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American Islamic Public Schools

American Islamic Public Schools

By de Andréa
October 7, 2013

Even though there is no government document or law that even eludes to the separation of church and state that permeates our government and public schools, it nevertheless applies only to Christianity and Judaism and does not apply to Islam, the so-called RELIGION OFF PEACE!  Why?  Because unlike Judeo-Christianity one cannot separate Mosque and State, it is one and the same.

Christians have no First Amendment rights in America.
Christian students are not allowed to have prayer in the classroom or at sporting events.  They are not allowed to sing traditional Christmas songs that mention God, Christ or even a baby in a manger.  Christians are not allowed to hold Baccalaureate services for graduating seniors.  They are not allowed to post the Ten Commandments and students are told they can’t even write about God being their hero.  Some public schools go so far as to ban teachers from showing up at the Christian event ‘See You At The Pole’ on their own time.

Only Muslims have First Amendment rights in America
Schools are allowed to teach all about Islam and force students to participate in Muslim activities in the classroom.  A high school in Dearborn, Michigan even held a separate prom for Muslim girls only, but no one seems to be challenging their’ violation of church and state. Why? Because it doesn’t apply to Islam.  Remember Obama said “this is no longer a Christian Nation it is a Muslim Nation”.  And he said “I will fundamentally transform America”.

In another prime example of how the separation of church and state does not apply to Islam can be found in the public schools of Jerome, Illinois.  Jerome is a small suburb of the state capital Springfield.  The population is only about 1,500 people and according to the Census is about 94% white.

But you wouldn’t think so with what is being planned at Westhills Middle School this coming November.  To begin with, our Muslim President, Barack HUSSEIN Obama declared the month of November to be Muslim Appreciation Month, thereby doing away with the traditional Christian Thanksgiving to God for our blessings.  Please note that there is no Christian Appreciation Month, Week, Day, Hour or Minute.  Oh no, that would violate the first Amendment of government endorsing a religion, but evidently declaring a whole month for Islam isn’t endorsing a religion. Why because Islam is not just a religion, it is an Ideology not unlike Nazism.  

In conjunction with Muslim Appreciation Month, school administrators at Westhills Middle School that teach grades 6-8, have decided to bow to the Mahdi in-Chief Obama, just as he bows to the King of Islam, to go Muslim for the month of November.  They say that every day, the 300 students will learn about Islam and the Muslim life.  They will start the day praying to Allah/[Satan] and repeating the Islamic pledge of allegiance to the Muslim Afghan jihadist flag.  Students will study reading and writing in Arabic along with Islamic history.  The school cafeteria will also be serving traditional Halal Islamic meals blessed by an Imam and offered to Allah/[Satan]

And guess what else?  They will be studying the Quran and the Hadith.
The school has mandated that for the month of November that girls must wear the traditional abayas and boys must wear thobes.  Parents will be required to purchase the Muslim clothing.  Any student not participating in the activities will receive a failing grade for the year and forced to take the same grade over again.

Even Christian and Jewish students will be required to pray to Allah and live as a Muslim for a month.  What do you think would happen if Muslim students were required to pray to God, study the Bible and live as a Christian or Jew for a month?  There would be such an uproar that Obama and Holder would likely send the DHS and declare Martial law.

Yet students are not allowed to pray to God, recite the Christian Pledge or study the Bible, or even the pledge to the American flag (you remember, the one with the stars and stripes, well…maybe you don’t) but they are being FORCED to do so with Islam.  Today’s public schools have stopped teaching about America’s Christian history, yet they are taught the history of Islam. Do you even know what the Muslim Imams teach as the history of America?  The Indians were Muslims! Yeah!

The school’s principle defends the school’s program, saying:
“I have been seeing a disturbing trend in the conservative news media when it comes to racism against Muslims. [First this Muslim ignoramus try’s to portray Islam as a race, second Islam is an ideology like the skinheads or Nazis]  There is simply too much prejudice in today’s western culture. All I know to do is to reach out to the children. I hope by showing them the true meaning of this peaceful religion I can bring acceptance to future generations.”  Exacta ’mentis, Robotic Programing it is found in the Quran, it’s called Tarbiyah a form of Taqiyyah or true lies.

Now would it surprise you to learn that the school principal’s name is Mohammed Ishir a Muslim Jihadist?

If I were a parent in Jerome, or anywhere else in the United States of Islam, I would first pull my child out of the government public jihadist indoctrination system and not allow my child to participate in any pagan lessons. I would also be demanding that Ishir be fired and brought up on charges for violating my child’s First Amendment right of freedom of religion.  I would be talking to one of the Christian law firms Like the ACLJ that helps so many individuals who have had their Christian rights violated by this terrorist government.  Christians around the state of Illinois and neighboring states need to show up at Westhills Middle School and protest Ishir’s Muslim indoctrination and brainwashing of the local students.  He needs to be STOPPED before he implements this atrocity.

America need to be a MUSLIM FREE ZONE…

If you agree, please share these posts with your friends, family and co-workers.  The only way to defeat the lies and propaganda of an evil government and its controlled media, is to spread the truth. 
If you disagree, well…then you had better buy a prayer rug…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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