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The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring started long, long ago, at least as far back as the 1950’s with the Islamization of Indonesia, then Lebanon in the 1960’s.  The difference here is, the current U.S. President supports it.

By de Andréa
June 28, 2012

If by some unknown reason you are still unaware that your president had officially committed treason more than 57 times making him the worst criminal since the Rosenberg’s, then you must have some excuse, such as you had amnesia the past four years, or you were held captive in a Chinese prison or maybe you were in a coma.  All would be good excuses I might add.

But if nothing even close to this has occered, then what should be perfectly clear to you by now, is that Barry Soetoro or Barrack Hussein Obammah or what ever he is calling himself these days, is a sleeper terrorist Muslim.  He is part of the Muslim Brotherhood that is inch by inch foot by foot yard by yard and now country by country taking over the world!!!

No! Being busy doesn’t cut it…

Indonesia, Lebanon, Niger, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovnia, Serbia, Sudan, Qatar, Bahrain, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Belgium, have all become Islamic States since 1952, and Syria, Turkey, France, The Netherlands, England,  and now Jordan, Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. will shortly become part of the Nation of Islam controlled by Sharia.  And Obama is responsible for supporting the brotherhood takeover of the 5 highlighted in yellow and soon 3 more highlighted in Green.

What should be clear is that Obama has brainwashed and indoctrinated American citizens into believing that “We are not at war with Islam”, so he can continue to support Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas Hisbala and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Oh I almost forgot there is no such thing as terrorism either, it is “Man Caused Disasters”.  So how can he be charged with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy when Islam is not the enemy?  One Question…Who is the enemy?

What is now clear is that no matter how much Americas long time ally King Abdullah of Jordan does to fight corruption and implement reforms, the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to argue that it is not enough.  Arabs feel that President Obama's endorsement and support of the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa, Egypt and now in Syria has emboldened them and increased their desire to drive moderate and secular rulers out of the Middle East.  Unless the US administration stops supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan will be next to be turned into an Islamic republic.

Jordanian government officials say there are growing signs that the kingdom's powerful Muslim Brotherhood organization has plans to overthrow the regime.

King Abdullah has good reason to be worried about the Muslim Brotherhood's efforts to hijack the pro-reform drive in the kingdom.  This concern was reportedly one of the main reasons that the monarch replaced Prime Minister Awn Khasawna a few weeks ago – he was a staunch supporter of rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood and its Palestinian sister-movement, Hamas.

In a bid to appease the anti-corruption and pro-democracy campaigners, King Abdullah has also taken a number of unprecedented measures against a number of senior government officials suspected of embezzling public funds and abusing their powers.  The king has replaced three prime ministers since the "Arab Spring" began and has thrown a number of former officials into prison, but all this has not satisfied the Muslim Brotherhood, because only total submission to the Muslim Brotherhood will be satisfactory.  

They have learned from the Egyptian experience, where Muslim Brotherhood also hijacked the anti-regime protests that were triggered by secular and genuine reformists," explained a senior Jordanian government official in Amman.
Another Jordanian official said that his government has proof that "outside forces" were backing Muslim Brotherhood's scheme to "spread chaos and anarchy in the kingdom" by exploiting demands for reform and democracy.

The official pointed out that some representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood recently visited Turkey, where they reportedly met with former CIA deputy director Steven Kappes and former British MI5 chief Eliza Manningham-Buller.  Osama Rantisi, a prominent Jordanian journalist and political analyst, claimed that Kappes and Manningham-Buller pledged in the meeting that "the US government and its intelligence services will support the Muslim Brotherhood goals of reaching power."

The claim has, as one might expect, been vehemently denied by both the US government and Muslim Brotherhood.  Muslim Brotherhood leaders say the report about a conspiracy backed by the US and Britain to help the group topple King Abdullah's regime is part of a smear campaign waged by Jordan's General Intelligence Department.

Some Jordanians have also pointed to Iran and its proxy Hezbollah militia in Lebanon as being behind a Muslim Brotherhood scheme to stage a coup in the kingdom of Jordan.

What has particularly worried King Abdullah is that the Muslim Brotherhood has managed to "infiltrate" many powerful Jordanian tribes, which have always been known as traditional and staunch supporters of the monarchy.

Unless the US Administration stops supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan will be turned into a Sharia Islamic republic and a source of further and on going instability in the Middle East.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  So not only has Obama come right out and said that he is a Muslim, which means that he subscribes to the Muslim Ideology of supremacism and the Muslim agenda of world domination.  But one can easily follow Obama’s agenda of support for the Muslim Brotherhood, (the revived Ottoman Empire and designated as a co-conspirator in the Islamic terrorist Holyland trial) not only in this country but ALL OVER the world.  So unless you are so weak minded as to be brainwashed, indoctrinated, and otherwise deceived by this Jug-head, excuse me…Jihadist Muslim president.  Or as I said in a coma or something similar, you must know by now that Obama or Soetoro or what ever his name is, shouldn’t be in the Oval Office he should be in a small square Jail far away from any living things.

Except maybe spider’s snakes and scorpions…

de Andréa 

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