Wednesday, April 11, 2012


When nations and cultures ignore the historically documented early warning signs of the infiltration of “Tarbiyah Jihad” the Jihad of disinformation or deception; they have and will pay a very dear price.

I’ve got film…

By de Andréa

This article is a follow-up to the last posted article titled “THE ICNA ENABLEMENT” (Islamic Circle of North America) Shariah disinformation campaign. ICNA is a Muslim Brotherhood-connected organization, the one who is slowly but surly taking over the world, whose goal is restoring the Islamic Caliphate and imposing Shariah law across the entire earth. But the ICNA by its very name defines its intentions here in North America; it plans on encircling it with Shariah and squeezing it to death…

This story is what happens when a nation ignorantly falls prey to the deception of Islam. Take this to heart my friend, because as I have predicted for the last 7 years, it is happening in your country, right here, right now.

The UK has 85 Sharia courts and the U.S. already has 2, one in Michigan and one in Texas. France has over 750 “no go zones,” (Muslim enclaves where even French police don’t even dare to enter.) and the U.S. has 5, one is right in our nation’s capital.

Now the latest—Watch a video of what is happening in Belgium. The future Belgistan. Keep in mind, this is THE FUTURE OF AMERICA!

As in the U.S. I am sure that most people in Belgium never believed this could happen in their country. The path of least resistance for us Americans is to assume this could never happen here either. But you see, that is all part of the deception my friend, because it already is. Just ask the Pennsylvania man who dressed up as a “zombie Mohammed” in a Halloween parade and was beaten and assaulted by a Muslim. This may have been in bad taste, but under American law it didn’t warrant attempted Murder. But under Shariah law it is the death penalty. To add insult to injury, a judge lectured the beaten man who marched in the parade—calling him insensitive—and, ‘astonishingly’, dismissing the charges against the Muslim who tried to kill him. This - in an American court of law, in a Shariah court the victim would be sentenced to death. Rape ‘victims’ not perpetrators are stoned to death under Shariah. This is a nightmare! Ask the more than 57 Americans already tried and convicted under the demonic Islamic law of Shariah right here in America.

As I have said so many times before and as in Belgium and the rest of Europe, by the time you recognize the Jihad of Islam, it will already be too late to stop it.

The reporter says in the video that Belgium will fall to Islam by 2030. Well… he is very optimistic my friend. This does not for example take into account Demographical change in the world Muslim population or the eventual mass exodus of the indigenous population of Belgium when the supremacism of Islam under the oppression of Shariah becomes too much to bear. Belgium will become Belgistan overnight.

If you haven’t seen this you need to watch a video titled World Population and Muslim Demographics, it should scare you right out of your sox! Mathematical facts don’t lie --- Muslims do.

THE BOTTOM LINE: America is God’s country, and we are rapidly letting it go to Hell…

de Andréa

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