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The Nigerian Transition

The Nigerian Transition

Make no mistake about it folks…Islam is slowly and surely winning this war between good and evil, even though in the end, God will again win this battle with Satan.  Nevertheless, in our ignorance we are deceived, resulting in the enabling of this demonic enemy of God and humanity, we are  aiding Islam in our own destruction.   

The source of the following story is from the Nigerian News Osun Defender

By de Andréa
June 16, 2012

To continue the story of Obama Shreds Religious FreedomThe ongoing Arab Spring of the Muslim Brotherhood is part of the coming Jihad of the Nations.  There’s a bloodbath going on in Syria.  It’s being reported that Bashar Assad’s forces are murdering all civilians in organized attacks on towns and villages.  Photographs of mass graves, burned out buses, bombed homes and businesses, civilian protests, and hooded rebels are all over the internet. 

And now there are roomers that Russia and the U.S. may enter the fracas, reminiscent of the Korean War where the U.S. was at war with China using North Korea as a battleground, or when we again were at war with China using Vietnam as our battleground.  This may be our first hot war with Russia and this time using Syria as our battleground.  Only God knows how that might escalate.    

Even though this is becoming common place in the Middle East, we should all be grieved by man’s inhumanity to man.  Seeing young Syrian children wrapped in white grave attire and lowered into hastily dug graves is heart wrenching.  We should be thankful that the news media and some of our elected officials are bringing these atrocities to our attention.  However the Obama regime and this same news media are totally ignoring another gut-wrenching story that is equally tragic and important.  Christians murdered by the hundreds in Nigeria.

Before I continue with this story, I want make sure that you understand a very important concept.  The statement that this Muslim terrorist Jihadist Boko Haram makes in regard to his agenda in Nigeria is the same agenda of all Muslims as part of the Nation of Islam.  Anything other than that would be the same as ignorantly saying: Oh, those are just moderate Nazis…  Do moderate Muslims just kill you softly or what???  How absolutely absurd would that be?  

Nigeria is in the final stages of overwhelming Islamic Jihad which is the transitional period from an independent and/or Christian Nation to a supremacist Islamic state.  In recent history this same scenario took place in Indonesia and in Lebanon, both, primarily Christian independent nations, that are now Islamic States and part of the Nation of Islam. 

Prior to this transitional phase of Jihad is the surreptitious infiltration by Islam into an existing culture, just as is taking place in nearly every country in Western Europe as well as in the Americas and Australia, including the United States.  Moreover, going unchecked and given enough time, the Nigerian transition just as in every country in the world that are now Islamic States will repeat itself wherever there are Muslims.  Before Islam existed, Syria was a Christian Nation.  Before Islam existed every nation that is now Islamic, became an Islamic State in the same way.  And it ‘will’ happen in America.

Nigerian Christians are experiencing Islamic Jihad and religious genocide.  This isn’t a new breaking story; it has been going on for months, virtually unreported.  Attacks on churches and the slaughter of Christians are being led by Muslim terrorist leader Boko Haram.  Haram’s end-game is every Muslims agenda, to “to eliminate followers of Jesus Christ from the region, and to establish an Islamic state.”  In a statement published in the Nigerian newspaper Osun Defender, Haram said the following.  “The Nigerian state and Christians are our enemies and we will be launching attacks on the Nigerian state and its security apparatus as well as churches until we achieve our goal of establishing an Islamic state in place of the secular state.”  Haram can boldly state his genocidal Jihadist goals and carry them out, because by now there is almost no one left to complain. 

The Islamist terrorist Jihadist group of Boko Haram was responsible for 54 deaths – 42 of them Catholics killed while they worshiped at church on Christmas Day 2011.  Also the same group of Muslim terrorists killed more than 500 people and burned down or destroyed more than 350 Christian churches in 10 northern states of Nigeria so far this year. 

The mainstream press has been virtually silent on this issue.  Because, Oh Well!  It’s just Christians that are being attacked; there is little or no concern.  Obama even illegally had the Religious Freedom information or the lack thereof, removed from the 2012 U.S. State Department Annual Report on International Human Rights. 

Why would he do that?  Because, Obama is a Muslim with the same agenda as Boko Haram.  Obama’s agenda is…  In the Capitalistic State of America, Christians and Jews are our enemies.  ISLAM and Communism are infiltrating the U.S. and its military and security apparatus, as well as launching attacks on Christians and flag waving patriots until we achieve our goal of establishing a socialistic Islamic state and put Sharia Law in place of the constitutional secular government and the “Great Satan” of America.  Don’t ever doubt me my friend!

Thank God someone is bringing this to international attention.  Italy’s International Cooperation Minister Andrea Riccardi condemn ed the attack on Nigerian Christians and called for international action to stop Boko Haram.  “Christian blood has again been spilt in Nigeria according to a now clear plan of ethnic and religious cleansing,” said Riccardi, who is also the founder of a Catholic charity active in Africa“The international community can no longer look on at this massacre of innocent people without intervening.”

THE BOTTOM LINE: There is no Communist Islamic political capital to be gained for the Obama regime to make his Muslim brother Boko Haram’s Hitler-like actions known to the world.  The stealthier the first stages of Islamic Jihad can be, the better and easier it is for the “TRANSITION”… 

de Andréa

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