Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Is The Obama Regime Imploding?

Is The Obama Regime Imploding?

By de Andréa
October 1, 2013

Democrat tyrants led by Obama demonstrate contempt for the very people they deceptively claim to care about most.  For example, Democrats insist they care about the poor and minorities more than those evil Republicans.  Can anyone correctly claim that the poor and minorities are better off after more than eight years of Democrat rule? As the old saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”; or in this case, with phony expressions of “good intentions”.

Obama liberals show contempt for anyone outside their exclusive club.  Just look at how they exempt themselves from everything they impose on the rest of us, and how they sneer and denigrate all who disagree.   Here are some of their favorite targets:

Volunteer soldiers and veterans:  frequently ignored, castigated or neglected by Democrat politicians and policy makers.  Obama’s head of DHS called vets like me likely terrorists.  Obama cuts veterans’ benefits.  His colleagues have called our soldiers terrorists.  At a 9/11 ceremony Obama’s First Lady Michelle Obama remarked:  “All this for a damn flag.”

Obama said:  “Small business people, you didn’t build that.”  “Pay your fair share.”  “Provide health insurance.”  “Increase the minimum wage.”  “Pay more taxes.”  “Read this mountain of regulations and comply, or else.” Tea Party people are:  “Neanderthals.”   “Anarchists.”  “Racists.” Christians are:  “Bigots.”  “Homophobes.”  “Haters.”  Law abiding gun owners are: “terrorists”.

The list goes on and on. Even union leaders are outraged.  Fear, division, alienation and conflict are the tools Democrats use to traffic in the acquisition and exercise of raw power.  It’s as if they are addicted to it.  They like all addicts, are in denial, skating on thin ice covering a small pond.  Their commerce is deception as they trade in lies.

The truth is that in the Poor and the Middle Class:  Wages are down, unemployment is up, taxes are up, prices are rising, workers’ hours are being reduced, and despite Obamacare people are losing their healthcare coverage.

Eventually, however, the truth always prevails, bringing justice, even in apparently hopeless situations.

Perhaps the most successful suicidal moves Democrats have made in recent years is: forcing so-called healthcare “reform” against the will of the majority, helping enemies of the U.S. kill innocent people, and oppressing Americans through subversion in various ways, all moves couched in lies and marinated in scandal.

Up to two-thirds of voting adults hate Obamacare, seeing it for what it is: a massive government takeover, a measure destroying jobs and the economy, a law not to help people, but designed to enslave Americans, an instrument of tyranny in the hands of criminal elitists.

Obama funds terrorism across the board: Libya, Tanzania, Hamas in Gaza, al=Qaida in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and right here in the U.S.  He accommodates terrorism in other ways by neglecting Iran’s murderous ways and its nuclear program, by ignoring all freedom-loving Arabs, Jews, Christians, Persians and others abused by Islamists, by intentionally losing control in Iraq and Afghanistan, by destroying relations with allies, and by encouraging jihad.  All this amounts to treason, and yet Obama remains in power, all because the wheels of congress don’t just turn slowly but because they don’t turn at all.  Either that or congress is generally just as corrupt as Obama. But that may be changing!

Don’t ever forget Obama’s Regime has spied on Americans in unprecedented ways.  He has used the IRS as a political tool of oppression and tyranny.  His DOJ actively violates the law and citizen rights He has violated the Constitution in numerous ways.  His lawless acts would sufficiently fill a book and are listed by ‘Dan From Squirrel Hill’.   300 instances documented by September 2013, you must check it out.

Benghazi: their arrogance and blatant dishonesty eroded all credibility.

Consequently, some Democrats are breaking ranks.  They simply cannot support this criminal regime and at the same time hold out hope for re-election.  They now realize “King Barry the Destroyer” is willing to throw the entire country under the bus to forward his agenda.  Hold outs like Kerry, Reid, Pelosi and Durbin are also expendable useful idiots who may just wind up on the political ash heap.

The Democrats have wandered so far from reason and truth that they may be self-destructing, as Barney Frank predicted, referencing Obamacare.  In this, Democrats may just be helping conservatives restore sanity and founding principles The convergence of Democrat failures and resurgent patriotism is offering new hope.  After all, look at what a few million senior citizens accomplished in the 2010 election just by demonstrating in the streets to draw attention to insane Democrat tax and spend policies.  With heightened interest in founding principles, and even more glaring Democrat failures, optimism lifts.  Let’s hope there is a reoccurrence of that in 2014.

The main weapons Democrats (and Republican RINOs) use against themselves: the attitude that they know better than anyone else, and the belief the common folk, even the majority, are ignorant peasants who require supervision.  And Democrat ideology trumps public service and a representative government.

Meanwhile, a resurgent American patriotism led and inspired by senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio, might be helping to turn this country around before we bury ourselves.

Elitists and tyrants are one and the same in this administration.  It is a criminal class worthy of prosecution.  Perhaps a champion will soon emerge to prosecute wrong doers.
Meanwhile, pushed far enough, people historically will revolt, and that may not be a pretty thing my friend.  Remember it does not take a majority to defeat a tyrant, as we have seen many times in history, example in 1776...

If you agree, please share these posts with your friends, family and co-workers.  The only way to defeat the lies and propaganda of an evil government and its controlled media, is to spread the truth. 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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