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Limited Free Speech only by Permit

Limited Free Speech only by Permit
Southern Oregon University

By de Andréa
October 20, 2014

Officials at a public university threatened to call the police on students handing out the U.S. Constitution on campus - because they refused to do so in the school’s so-called “free speech zone.”

According to Campus Reform, which obtained video of the incident, the group of four students were distributing copies of the Constitution last Tuesday when they were confronted by administrators and they threatened to call the police at Southern Oregon University.

Footage of the extensive encounter depicts multiple college administrators telling the students that passing out Constitutional propaganda in the public area is against school policy and not allowed.  I can only wonder if they were passing out Qurans or books by Saul Alinsky would they have been threatened.

“I would very much like you to leave, if you would, please, because the students have the right to be able to come by here without you guys, you know, invading their space and asking them to do something,” Tim Robitz, director of university housing, told the students.  Interesting that the director used the phrase “Have the right” when he obviously has no idea what American rights are.

“We have our free speech zone. I understand that you may not like it, but that’s where it is,” Allyson Beck, the school’s family housing coordinator, also told the students.

The students, affiliated with the group Students for Concealed Carry, refused to comply with the instructions, contending they are unconstitutional and violated their First Amendment rights.  “Thank you for coming down here and explaining to us the unconstitutional policies here on campus, but we’re not going to move,” one of the students told an administrator.

At multiple points in the video, students unsuccessfully attempted to explain to the officials that because they were on public property, they were legally entitled to protections provided by the First Amendment to the Constitutional law of these United States of America.

Campus police never appeared to arrive at the scene and the group never complied with the orders to halt their activities.

Group member Stephanie Keaveney later told Campus Reform that the group “encountered wild accusations” because they were pro-constitutional Americans and specifically pro-gun which is another God given U.S. Constitutional right under the protection of the Second Amendment.  Administrators accused us of causing an immediate panic for the safety of students in the face of gun violence, or the promotion of such,” she said.  When in fact being armed is for the safety of all students.  But then… I guess we can’t expect blind- brainwashed- non thinking college academics, to come anywhere near grasping that concept.

David Hacker, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, told Campus Reform school administrators that they were legally wrong.  “Caging students in censorship zones flies in the face of the First Amendment and undermines the reason for education,” he said. “Colleges and universities are and should be the marketplace of ideas, and the Constitution protects the speech rights of everyone, not just groups or students that a few university officials personally choose.” 

You might think these so-called educated administrators are ignorant and      incapable of thinking…Yah think…Naw!  I mean after all, these are so-called College Administrators with so-called degrees and stuff…who aren’t familiar with the law of the U.S Constitution???

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Not in my previous life have I encountered such blatant violations of the very document that sets us as Americans aside from the rest of the world and guarantees us our God given rights, as what is going on today.  No! I take that back! Never before in history since early Colonial days, that’s over 234 years my friend. 

You may not recognize it now, but you may just owe the future of your freedom to young people such as these that are willing to potentially sacrifice their own (by risking jail), to save what is left of your freedom.

If “We The People” don’t begin to get off our brains and join young patriots such as these, this isn’t going to remain static my friend, it will incrementally get worse and will soon develop into the tyranny it represents.  

Then you will be forced to wake up and smell the oppression.  Moreover you will hate the government that ‘you created’, more importantly, you will hate yourself.  Because…guess what my friend…YOU’ ARE THE GOVERNMENT OF THIS REPPUBLIC!   

Do something…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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