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Understand Islam As It Truly Is

Understand Islam As It Truly Is

Warning: Once you understand, you become ‘responsible’ for what you know!

By de Andréa
October 9, 2014

The following few paragraphs are excerpts from an essay written by the Rev. James V. Schall, S.J. titled “It’s Time to Take the Islamic State Seriously”

In studying Islam the way that I have for the past 23 years, Rev. Schall in my opinion comes the closest to understanding Islam as anyone I have come across.  The only discipline he seems to lack is the fundamental understanding of just exactly who Allah the god of Islam is.  When I’ understood that, everything about Islam came into focus and became absolutely clear.  No more confusion no more unanswered questions.  It was as if a vail of spiritual blindness was suddenly taken away.
He writes: 

The purpose of Islam, with the often violent means it can and does use to accomplish it, is to extend its rule, in the name of Allah, to all the world. The world cannot be at “peace” until it is all Muslim. The “terror” we see does not primarily arise from modern totalitarian theories, nationalism, or from anywhere else but what is considered, on objective evidence, to be a faithful reading of a mission assigned by Allah to the Islamic world, which has been itself largely procrastinating about fulfilling its assigned mission.

To look elsewhere for an explanation is simply not to see what the Islamic State and its friends are telling us about why they act as they do. The tendency among pragmatic Western thinkers, locked into their own narrow views, is to exclude any such motivation as an excuse of raw power. This view shows the intellectual shortcomings of Western leaders and the narrowness of much Western thought.

Islam can at times be defeated or stopped, as at Tours or Vienna, but it will always rise again as it is now bent on so doing.

Briefly put, Islam, in its founding, is intended to be, literally, the world religion. Nothing else has any standing in comparison. It is to bring the whole world to worship Allah according to the canons of the Qur’an.

It is a belief, [and here is where we differ] based on a supposed revelation to Mohammed, of which there is little evidence.


To read Rev. Schall’s entire rather comprehensive article, and I strongly suggest that you do.  Click here.  
The one ‘very important fundamental event’ that Rev. Schall has missed or doesn’t believe, is the most vital, and is at the very foundation of Islam. It is that Muhammad actually had’ a true revelation.  Rev Schall says, and I quote…” based on a supposed revelation to Mohammed, of which there is little evidence.” In other words Rev. Schall must believe that Muhammad made-up the entire Quran with the agenda, ideology and philosophy of Islam.

 There is in fact a lot of evidence that in a cave in Mecca, in the year 610 AD, Muhammad had a visit from an angelic being as he said.

First it is doubtful that Muhammad himself could have made up this twisted religion. Muhammad was not educated nor literate, this ideological philosophy would have had to been given to him.  But by whom, or what - is the question.

Mohammad ‘claimed’ that the being in the cave was the angel Gabriel.  Why? Because the angelic being told him so, and he, Muhammad, believed it.     

 I seem to remember a similar visit recorded in the book of Genesis by a being that presented himself as someone he’ wasn’t.  Read Genesis 3:1-6

The point is, that Satan, who’s name had already been changed from Lucifer (the angel of light) to Satan the angel of darkness, disguised himself as a serpent, something Eve would have been comfortable with, and using the Satanic art of taqiyyah (true lies) to confuse Eve with the truth.  Satan told Eve about things that she thought only God could know, such as, ”you will not die” if you eat of the forbidden fruit, contradicting what God told Adam earlier.  She, in fact of Biblical history, didn’t immediately die physically, but she died spiritually as God said she would, and for the first time bringing evil into the world and giving Satan power over God’s creation.

In the cave, not very far from the original Garden of Eden separated mostly by time, Muhammad was visited by the same angelic being. Satan, again disguised as something he, Muhammad would have been comfortable with, the angel Gabriel who Muhammad knew from Bible stories.

Talking to Muhammad of things he, Muhammad thought only God could know, Satan told him that the religions of Judaism and Christianity had become corrupt, which was again the same taqiyyah that was used with Eve 4600 years earlier and is still taught in Islam today. True Lies.  The Jews and the Christians of the day had truly’ become corrupt and Muhammad knew about Christians and Jews, since he had accompanied his Uncle to Syria many times.  What wasn’t corrupt, or true, was that the religions themselves had not become corrupt, it was the people that had been corrupted by Satan.  Taqiyyah, is an Islamic/Satanic art of mixing lies with truth for the purpose of deception and is still used today to accomplish the same deception.

And so Satan/Allah, disguised as Gabriel, gave Muhammad this new religion, the Quran, the religion of Islam, the religion of hate, the religion of death that could only come from Hell.  The Quran is so diametrically opposed to God, his creation and the Biblical plan of salvation, that it can only come from one place, and that is Hell, and from one person, Satan.

Satan began his existence as an angel, God’s creation, Lucifer the angel of light.  He fell from grace and became Satan the angel of darkness.  He became god of this earth when he convinced Eve to follow him until the great flood in or about 2000 BC when he lost his entire kingdom.  By the time of Christ he had regained his kingdom when again he saw a threat.  He tried but failed to have the baby Jesus killed by the evil King Harod.  But in 610 AD with the expansion of Christianity and the threat becoming increasingly real and the thought of once again losing his place as god of this earth, Satan looked for a likely candidate to become his’ one and only prophet and began his own religion to destroy Judaism, Christianity and all its followers.  Satan created a religious ideology to maintain his control of all the earth and destroy the threat of Gods people both Christians and Jews.  Satan the angel of darkness, then became Allah, the angel and god of death.  And today that is the agenda of Islam/IS as written in the satanic book called the Quran.

So call it whatever you want…theory, opinion, or fact.  But if one wants to fully understand what Islam is, and what its agenda is, one must fully understand what is at the very foundation of this brutal ideology from Hell.  It is what everyone seems to want to remain ignorant of.  Don’t want to look at it, because once one understands Islam, one can no longer stand ignorantly by and just watch the world literally go to Hell.  You become RESPONSIBLE for what you do know!  And no one these days wants to be responsible for anything!

Once one is willing to see the truth of who Allah the self-proclaimed god of Islam and the world truly is, then all of the confusion and unanswered questions of who and what the agenda of Islam is, suddenly become obviously clear.

On the other hand…as long as we continue to remain willfully ignorant of who this enemy really is my friend, we will be deceived as we have been. Moreover as the biblical prophets have written, we will willfully and irresponsibly, enable our own destruction.

Rev. James V. Schall, S.J., taught political science at Georgetown University for many years before the Catholic university became an Islamic friendly institution, supported by Saudi Arabia. His latest books include The Mind That Is Catholic from Catholic University of America Press; Remembering Belloc from St. Augustine Press; and Reasonable Pleasures from Ignatius Press.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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