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Iran Set To Expand Enrichment Of U 235

“Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have…” (1 Samuel 15:3)

Iran Set To Expand Enrichment Of U 235

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published August 01, 2015


In anticipation and in the wake of Obamas Taqiyyah and typical Islamic ideological Hadith
Nuclear deal,
Iran is already expanding its Nuclear Ambitions with Construction of 2 new Uranium 235 Enrichment Plants.


What did I tell you? The ink isn’t even dry and the treaty isn’t even officially signed and the Iranians are already expanding their nuclear arsenal.


The day before Yesterday I wrote in an article:You already know why this Obama-Iran Raw Deal is a nightmare. As Frank Gaffney, the Former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, put it: "The notion that we can safely negotiate with an Islamic supremacist and jihadist nation such as Iran is ludicrous on its face. Yet that's exactly what our reckless Commander-in-Chief has done."  While I don’t agree with the Secretary that Obama is reckless, because I know that he knowns exactly what he is doing…I do agree that we cannot negotiate with Muslims because I know the Muslim definition of Treaty,” “Agreement” and or “deal.” It simply means to “BUY TIME”.

Perhaps that's why Obama has used Islamic Taqiyyah and lied throughout the entire process and continues to lie. “



Folks, this is right out of the Muslim Jihadist playbook taught in the Hadith by Mahammad.  Buy it. Read it…MUSLIMS ARE TOTALLY PREDICTABLE. They just do what their prophet Mohammad has done.

Iranian officials from the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee were briefed this week by Ali Akbar Salehi on details of the nuclear deal and this is Iran’s next step following the signing of a nuclear deal with the P5+1.

Heavy water reactor at Iran’s Arak facility. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Iran’s al-Alam news service quoted committee spokesman Nozar Shafi’i explaining that Salehi spoke of Iran’s need to find new sources of natural uranium. According to Salehi, Iranian nuclear officials have already surveyed 60 percent of the country for the rare element.

Oh well…Russia will sell Iran some of the uranium that it bought from the U.S.  What did I say? We give our enemy everything they need to defeat us. It’s the new communist ‘defeat America’ foreign policy.

Iran will also receive major sanctions relief that is expected to pump over $100 billion into the Iranian economy.

“What Iran gained by the negotiations from the technical aspect is much more than what the negotiating team was allowed to show flexibility on,” Salehi was quoted as saying.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to the Middle East to promote the agreement and meet with Egyptian and Gulf leaders. However, he will not make a visit to Israel.  Oh yeah! They might just drop him in the south Judean desert to live in a tent with the Negev Bedouins.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Army Radio reported on a private conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli officials in which he launched an attack on Kerry’s apparent snub.

Commenting on his decision to skip Israel, Netanyahu was quoted as saying, “He really has no reason to come here.” The Iran deal “has nothing to do with us, and has no influence on what we do,” he continued.

“We were not at the table where negotiations took place,” Netanyahu added. “We’re one of the courses on the menu...”


THE BOTTOM LINE: We don’t know it yet, but we are in the same position that we were in, in the 1940’s, racing Germany to build the first nuclear bomb.


The enemy is now building the BOMB! Moreover we are helping them…


But there is one big difference here, Islam is Nazism on steroids. Unlike any culture we have ever known, ‘they will’ commit nuclear suicide to kill the infidel/Kaffaar.  They worship ‘Death’ and Destruction!


As I have said for years by the end of negotiations with Muslims, they will agree to nearly anything because none of it means a thing.  If they can, before you even turn around they will stab you in the back. Why? Because it is their religious ideology to do so, and it is exampled By Mohammad in the Hadith.


Obama knows treaties in Islam only mean BUYING TIME!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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