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What to Expect From Jade Helm 15 And Obama’s Martial Law

What to Expect From Jade Helm 15 And Obama’s Martial Law

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published August 14, 2015

If you know anything at all about JADE HELM 15 you will think it sounds like the latest thriller from Lee Childs or Robert Ludlum. But it’s not. It’s a power play like has never been seen before.  Well…maybe in Germany in the 1930’s, but…

Its Obamas rehearsal for implementing Martial Law, rounding up people who disagree with him, and throwing them into camps he has arranged specially for this purpose. It all sounds like fiction, doesn’t it?  Or some conspiracy theory. 

But it’s not.

While it may be a conspiracy it is no theory. It’s part of Obama’s Agenda that he began in 2009!  As I said, maybe like in Germany in the 1930’s.

Let’s review Obamas sneaky agenda…  

Stage 1: He completely bypassed the U.S. Constitution and all the rules of Congress, and awarded upon himself the power to impose a totalitarian version of Martial Law -- RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!!!

Stage 2: Obama set up a huge, multi-state military exercise that started July 15. Its codename is Jade Helm 15. It’s a dry run for his ultimate plan to crush America and bring it under his total control. He’s going to declare Martial Law and dig his statist, socialist claws deep into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Special Forces are swarming the American Southwest and operating undetected among civilians in a massive military exercise involving 1,200 service members and masses of materiel in eight Southwestern states during the summer. They are training to round up and suppress Americans. They will remove our firearms. They will pit American against American. They are even using children as props to be snatched from their families.

This so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law.

Yes, you should be fearful! Obamas Martial Law Executive Order was one thing, but now hes made a power play to gain control ANYTIME HE WANTS! And hes keeping the press out so America never finds out the full extent of his plans for tyranny!

And last but not least
Stage 3: Buried in Executive Order 13295 during the Ebola scare, Obamas instructions to FEMA orders them to create quarantine camps that allows for the  ... detention ... of individuals to prevent the transmission...of communicable diseases...with ‘any’ degree of respiratory distress. 

Thats right! You can be rounded up for asthma, the sniffles, and a head cold. And yet there is not one word in the Executive Order about doctors, nurses, medical facilities or volunteer services. These are NOT medical camps – theyre concentration camps!

Obama has hijacked our country, bypassed Congress, and really stuck it to the American people!

He has grabbed blank-check dictatorship powers that are a violent assault on our personal liberty, property rights and the rule of law.

And now he
s getting ready to illegally impose it through the military! Hes getting ready to grab our guns, round up dissenters like you, subdue the people and instantly create a Soviet-like statist regime.

I have warned you of his intentions. I knew it wouldn
t be long coming. And now hes moving stealthily but with devastating purpose. 

Obama will learn how to have total, despotic control. Remember, he learned it from his Communist terrorist mentor, Bill Ayers pictured at right...who was once asked what his
violent Weathermen group would do when they achieved their goal of a communist takeover of America. He said:

“More than 50 million Americans will need reeducating in concentration camps located in southwestern American states, and about 25 million will have to be eliminated.
**** ELIMINATED!!!!****

Obama has put all his pieces in place. He
s ready to go, Martial Law, Military Suppression in the Southwest, Concentration Camps all ready to go.  Thats our America under the lethally dangerous Obama. We must -- and will -- stop his diabolical plan. Will you help?

The bad news is that Executive Orders can only be revoked by another Executive Order. And Obama is never going to do that.

The only good news here is that there is still a way to ensure his plans can never be implemented.

Congress has the power to pass legislation that would nullify all his takeover plans,  all they have to do is cut all funding to every last one of them.

In fact, it's the ONLY thing that can stop Obama's evil totalitarian take-over of our country.

I want to demand that the House of Representatives, in its role as defender of the Constitution, immediately pursue remedies to neutralize and defund Obama
s Operation Jade Helm 15 and his Martial Law Executive Order and his Quarantine Communicable Diseases Executive Order.

Cut and past the pervious paragraph or write one of your own and send it to Your Representative.

We must send this urgent message back to Washington -- to the majority House and Senate Republicans and especially the Tea Party patriots -- we need them to step up and do their duty at this perilous time.

It's now or never. We must defund his Executive Orders and derail his plans!

His outrageous power grabs are unprecedented, unconstitutional and illegal.

Naturally, the mainstream media -- and all of Obama's liberal media buddies -- are just ignoring it. Some are going as far as to deny it.

Already, several Congressmen have stepped up and introduced legislation that will put an end to Obama's outrageous power grabs.

But we must get a lot more attention drawn to this issue.

This is a huge campaign. As Obama moves even more of his pieces into place, (he just put out a bid for ambulance contracts to service the FEMA camps with no doctors) I need your support more than ever before.

P.S. America is protected by the Constitution from the military being used against American citizens, but with OPERATION JADE HELM, the FEMA Quarantine camps and his Martial Law powers, Obama is threatening just that. There is only ONE reason Obama has given himself these powers: he wants to control America as a communist dictator.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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