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The Supremes Are Just Wrong!

The Supremes Are Just Wrong!
One might think’, no matter how naive it would be, that the Supreme Court Justices would at least know a little about the US Constitution, well they either do not, or they don’t care.  You decide!

By de Andréa
June 30, 2012

This past Thursday the Supreme Court wrongly, that’s ‘wrongly’ my friend, concluded that Obamacare is’ constitutional.  Make no mistake-it’s not.  Chief Justice Roberts using tortured logic and defying the law-the intent of the framers-and the will of the people-will claim it is so.  But again, it is not.

Court House Photo by Evan Vucci of the AP

In trying to figure out just what could have possibly possessed the Supremes in the absolute and total violation of US Constitutional law, I have concluded that at least in part, this may have been a desperate call to action.  Because’ part of the written decision included this statement:  “Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments.  Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them.  It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” As I said-twisted tortured logic.  However, the Supreme Court may have told us the answer even while helping the administration trample all over our rights.  The Supreme Court is however responsible for correcting constitutional ambiguities of the congressional electorate. 

On a personal note; I have never had a lot of respect for the US Supreme Court.  I once challenged every one and anyone to show me when and where the Supreme Court ever… and that is ever in history… did their job and totally’ upheld the US Constitution.  Of the thousands of people that read my column, I received five challenges, and I had to point out that I said “totally upheld” and not partially, no compromises etc.  Not one of the challenges showed where the Court ever did their constitutional job of upholding the constitution totally and/or completely.  Why?  Because they never have…  I mean really, when the Attorney General is corrupt the Department of Justice is corrupt and the President is corrupt and the Congress is corrupt and the Supreme Court is CORRUPT, just exactly what is left my friend?  Who do you go to???  THE PEOPLE!  We are the electors; we can, as Roberts wrote, “throw the bums out of office”, yes we can, remember that’ next election.   

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare’s individual mandate in a 5–4 decision authored by Chief Justice John Roberts.  The Supreme Court wrongly concluded that even though Obamacare was unconstitutional it would stand.  Just because a majority of the Supreme Court declares something “constitutional” for what ever reason, does not make it so.  Millions of Americans simply won’t accept it and we must act to overthrow it completely.  Trust me; there is nothing good in Obamacare folks!  In fact, unless you have read the 2700 odd pages of this monster you have no idea what is in it.  There is a lot more than health care in this document, it has the potential of creating a despotic oppressive government all by itself and no real healthcare at all.

The majority of the Court held that this penalty, for constitutional purposes, could be, if one would put enough spin on it, passed off as a tax.  The Supreme Court, by its actions, rewrote what they said Congress actually intended when it enacted the law.  But you see, that’ in itself is unconstitutional; the court cannot levy taxes or make law, only congress can, and isn’t it interesting that congress said it was not a tax when it was passed.  For all these reasons, to say that the “Individual Mandate” merely imposes a tax is not to interpret the statute but to rewrite it.  Judicial tax-writing, as well as law making, ‘is against the law’.  This dissent immediately cites and  is reminiscent of-the Stamp Act of 1765 (which wasn’t about postage stamps by the way), and the Declaratory Act  of 1766 Both of these episodes played a major role in defining the grievances of “taxation without representation” and sparked the organized colonial resistance that finally led to the American Revolution in 1776.  In our case it is the Supreme Court levying the tax and none of the nine Justices were elected by the people so the “taxation without representation” principal applies.  I am all-ready for a revolution folks, how about you.

You must remember all those agitations and whining centered on Justice Kennedy as the swing vote Justice.  It turned out not to be Kennedy at all, it was Justice Roberts that scored this touchdown for Obama.  I think really what happened here, is not so much that he caved, but that Chief Justice Roberts is establishing his legacy.  I think it’s what he wanted to do.  I think this is his imprimatur, good or bad; it is what he will be remembered for.  This is “The Roberts Court”, just like we had “The Warren Court” and “The Rehnquist Court”.  This is “The Roberts Court” my friend.  And this is his stamp on it --- it will’ be his legacy.  He well be in the history books.

Obama's ill-conceived government run socialized medicine is and will be out of control.  Unless this is repealed by Congress, Doctors will now practice medicine according to government mandated guidelines or else they will be in violation of the law, and American citizens’ will have the IRS taking money from their bank accounts!  Next we will be taxed for not eating government approved foods by a medical edict.  It just may be Islamic halal food by a Sharia Fatwa, since the Constitution seems to be is on its way out!

All the American families wanted, before Obamacare, was affordable health care and insurance companies that would work side by side with doctors on medical procedures.  One of the greatest improvements could have been to eliminate the regulation against the interstate sale and purchase of health insurance.  So one could shop’ nation wide’ for insurance, the competition alone, would automatically drive the premiums down.  Another could be a limit on court awards in so-called malpractice cases this would also drive the cost of health care down.  Do you think the Doc’s pay those premiums? heck no, you do, through high medical costs and subsequently higher premiums; there are at least a half dozen simple changes that could be made to improve’ and lower the cost of healthcare.

So far, the Senate has voted to repeal only a small part of Obamacare.  They voted to get rid of the tax reporting requirement that forces businesses to file a 1099 for every expense over $600, which would literally drown business owners in paper work.  (FYI Obama, those are job creators)  Thankfully that's gone.  But that's only one small piece of the deficit-busting pie that won't become law. 

Outrageously Obama and the Congress - YES, the same irresponsible Congress that raised the debt to a record $15 trillion, is mandating that the "United States Preventative Services Task Force" rates your medical services.  Many services that get "C’s", "D’s” and “F’s” -- such as screening for ovarian or testicular cancer could get terminated from coverage entirely, or the part where people over 70 will just receive a pill to make them comfortable -- and doctors must comply.  However as long as doctors treat patients according to Obama's orders they will have immunity from malpractice lawsuits.  So this stupid document written by brain-dead bureaucrats will determine medical procedures and your medical care.

Think about it.  The government could order doctors to give patients substandard treatments or refuse treatment all together.  After all, no doctor wants to get sued.  And if you do not comply, the Supreme Court says you will get fined… oh no, sorry…taxed.

Healthcare access will be in short supply, as doctors will be in short’ supply, even if you can afford to find one.  The Physicians Foundation Survey revealed that 40% of doctors plan to drop out of the medical field entirely!  60% said that government run healthcare will "compel them to close or significantly restrict their practices to certain categories of patients.”  That means Americans on Medicare or Medicaid will find it virtually impossible to receive adequate healthcare.  Hey wait, I’m on Medicare, oh well… my dog Cooper will take care of me.  I’ll just call it “Coopercare”, that’s copyrighted by the way and it’s mine, all mine.

And lastly but certainly not least, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan helped craft and defend this communist social healthcare mess while she was Obama's Solicitor General when Obamacare by-passed a final Senate vote to make it law.  Now the court has changed the law into a tax and Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court that Kagan refused to recuse herself from even though her vote was clearly biased by a conflict of interest, yet another violation of, if not the law, then for sure…’ethics’.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The Supreme Court is corrupt six ways from Wednesday; I mean truly, there is nothing legal or correct about what the Supreme Court did in its decision Thursday. 

As I said earlier when the Attorney General is corrupt the Department of Justice is corrupt, and the President is corrupt and the Congress is corrupt and the Supreme Court is CORRUPT, just exactly what is left?  Who do you go to???  THE PEOPLE! That’s who!  We are the electors; we can, as Roberts wrote, “throw the bums out of office” and repeal this monstrosity, “yes we can”, I truly hope that you remember this’ in the next election my friend.  Otherwise, when you get old, they will take you out in the woods, lay you down at the foot of a ‘beautiful big tree’ with a nice view of the ‘beautiful big valley’ , give you a small supply of drugs, with a straw to snort them through, and let your decaying body fertilize the ‘beautiful big tree’.  Isn’t that a beautiful and pleasant thought???  I think I’ll paint a picture of that and send it to Obama as a going away present…

Happy day my friend, and God bless!  

de Andréa 

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