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Chock One Up For Freedom of Speech

Chock One Up For Freedom of Speech

By de Andréa
October 5, 2014

In 1969, the U.S. Supreme Court decision held in Tinker v. Des Moines School District That…
“In our system, undifferentiated fear or apprehension of disturbance is not enough to overcome the right to freedom of expression.  Any departure from absolute regimentation may cause trouble.  Any variation from the majority's opinion may inspire fear.  Any word spoken, in class, in the lunchroom, or on the campus, that deviates from the views of another person may start an argument or cause a disturbance.  But our Constitution says we must take this risk and our history says that it is this sort of hazardous freedom -- this kind of openness -- that is the basis of our national strength and of the independence and vigor of Americans who grow up and live in this relatively permissive, often disputatious, society.”

That being said, it is obvious that today, this Supreme Court decision and our First Amendment rights are ignorantly being violated and/or given up every day in favor of the disease of ‘Political Correctness’ and the pandemic of ‘Islamic Tyranny’ in America. 
In February of this year an ACT! For America chapter in Knoxville, Tennessee, was wrongfully denied the use of public facilities for an anti-Islamic Sharia event due to the improper actions of CAIR and the local school district bureaucrats out of fear of reprisal from CAIR.
This should serve as a warning to government officials everywhere in America, not to take legal advice from, or ally with, CAIR, an organization that openly promotes and supports the barbaric practice of Jihad and the evil Sharia law from Hell.  CAIR was incidentally named a co-conspirator in the largest successful terrorism financing and money laundering prosecution in US history, the US v the Islamic Holy Land Foundation.  One of the many Islamic so-called charities that support the terror of Islamic Jihad throughout the world. 
Members of CAIR have also threatened my’ life and the lives of my family.  They threatened to kill yours truly and my family…peacefully of course.  I wrote them back and said “Bring on your empty threats, but be prepared to fight an arsenal that would rival al-Qaida.”  That was seven years ago, and I’m still writing the truth and pumping out articles warning about the coming threat of Islam, the so-called peaceful religion…from Hell.

ACT! For America aggressively pursued litigation, and recently, won a settlement in its suit against the school district. Below are the details from Freedom X, the fine legal team who successfully litigated the case.

After canceling a town hall meeting because of a threat from the terrorist group CAIR, a Tennessee school district and two school officials have settled a lawsuit over the public’s right to voice concerns about the growing acceptance of Islamic law, known as Sharia law, spreading through American communities faster than the epidemic of Ebola is in West Africa. The settlement was finalized Wednesday evening when the district approved a policy barring school officials from selectively determining which subjects can be discussed by members of the public using public school facilities.

In February, the Knoxville chapter of ACT! For America, an organization opposed to Sharia, planned an after-hours town hall meeting at a local area high school.  The request to use the facilities was canceled when CAIR complained about the anti-Islamic meeting.

John Peach, president of the Knoxville chapter of ACT! for America, and Bill French sued the school district in U.S. District Court on August 4, 2014, for violating their First Amendment right of free speech and their Fourteenth Amendment rights of equal protection and due process. The county agreed to settle the lawsuit [Peach vs. Knox County Schools] just 21 days after it was filed. In addition to revising its facility use policy, the county will pay attorney’s fees and costs.

The new facility use policy states in part “that approval for the use of public school buildings and property will not be withheld based upon the content of the message or viewpoint of the applicant.”

“This is a victory for free speech,” said Bill Becker, president of Freedom X, a non-profit legal organization fighting discrimination against conservatives and Christians. “Sharia is incompatible with our constitutional and legal protections. That was the message Knox County School officials tried to censor.  It is unfortunate we have to educate the educators about our freedoms, but we are thankful that Knox county attorneys recognized litigation would have been futile for the district.

The Story:
Knox County Schools superintendent James P. McIntyre, Jr., agreed to the cancellation of ACT’s event after receiving letters from Ibrahim Hooper, pictured at right, the communications director for the terrorist group that calls themselves the Council for American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) a terrorist supporting so-called charity, which is incidentally protected by the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit, and Abdul Raman Murphy, a Muslim youth chaplain at the University of Tennessee. The activists falsely labeled ACT as a “hate group” and falsely characterized French as a bigot. They speculated the town hall meeting would encourage violence at the school and would disrupt the school environment.  
 (Remember the aforementioned Supreme Court ruling in Tinker v. Des Moines Sch. Dist.)

THE BOTTOM LINE:  After receiving the letters, Farragut High School’s principal at the time, Michael F. Reynolds, contacted McIntyre fearing that allowing the town hall meeting to take place would convert the school into “a public forum for harassment and bullying practices that contradict the open-minded, academic discussion we seek to teach and foster.”  Instead he allowed himself to be bullied and harassed by a butcher terrorist organization that isn’t open-minded about anything, and tolerates nothing.  This is just another example of the ignorance and deception that has taken over the minds of academics in America, and that has created a populace of programed robots without any mind of their own.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.  This was first written by Benjamin Franklin for the Pennsylvania Assembly in its Reply to the Governor (11 Nov. 1755) Sixth Paragraph.
All one needs to do is stand up to these sons of Satan and they run.  Well I’ve got news for ISIS… check out my banner - these colors don’t run my friend!  

Kudos to Act For America!  Greater is the power that is within you, than anything that can come against you…need I say more?

Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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