Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Defense Against Iranian Nuclear Missile Strike

U.S. Has No Defense Against Iranian Nuclear Missile Strike

By de Andréa
October 22, 2013
When Obama took office in 2008 he had one very important agenda… To turn America into an Islamic State. How do I know that? Because he said so.  Obama told us exactly what his agenda was.  He said “I will fundamentally transform America”.  Into what?  Well my poor deaf dumb and blind friend, he said “America is no longer a Christian nation…it is a Muslim Nation”.
To accomplish this he had to ‘destroy’ what America was, (he called it ‘change’) on every possible front.  By demoralizing, by infiltration, by financial ruin, by dismantling our Constitution, by oppressing Christians, by… as he said, “fundamentally transforming America”.  I said on every possible front, that includes militarily and more specifically ‘DEFINSIVLY’.  
In his attempt to “disarm America,” President Obama canceled and dismantled a defense missile interceptor system in Poland, placing the U.S. in danger of a missile attack, including one that could be launched from Iran.  Even if we started the rebuilding of that missile interceptor system today we likely wouldn’t complete it in time to protect the U.S. from a barrage of nuclear missiles coming from Iran.  We have never been more vulnerable.
On a recent Aaron Klein WABC radio show interview, Sen. James Inhofe R-Okla. the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, warned that Iran is using Western talks to stall the international community while it continues to assemble a nuclear weapon and delivery system.  This it typical Islamic strategy.  Read a previous article titled Islamic History Replays.
“Way back in 2007, our unclassified intelligence said Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon and a delivery system by 2015. That was way back in 2007. That’s a year and a half from now and they are right on the road to making that a reality,” Inhofe said.
 “I don’t trust the verification is in place, and they haven’t even said that they are going to slow down on their production right now,” Inhofe said of the talks between Iran and six world powers in Geneva earlier this month.
Inhofe told Klein that Obama’s cancellation of the U.S. missile-defense complex in Poland places America in grave danger.
“This president, President Obama, way back in his first budget four and a half years ago, one of the things he did in his effort to disarm America, was to do away with the ground-based interceptors that we were building in Poland.”
The senator asked Klein: “Now why were we building that in Poland? … We were doing it because we have 33 ground-based interceptors all on the West Coast of the United States.”
Inhofe said it “wasn’t until about 10 years ago that we realized how close Iran was. And there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that if they had the weapon and the delivery system they would use it,” he said. “And where would that go? It would come from the east.”
Inhofe charged, “Cancellation of the U.S. interceptor site in Poland has resulted in the inability to effectively shoot down missiles coming from the east. Now we could be lucky if we had one shot to get it from the ground-based interceptor on the West Coast,” he said. “But we all know the security of that system is to be able to shoot, look and shoot. Now we can do that for something coming from the west. We can’t do it for something coming from the east.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: Recently I published an article titled “Obama Preparing To Give Iran Access To Billions”   So Obama is not only purposely paving the way for Iran to nuke the U.S. but intends to pay them to do it.  If the American citizens are too complacent, too blind and deceived to see what is blatantly going on right in front their eyes then they deserved what they get.

Hope ya’all have a bomb shelter left over from the sixties…

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Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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