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Americans Are Dumber Than a Sixth Grader

 Americans Are Dumber Than a Sixth Grader
A couple of sixth graders were presented with a scenario like Obamacare, once they understood it, they turned it down flat

By de Andréa
October 3, 2013

There are some that ignorantly call themselves Americans that haven’t the sense of a six graderPeople like Matt Walsh for example.

And then there are the children….uncluttered minds with only 11 years of public school brainwashing compared to some adults with 25 to 65 years of the bombardment of twisted logic, lies, and robotic media programing.

A lady, was saying she didn’t understand why so many were against Obamacare when it would help so many.  All I could think of was “A sixth grader would likely understand why this isn’t a good idea.”

Many families, don’t always have the money to go to the movies, or the local fun center, and ball games, etc. Maybe about 2 movies a year. Sometimes not even that much. Not always because they don’t have the money, but often times just like TV there’s not anything really worth watching.  I figure, for just the theater  admission and snacks, it’s about $15 a pop.

There are a couple of school age children next door that I sometimes employ to do some yard work, I thought it might be interesting to get their take on Obamacare. So after breakfast one morning, I sat down and wrote up the “Free Entertainment Act of 2013”. Before I read it to them and went over it, I told them to assume they’d pay about $15 to see a movie with snacks, and the money they get for their allowance would be their annual income. Once they understood the ‘scenario’, we went over each section discussing it and answering their questions if they had any.

The Free Entertainment Act of 2013
Article I.  Allows everyone to participate in all local entertainment for free. Movies, roller skating, bowling, ball games etc.

Needless to say, they were all for it. Free fun stuff? I’ll vote for that! Right?

Article II. Those working in the entertainment industry (actors, ball players, etc) as well as the owners of the theaters, stadiums, and their employees must still get paid. In order to cover the costs of the entertainment and to pay those working in it, there will be a slight rise in the amount of tax paid on purchases, a few new minor taxes on income, and less tax breaks at the end of the year.

Here’s where they began to have some questions. At first they were like “Okay, I guess.”, but wondered how it would work. I explained it would be a minor raise in taxes on things, which didn’t seem like a lot. Then they realized that the ‘little’ – when put all together – added up to a lot. This was when Madison started thinking it wasn’t such a good idea. Tracy said “Well, it might still be good. I’m not sure yet…”

Article III. Those who don’t attend entertainment events, by choice, may choose to “opt out” of the program. However, in order to fund the program, those opting out will have to pay a monthly penalty fee. This fee will be in addition to the higher taxes to the less tax breaks, etc. People who never participated in any entertainment activities, and don’t plan to in the future, must still participate or pay the penalty. If a person has a bowling alley or some other form of entertainment in their home for personal use, that is fine, but they must still participate in the program or pay the penalty.

They began to have a few more doubts and questions. Their Granny doesn’t do any of those things, so we talked about how that would impact her. Then we talked about how it would impact them. As it was now, they paid $15 when they wanted to see a movie. Tracy began to get her quizzical eyebrow raise face going. “Wait a second” she said “So, if I *don’t* want to go to the movies, I have to pay anyway?”

I nodded.

Madison – “That doesn’t seem right… or fair.”

Tracy – “So, if I don’t want to do it… I have to pay and still pay more taxes and all that other stuff?”

I just gave a nod again. I was trying very hard not to sway their thinking with tone or expression or anything, and I made sure they understood that there wasn’t a right or wrong answer…

I asked the girls “How much do you pay now to see a movie when you’d like?” They answered $15 (per the parameters at the beginning of the scenario) “So, about $30 a year. How much do you pay to not see movie and stay home?”

Madison – “Nothing.”
Their expressions began to change from interest to ‘Hey, wait a second…’

Tracy – “This makes no sense…”

Me – “I’m not done. There’s more… Ready to move on?”

Madison – “Yeah. I guess…”

I began to get the feeling this was no longer a ‘fantastic idea’ in their minds.

Article IV. City officials and city government employees (mayor, secretary, etc) do not have to participate in the program and won’t be required to pay the penalty.

Tracy – “See.”

Me – “What?”

Tracy– “I said it didn’t seem fair. That’s not fair. Why do I have to pay the money, but they don’t?”

Me – “Yeah, why would it be that way? Why would they put that in there?”

Madison – “Because they don’t want to spend their money or taxes on it…”

Tracy – “Because it’s a dumb idea and they know it.”

I went on to show how the different people’s incomes and what they pay in is comparable to what they make for a living. Trying to keep it basic, I reminded them of how much they make in allowance each year. Then grabbed the taxes off of that amount. They noted that the people making the most money, paid the most taxes.  Madison mentioned finding a job that was easier work and less pay if the benefit was the same. This is another problem with such a program.

This video explains socialism to children.  It just might be simple enough to explain to some adults as well…or not!

The conversation eventually went on to how much the taxes would be raised or how much the penalty would be and things like that. That was when I said “Well, I’ll tell you how much your taxes will be raised and how much the penalty is after you agree to it and make it a law.”

Madison – “WHAT!?”

Me – “Tell me if you want to make this a law. Once it becomes a law, I’ll tell you how much it will cost.”

Tracy – “That’s stupid.”

Madison– “See. Not fair.”

Tracy – “Who knows what you’ve written in there? I could be agreeing to give away a kidney or something.”

Me – “So, do y’all want to make it a law?”

Madison – “No. I don’t.”

Tracy – “Who would?!”

In the end, the kids decided it wasn’t a good idea. I put the paper, where I’d written it, on the table and said “So…I guess that’s a no then?”

Madison said “Hang on…” she grabbed the “Like” and “Dislike” stamps off my desk. I think the stamps speak volumes…

 The fact that this is the basic crux of the Obamacare ‘bill’ and a 10 and 11-year-old can understand it won’t work and why they wouldn’t vote for it once they understood it– while others insist it’s awesome – is incredible. It’s not that these kids are brainyacs, they’re smart, but it doesn’t take a lot of brains to ‘get’ that this is just not a good thing. 
Maybe the adults just don’t understand as much as a sixth grader...

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Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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