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What Does Obama Know...

What Does Obama Know,
And When Did He Know It?

In 2011, President Obama said that he knew ‘nothing’ about “Fast And Furious”, his Attorney General Eric Holder said he Knew nothing about it, Homeland Security Director Napolitano said she knew nothing about it, the ATF’s Acting Director  Kenneth Melson knew nothing about it.  And yet it was announced in a press conference at the white house by the Deputy Attorney General on May 24 2009, oop’s…  I’ve got film.

By de Andréa
June 25, 2012                                                                        

I am writing this article as a follow up to the article titled The Question of Executive Privilege”.  You decide if Obama is hiding something.

One member of Congress has started, using the word “ACCESSORY” [before the fact], in talking about members of the Obama Regime who had their dirty GSR fingers in Operation Gunrunner, code named, “Fast and Furious”. 

“Under the leadership of Obama” said Deputy Attorney General David Ogden on the 24th of May 2009, a full two years before anyone in Washington said they ever heard of “Gunrunning” or “Gunwalking” to the Mexican Drug Lords.  The BATFE ordered Arizona gun dealers to illegally sell weapons to Mexican buyers, who then in turn dumped them into the drug cartel civil war.  Everyone in Obama’s Kremlin suddenly developed amnesia, Obama lied, and people died!

On a personal note
I don’t know about you, but I have had and used guns most of my adult life and I have yet to see any of them walk, or run’  for that matter.  It is obviously just another way of shifting the responsibility from the perpetrators of a crime to an inanimate object that can in no way defend itself.  Guns don’t kill people, they never have, people kill people, and guns don’t walk either, people walk!  In over 500 years since guns were invented not one of them has ever killed anything or anyone and they have never run, walked, jumped or drove a bus.  I just wanted to clear that up since there are some people out there in the ether, smoking funny things that ignorantly think otherwise.

The Obama agenda
Approximately 2000 weapons illegally sold to Mexican gunrunners resulted in the mass murder of hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens and at least two American government officials.  And all this was to fuel support for Obama’s up and coming “UN Gun Ban Treaty” in the U.S. that is now before the Senate and awaiting a 2/3’s vote.  If this UN gun-ban treaty passes the senate, that will be the end of freedom my friend.  See my article titled “Obama’s Treaties”.

Barrack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder.  Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, Homeland Security’ Janet Napolitano, and even Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg, well… likely the whole Obama Regime was part of this Criminal Conspiracy more than two years earlier, despite his sworn assurance to Congress in a May 2011 on Capital Hill that it was only within the “last few weeks” Erick Holder said that he even heard of the project, and yet a stack of memos reveals that he knew about the operation 26 months earlier.  (You will discover that access to these documents has been mysteriously and conveniently removed from the internet, I can only imagine why.)  You’ll have to trust me I’ve seen them.

But now ‘a video’ has been uncovered, (you had better watch that before Obama has that confiscated and shredded as well).  It shows that a full two years earlier, March 24 2009, Holder’s Deputy is on camera talking about the project and what the department was doing to “intercept weapons” trafficking along the Mexican border through the Gunrunning operation Fast and Furious.  Aah, “Intercept weapons”…that must be another code word for selling guns to criminals to murder innocent citizens and an occasional U.S. official.  Oh well! You know - the cost of Politics and all… to sacrifice ones Knight to Checkmate the King is an acceptable loss on ones way to tyranny.

In May 2011, Holder told Congress, “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time, over the last few weeks.”  (That’s because I was dropped on my head as a child).  Really?  No  not ‘really’, but in the video, dated March 24, 2009, some 26 months earlier, David Ogden, Holder’s deputy attorney general, was talking about Barack Obama’s great leadership in assisting the Mexican drug cartels, using “Project Gunrunner” the original name for Operation Fast and Furious.

And then listen to an interview with WorldNetDaily TV/Radio America, and Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar who said Holder and the Obama administration need to be “fully compliant” with congressional subpoenas and produce the information to determine “who authorized this.”  He said Americans have become “collateral damage” for a program of the Obama administration.  “We have no idea where these guns are going to show up,” he said.  “They show up at crime scenes.”  

And what of the “program of the Obama Administration” that Gosar talked about?  Well…he… also… mentioned that the real purpose behind the Gunrunning Fast and Furious Operation was to fuel support for Obama’s U.S. National “GUN BAN”, that’s Obama’s program and agenda.  So you see - there is more than one way to commit a crime and to ban a gun, you can just launch a program, an “operation”, sacrifice a couple of Knights, a Rook or two and voila, instant Dictatorship, unless of course your buddies rat you out and you land in jail.  One can only hope!

Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Pa  ul Babeu recently told reporters he figures there were more than 300 casualties from Operation Fast and Furious, and he thinks charges are appropriate against officials who bear responsibility.
The officials, he says, would include President Obama, and his buddy Holder. Babeu released a video in which he says there were more than 2,000 weapons on the loose, the operation must have been authorized from officials above the level of the BATFE.  Yeah!  Ya think, ‘way above’, my friend, way above.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I know it, I just know it; Obama is dirty…he’s real dirty! Please remember this in this coming November presidential election.

Well…what do you’ know, and when and how, did you know it my friend???

-de Andréa  

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