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World War III

World War III

We are in a world war with the Nation of Islam and our government won’t even acknowledge it or declare it.  Why? Islam has declared war on the U.S.

 Pulling no punches
By de Andréa
October 10, 2014

More than 13 years after the 9/11 Jihad attacks on America, I am sorry to report, contrary to what you might hear in the politically correct news, or information put out by the Muslim controlled government,  Jihadists around the globe—including right here in the United States—are more active than ever.  We have not obviously defeated al-Qaida as your Muslim president has claimed. And we will not defeat the IS by limiting our fight against them.

With a Muslim administration in power in Washington DC that is indifferent at best to the threats that America faces, I must be blatantly and bluntly honest and double my efforts to educate Americans and the West about - the true nature of this enemy of the world, about who our president is, and what he really is doing.

President Obama’s strategy of so-called limited air strikes against the Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria, as predicted by numerous military experts, is’ as it is designed to, failing to stop their onslaught.  IS fighters are now at the outskirts of Baghdad to the east and are feared to be headed toward Beirut, Lebanon on the west.  But this’ my friend is just all part of Obama’s plan of Islamic Jihadist support.  Have you ever wondered why he wants only to use “LIMITED” air strikes?  In case you have been asleep and/or programed by the Alphabet Soup Media or educated/indoctrinated to be blind to the truth and believe he is doing all he can... I will turn a light on for you.  Obama is going through the motions of war so he has the appearance of fighting the IS.  Ask yourself this… Has any president or any military ever “LIMITED” his fight against an enemy?  Why would we do that, unless we didn’t want to win?  Example George Bush used ‘Shock and Awa” against Hussain in Iraq, that’s how one fights a war, anything other than pulling out all the stops right at the get go, isn’t serious and is just going through the motions for appearances sake.    Wake up America!

This is a World War!  The following few news reports will prove it…

The Syrian Kurdish holdout town of Kobani appears to be on the verge of falling to IS fighters, despite US-led limited airstrikes. More troubling is the fact that this is happening right in plain view of our so-called allies in Turkey, who seem to be making a less-than-lackluster attempt to battle IS fighters in general.  There is now a real fear of a bloodbath in Kobani should the IS jihadists conquer the town.

Muslim sex trafficking
In addition, as if to illustrate the barbaric nature of Islamic jihad, new, heartbreaking evidence is emerging of the fate of women when IS takes over an area. Non-Muslim women and girls have been sold into sex slavery by the hundreds for the perverse pleasures of IS fighters.

Meanwhile, the clash between the Kurds and Yazidis with the Islamic State savages in Syria has spilled over to other regions, specifically Germany, where Kurds and Yazidis held marches demonstrating against IS. In what has to be considered concrete evidence of widespread support for IS among Germany’s Muslim community, hundreds of Muslims confronted the demonstrators. 23 people were injured in the subsequent violence.

Unfortunately, Germany is far from the only country in which support for IS has arisen amongst the so-called moderate Muslims. There is no such Muslim as a moderate Muslim. If one claims to be a Muslim, on is a Jihadist.  It is the very foundation of their ideology.   

In Pakistan, the Tehrik-i-Taliban jihadist terrorist group joined Abu Sayyef, Boko Haram and al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, directing its members and supporters to back the Caliphate.

Japan, in the recent past has curtailed and tried to stop the influx of Muslims into their country but even so Japan has the beginnings of an Islamic infiltration and home grown Jihadists. Japanese authorities are investigating a group in their country who planned to travel to Syria to fight for IS.

And these are only a few of the Jihadi advances that are taking place all over the world right now my friend.  If this does not show you that we are in World War III, nothing will. Not even during the height of World War II were military families stateside threatened. Nor did such a threat emerge in the US during the Cold War.

But such a threat exists now my friend.  In fact, it’s more than just a threat.  You might want to buy one of two things…a big gun or if you are an anti- American pacifist and/or hate our Constitution…then a prayer rug might be a good choice!

THE BOTTOM LINE: We are involved in a worldwide defensive war.  In other words a WORLD WAR!  Come on! And yet we have not declared war on anyone.  Could it be that our Muslim President is as I said, just going through the motions of trying to stop the IS with his LIMITED AIR STRIKES, when in reality he is promoting World Jihad?
If you think I sound angry…you would be right.  And if anyone is going to ‘again accuse me’ of making this up, then at least do me the courtesy of checking out my sources by clicking on the highlighted and underlined hyperlinks.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa
If you agree please pass this article on to everyone on your email list.  It may be the only chance for them to hear the truth.  If you don’t agree…then as I said get a prayer rug, and a towel or a hijab, you will need them.

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