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More On Ebola Is Airborne

More On Ebola Is Airborne  
And what about mosquitos??? Naw…

By de Andréa
October 29, 2014
Earlier I wrote an article Titled: Ebola, An Airborne Disease.  I received hate mail, saying I was just trying to create a panic.  No actually I was just trying to get people to think for themselves instead of just listening to the propaganda put out by the government machines/robots.  But as has often been said “you can lead a horse to water…etc.”
But this dangerous possibility isn’t going away.  Now, a three year nurse at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital told a local television station she’ fears “Ebola may be airborne.
“We are wondering if it really is contact in airborne or contact in a breach of protocol,” she said. “We really don’t know.”
The nurse made the remarks after fellow nurse Nina Pham contracted the deadly disease. Pham had treated patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan who died from the disease.
Dallas officials have ordered an investigation into how the 26 year old woman contracted the disease. A HazChem team fumigated her apartment over the weekend, which I can’t help but wonder why, because the CDC says “Ebola dies outside the body in 4-6 hours”.
On Monday the CDC blamed Pham for contracting Ebola after what they said was a breach of protocol. The federal agency said she removed her protective equipment.
"When you have potentially soiled or contaminated gloves or masks or other things, to remove those without any risk of any contaminated material… touching you and being then on your clothes or face or skin… is not easy to do right,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC.
Bonnie Castillo, leader of National Nurses United, criticized Frieden and the CDC for blaming Pham. “You don’t scapegoat and blame when you have a disease outbreak. We have a system failure of some kind. That is what we have to correct,” she said.
The Nurse that has refused to be named because of possible repercussions, said nurse Pham had proper help donning and removing the protective equipment according to protocol.
Other nurses, however, are concerned the disease is now airborne. They are joined by national experts on respiratory protection and infectious disease transmission who believe Ebola may now in fact be airborne.
“We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks,” wrote Dr. Lisa M Brosseau and Dr. Rachael Jones in September for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.
Peter Jahrling, the chief scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases where he oversees the emerging viral pathogens section, believes the latest strain of Ebola is more virulent than previous strains and also has the potential to become airborne.
“You can argue that any time the virus replicates it’s going to mutate,” Jahrling told Vox on Monday. “So there is a potential for the thing to acquire an aerogenic property.”
THE BOTTOM LINE:  While the CDC’s Frieden and Obama’s new Ebola Czar Ron Klain a puppet politician who isn’t a doctor or a scientist of any kind, is feeding us this Kool Aid of Ebola that is soooooo’ hard to get, and it won’t come to the U.S., it is in fact, out of control in West Africa, and has now in fact, come to the U.S.  Their lies and inconsistencies can’t even keep up with what is actually happening.
And what about getting Ebola from mosquito bites, which transmits everything from viruses to malaria?  This strong possibility isn’t even discussed.  The Ebola virus according to the CDC lives from 4-6 hours outside the body…like in a mosquito, and then bites an unsuspecting shmuck that wasn’t told to put on his protective deets repellent so he wouldn’t get the Ebola virus that may be transported by these little blood suckers
The so-called experts argue that the female Culiseta longiareolata known as your friendly neighborhood Mosquito, bites an Ebola victim and then immediately returns to her nest, lays her eggs, then kicks back and sits in the sun by the pool, sips on her mint juleps for up to a few days, and then, and only then, does she go out and find another poor sap and does it all over again. 
And since the Ebola virus, according the CDC, that can’t seem to tell the truth about anything regarding Ebola thus far, lives only 4-6 hours outside the infected body, Ebola can’t possibly be transported via mosquito.  Then why after several days are they still fumigating ambulances, apartments, and bathrooms etc. if in fact there can be no live Ebola virus after 4-6 hours??? Their mouths can’t keep up with their actions! 
Moreover, I personally, have witnessed a renegade mosquito female not following the protocol and not doing what she is supposed to do according to the so-called experts.  In other words biting me and getting brushed away right in the middle of her blood sucking habit and then going right over to the next convenient unsuspecting person only to violate her CDC protocol and inject her hypo proboscis yet again before returning to her pool and mint julep.  If I’ had Ebola, this next poor victim is not getting a blood test but getting his daily Ebola fix thanks to me and a wayward mosquito.
Now one can say all day long the mosquitoes aren’t supposed to do that, but they in fact occasionally do, especially if they get interrupted in mid aspiration. 
But you go ahead and believe everything the government says about Ebola…and their ‘totally predictable protocol following mosquitoes’, then you can’t possibly get’ this virus because “it’s so difficult to get.”  Even if the rest of the WORLD’ was infected with Ebola…you my gullible friend wouldn’t get the disease.  Because all you have to do is follow like sheep and mosquitoes, the CDC’s PROTOCOL, and you’ will be safe as a lamb in the Islamic arms of your shepherd Obama
As I have said before if you’re going to be a sheep, then be sure that you know who your shepherd is…my friend.
Oh yeah!
Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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