Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Brotherhood Of Egypt

The Brotherhood Of Egypt
Obama called his new fellow Muslim dictator Mohammed Mursi of Egypt to congratulate him on his election victory.

By de Andréa
June 28, 2012

I’m not going to say I told you so!  But I did…
President Obama should be very proud of himself today.  The Muslim Brotherhood (the revived Ottoman Empire which began in Egypt in 1928 just four years after the demise of the Empire) now called by its code name the “Arab Spring” has successfully taken over Egypt.  Obama has worked diligently as a Muslim should to bring about in word and deed in Egypt just as he did in Tanzania, Libya, and now in Syria.  Moreover, Obama has reached a new milestone with the election of a Muslim Brotherhood Islamist as the new Sharia Dictator of Egypt, creating a new Iran.  Who says Obama can’t do great things?

This is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter who encouraged the transformation of Iran from a U.S.-allied reasonably modern nation under the reign of the shah into an Islamo-fascist Shariah state under the Ayatollah Khomeini.  To this day, Iran remains a sponsor of global terrorism and threat to Middle East and world peace.

In Egypt, President Obama backed the removal of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak.  Mubarak was an iron-fisted presence, hardly an enlightened Western-style ruler, but he worked with us and kept his country running peaceably.

During the revolution in Egypt, Obama talked incessantly about the sprouting of “democracy” (Islamic code for Sharia law) in the Middle East. But the truth be known, as seen in the foreign press and on the Internet, was that the Muslim Brotherhood was the cause of a huge storm of violence that targeted women, Christians, Jews, Westerners of all stripes and anyone else who didn’t toe the Islamist line.  Democracy my…  ‘fat’ aha… foot.

Churches were burned.  Kaffaar (non Muslim) families were killed.  Women were dragged out of their homes, beaten, and raped in the street.  An American CBS reporter Lara Logan was raped repeatedly by a mob of more than 200 men on the very night the Mubarak government fell.  But Obama covered that up be omitting it from the annual report on International Human Rights, read the story.

Mursi is beginning his regime today with calls for “peace” and “unity,” (code words for adherence to Sharia) much to the delight of ignorant enabling Western liberals.  The reality, I guarantee will be something completely different. 

The brotherhood’s stated goal, supported by Obama, is to make the Quran the sole dictate for religious, political, and social life, and to create a Shariah-law state.

In recent weeks, Israel has already felt the effects of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt as barrages of rockets have rained down on towns near their southern Egyptian border.  Can you just take a wild ‘shot in the dark’ and guess what it will be like in America when the same thing happens in Canada and Mexico?  Well…it won’t really matter because America will be Islamic as well.  Soon Israel will be the only country left that isn’t completely Islamic.  But not to worry - God will protect it.  I’m thinking of moving to Israel, in the end it will be the safest place on Earth.

In light of the other changes sweeping the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia planning to fund the Syrian rebel army and Turkey dragging NATO into its border conflict with Syria, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Egyptian presidency should be ringing alarm bells in Washington, but alas, it won’t.  You know, Ignorance-Deception-Enablement-Destruction.

In the call to Mursi, President Obama “emphasized his interest in working together with president-elect Mursi, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the U.S. The shared interests of course include the conquest of Islam as the supreme ruler of the World, one small incremental surreptitious step at a time my friend.

Better dust off your prayer rug…or, maybe it would be a good time to get on Gods side of the fence…

Think about it my friend.

de Andréa

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