pair scissors and cuts the face of the baby in two so that its brain can be extracted, a procedure that starts while the baby is still alive.
Leading stem-cell researchers believe that the evidence uncovered by CMP indicates that Planned Parenthood, in order to send fresh specimens to researchers, keeps some babies alive right up until the moment their hearts are cut out of their bodies. This is because a heart is only good for research if it can be prepped for shipping within five minutes of death.
Cutting brains and hearts out of living babies is as ghoulish, demonic, and horrific as anything done by the benighted pagan tribes of the 16th century. If there ever was a contemporary organization birthed in the very gutters of hell itself, Planned Parenthood is it.
THE BOTTOM LINE: For human cruelty, barbarity, savagery and utter inhumanity, the Aztecs had nothing on the modern priests of paganism who engage in human sacrifices more than 327,000 times a year, 60 million gruesome murders and counting in Planned Parenthood clinics.  This my friend is the most evil, selfish, gruesome and barbaric irresponsible mass murder of humanity in the history of the world!  But then the barbarians will just rewrite history…won’t they?
Is it just the ignorance of history that causes people to repeat it, or is it that some people are just possessed and totally controlled by evil through and through?
It is long past time to immediately and completely defund Planned Parenthood, and then investigate it, prosecute it, and put it out of our nation's misery. Do something…my friend.  Send an e-mail to your government?  Congress here - and - the Senate here.  
It’s the least you can do…if you have already done it, then do it again and again until they listen and stop the bloody murders... 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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