Thursday, April 19, 2012


Obama Leaks Israeli Strike Plan to Iran, I have film.

By de Andréa

Breaking news…Well, You’re not likely to read this take on what Obama has done on the front page of the Commie NY TIMES. And it probably will not be the leading story on MSNBC but it is nevertheless true. Fox reported it, thank you Fox.

Obama has leaked Intel to Iran that Israel is readying an attack on Iran’s nuclear development facilities from Azerbaijan. This is treasonous!

Of course the “T” word just can’t be used anymore in conjunction with anything that our terrorist Muslim Commie president does because he would according to law, have to be executed for blatant Treason…Oh! Sorry! I mean the “T” word, and that would not look good in history.

Watch a video from Fox News with John Bolton former Ambassador to the UN He tells how Obama leaked Israel’s intent to strike Iran’s nuclear development facilities and from where…

Is there anyone left out there in the ether who is so mentally blind that they can’t see that our president is a Muslim. Well I’m afraid there is! Watch a rather lengthy video that clearly shows to any reasonable person that Barack Hussein Obama is a Sleeper terrorist Muslim Jihadist bent on the destruction of America. If you are interested in the truth, it is well worth watching. But if you think ‘this is bad’ my friend, just wait and see what happens if Obama gets reelected. My advice is ‘buy plenty of ammo.

I have been watching closely what Iran is doing,’ one of my sources, an intelligence officer engaged in assessing the ramifications of a prospective Israeli attack, confirmed: “We’re now watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan getting ready for a possible strike, and Obama is not happy about it

According to Obama’s logic, “if Israel attacked, then Iran [which essentially developed its program in contravention of the Non-Proliferation Treaty it signed, and despite international inspectors] may choose not to let those inspectors back in and, as a result, have an easier time pursuing nuclear weapons.”

Now, let me get this interesting bit of Muslim logic straight Obama: Don’t attack, because if you do, Iran won’t let back in the inspectors who were so impotent in the first place that led to Tehran now being on the cusp of nuclear capability, is that about right Obama???

And these constant insane drumbeats of “Israel-must-not-take-action” articles are not only in press reports… A report Wednesday by the Congressional Research Service – the US Congress’s nonpartisan think tank said: “Iran could recover from a strike and rebuild its centrifuge workshops within six months”, meaning that such a strike would be futile. “It is “unclear what the ultimate effect of a strike would be on the likelihood of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons,” the report read.

The fact that these reports are coming out just a couple of weeks after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Obama in the White House shows that despite the smiles and the talk then about understanding and hyper-close coordination, Obama and Israel are not seeing eye-to-eye on the Iranian “military option” issue.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I say if after Israel destroys Iran’s nuclear facilities, and Iran rebuilds its centrifuge plants in six months, then tell old Mahmoud that if he doesn’t blow up his own nuclear facilities by Tuesday next, we will sent an ICBM to his house. But then that’s what I say!

Obama says: Watch out Mahmoud old friend, those pesky Jews we hate so much, are getting ready to attack you from Azerbaijan. And somehow this isn’t treason?

Israel should send an ICBM to Obama’s house next…


On second thought…

de Andrea.

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