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Obama’s Faucet Leaks

Obama’s Faucet Leaks

Washington is busy scratching its brainwash head trying to figure a motive for why Obama is carrying out such treasons leaky actions.  If congress had any idea who or what Obama is, they wouldn’t be scratching anything.  Sure he wants to get reelected but politics is just a very small part of it.  Are maybe Obama’s true colors showing just a little too brightly?

By de Andréa
June 12, 2012

On April 19, 2012 nearly two months ago I wrote and published an article titled Treason, with an Intro of Obama Leaks Israeli Strike Plan to Iran You might want to read it again.  It shouldn’t take much more understanding than that of a second grader to figure out why Obama would leak an Israeli strike plan to our common enemy, Iran.  I mean come on, why would anyone tell the enemy how and by whom they are going to be attacked.  Can you spell it?  Give me a T, give me an R, give me an E, A, S, O, N.  Lets all say it together now, TREASON, TREASON, TREASON.  There… that wasn’t so bad, it probably didn’t hurt at all to tell the truth for a “Change, Change, Change”* now did it.  *(Yes, the pun was intended)

An if that’s not enough, on June 01, 2012 I wrote another article titled One Man about Obama’s “Kill List”.  While I condemned Obama for seizing the power to be an in your face hit man, I indicated that I wasn’t so nieve as to think that these kind of covert missions are unusual.  What is unusual’ - is the definition of what covert and top secret has become.  When I was in the military it didn’t mean – put it on the front page of the N.Y. Times.  Thank God it didn’t, or I would likely be long dead. 

When the news broke on May 2nd 2011 that Osama Bin laden had been killed by a secret covert hit on a compound in Pakistan I wondered just how secret and covert could it be if I and the world knew all about it.  

If politics was Obama’s only motive, trying to appear very macho and running all these covert operations all by himself, he may think it will help him get reelected, but it also might come back to bite him big time, one can only hope.  But just how macho is leaking the secret attack by Israel on Iran?  The only` motive for Obama leaking the secret sale of bunker buster bombs to Israel and the secret attack was to give Iran a heads up or possibly put the cabash on the whole operation.  No!  Politics is only a very small part of these treasonous leaks.  You see, the only motive for all of these leaks is that Obama is a Muslim jihadist and these are TREASONOUS ACTS in time of war.  He should be investigated by an independent prosecutor and if found guilty of treason he should be sent to Gitmo where they keep Muslim Terrorists Jihadists like Obama.

It doesn’t stop'
News reports on Tuesday disclosed that the FBI is probing the leaking of information about a top secret U.S. Cyber-attack program aimed at Iran’s nuclear facilities, but a close look at recent developments uncovered a broad and disturbing pattern of leaks by Obama, of some of the nation’s most guarded secrets.  What could be Obama’s motive here…

John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism chief, set the tone a year ago when he went on national television immediately after the killing of Osama bin Laden and gave a highly detailed account of the top-secret operation.  A shocked Defense Secretary Bob Gates, said:  “Too many people in too many places are talking too much about this operation,” Gates said, adding that “the level of disclosures and blabbing violates an agreement reached in the White House Situation Room on May 8, 2011, to keep details of the raid classified.  That lasted about 15 hours,” Gates said with chagrin, he latter told Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to “shut the F--- up!”  What could be Obama’s motive here…

There were leaks by Obama that directly revealed secrets helpful to the enemy that endangered lives, and undermined the trust by other countries and potential informants in U.S. intelligence operations.  If it looks like treason and walks like treason and then it also talks like treason, then it talks like treason and then it talks like treason and then it talks, talks and talks like treason, then do you think it just might possibly be… 
TREASON!  Good for you, you’re learning!

The result of a leaky Whitehouse
Are you ready for this…Soon after the bin Laden hit; word began leaking to the press about a Pakistani doctor named Shakil Afridi that had helped the CIA operation.  In fact, Dr. Shakil Afridi reportedly provided critical intelligence on the location and identification of the al-Qaida leader.  He had set up a fake vaccination program to obtain DNA during a visit to bin Laden.  Can you connect the dots and guess what happened following the leaks. --- Say your good at this, your right, Afridi was arrested and on May 23, 2011 he was sentenced to 33 years in prison on a charge of conspiring against the state.  Isn’t it ironic that the same charge fits Obama?  Dr. Afridi will likely be killed, but Obama will get a lot of reelection mileage out of it, at the expense of Dr. Afridi’s life.  Oh well…small price to pay for inflating Obama’s ego!

Critics of the Obama administration point to a pattern of leaks over a long period:
On May 9, The Associated Press reported that a CIA operative from Saudi Arabia had infiltrated al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and thwarted a planned “underwear bomb” attack on an airplane bound for America.  As a result of that leak, the operative had to be quickly extracted and brought to the United States to save his life, precluding any opportunities for obtaining future inside information from within the terrorist group.  What could be Obama’s motive here…

Then on May 29, The New York Times ran a detailed account of how President Obama directs U.S. drone attacks based on a classified “kill list” of terror suspects.  The story rightly credited Obama with killing top al-Qaida leaders but we shouldn’t have known anything about this. Sen. John McCain has charged that the kill list ‘leak’ was politically motivated.

On June 1, The New York Times ran a story revealing an alleged U.S. covert action program called Olympic Games, designed to thwart Iran’s nuclear program with computer virus attacks utilizing first the Stuxnet computer worm and later the Duqu malware. Thanks to the Times article, which cited U.S. government sources, details of the previously unknown operations are now public, including how the programs were supposed to operate and the involvement of Israeli intelligence.  Up to that point, the possibility that the U.S. or Israel was behind the Cyber-attacks on Iran’s computers was pure speculation.  In effect, the Times story provided Iran with a roadmap on U.S. efforts to defeat its nuclear bomb efforts.  What could be Obama’s motive here do you think…

Another front-page New York Times article in 2011 disclosed that the Obama administration had agreed to sell to Israel, bunker-buster bombs capable of destroying buried targets, including suspected nuclear weapons sites in Iran.
The Bush administration had rebuffed Israeli requests for the bombs.  But word of Obama’s sale to Israel came soon after Republican Bob Turner captured the U.S. House seat vacated by the resignation of scandal-marred Anthony Weiner in a Queens, N.Y., a district with a large Jewish population.  What could be Obama’s motive here…

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, directly accused the Obama administration of leaking sensitive intelligence information to make Obama look good“This is the most highly classified information in the department of defense, and it has now been leaked by the administration at the highest levels of the White House.  That’s not acceptable,” McCain said on CBS, referring to several of the recent stories.

The Alphabet soup media is conspicuously silent on the “leaks story” that genuinely impair national security and whether the Obama White House is behind the disclosures.  And the journalists are not examining the legitimacy of publishing such information in the first place.  If another major terrorist attack occurs because foreign intelligence services and potential operatives or assets no longer want to risk cooperating with the CIA – anti-American papers like the New York Times will be the first to condemn the intelligence agencies for failing at their mission.  

The U.S. won World War II in part because America could intercept and decode German and Japanese military transmissions.  That’ secret and many others remained a secret until long after the war was over.  Back then when we had real Americans in Washington, “loose lips sink ships” was the operative word.

Would you believe even Di Fi, the communist senator from California, called for Capitol Hill hearings about the Cyber-attack leak?  Way to go Di Fi…“I am deeply disturbed by the continuing leaks of classified information to the media, most recently regarding alleged cyber efforts targeting Iran’s nuclear program” Feinstein continued.  “We plan to move legislation quickly, to include possible action in this year’s intelligence authorization act,” the lawmaker said. “We believe that significant changes are needed, in legislation, in the culture of the agencies that deal with classified information, in punishing leaks, and in the level of leadership across the government to make clear that these types of disclosures will not stand.”  This response is likely because she is still at least partially old school.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  While Obama might think he will benefit from leaking the Ben laden mission for political gain; that sure as Hell wasn’t the motive for the rest.  If he were a Nazi and president during the Second World War leaking top secret Intel to the world, what do you think his motive might be then?  Come on!  I know you can connect the dots better than the poor ignorant brain-dead congress can…  I’ll give you an obvious hint; he’s a Muslim president leaking top secret Intel to the world during the time that we are at war with Islam…  Say!  I believe you’ve got it.  That’s what I’m’ talking about…

The problem with all this saber rattling is that…it’s likely just sabers rattling.

de Andréa

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