Friday, April 13, 2012

The Obama Conspiracy

Barack Obama, George Soros, “La Raza,” (a Mexican racist organization, hence the name “The Race”). As well as the entire liberal political establishment including Eric Holder of the Corrupt Federal Department of [In]Justice, has launched a taxpayer funded multi-million dollar campaign and law suit with the intent of bringing the State of Arizona and “America’s Toughest Sheriff” to its knees. I have Film…

By de Andréa

Obama is spending millions of your tax dollars in an effort to place federal bureaucrats as “monitors” in his Maricopa County office -- to stop him from doing the job voters elected him to do!

Crazed communist supporters of amnesty for illegally voting aliens just held a protest demanding that the federal government step in and strip Sheriff Joe of his power.

And left-wing communist billionaire George Soros has pledged to spend $10 million of his own money as well to defeat Sheriff Joe (at right) for reelection!

Not only is Sheriff Joe “public enemy number one” to President Barack Hussein Obama and his goons in the U.S. Justice Department because he adamantly opposes amnesty for illegal aliens, but Obama is using taxpayer funds to sue the State of Arizona for enforcing a 1940 Federal law SB 1070, Federal code 80sc1304, paragraph c,d,e and f. The fact that President Obama is himself in violation of the Federal code and is in breach of the oath of his office to uphold the U.S. Constitutional law of protecting this Nation from a foreign invasion apparently is of no consequence to him, his goons, or his left wing communist media.

But Sheriff Joe never, ever backs down. NEVER!

That’s why both Maricopa County Arizona and Americans everywhere need to do what they can to keep this “True American Hero” in office. He stands up for what is right and FIGHTS! And right now he is in the fight of his life both literally and politically. La Raza and other Criminal drug cartel organizations in Mexico have issued a contract on Sheriff Joe’s life and the lives of his family but he still speaks loudly and carries a big gun.

You see, The anti-American Barack Obama is pressing hard with his federal lawsuit siding with criminal aliens and the country of Mexico against the American sovereign state of Arizona to force Sheriff Joe to agree to have his office placed in a type of federal “receivership” that’s code for “dictatorship”. They are spending millions and millions of ‘YOUR’ tax dollars to strip Sheriff Joe of his power and bring the state of Arizona to its knees.

Moreover, liberal communist activists led by Marxist George Soros from across the country are prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat Sheriff Joe in this year’s election. They are gearing up to bombard this one county sheriff with millions of dollars of hate-filled negative ads.

You see --- the America hating liberals hate Joe Arpaio so much; they will stop at nothing to drive him out of office to support their social communist agenda. While all the liberal socialists politicians in Washington have been desperately trying to figure out how to pass an illegal law granting amnesty to millions of illegal alien “VOTERS” …Sheriff Joe made headlines by standing up to the illegal alien lobby enforcing the law and protecting our borders! And for that, he has drawn the wrath of every left-wing America hating lunatic in the country.

Sheriff Joe deserves a medal. Instead he is being subjected to a liberal smear campaign and law suit by ‘your’ communist Muslim president all on your dime. I say “your president” because I don’t claim him.

Click here, to listen and watch a video produced and narrated by Professor Dr. Terry J. Lovell of the State of Arizona. Dr. Lovell explains exactly what Obama is doing in this suit against the state of Arizona.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What I really would like to know, is why?… WHY did you, or those of you that did… vote for this Criminal Communist Community organizing Muslim Socialist Narcissist America hating bureaucrat for President of the United States?


de Andréa

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Anonymous said...

The insinuation is that Obama is a liar and hates America just as much as Wright and Ayers. That’s a preposterous contention given Obama’s continuing expansion of domestic militarization, removal of due process and illegal assassinations. The reality is that Obama put some distance between his old friends precisely because he found some new friends with a lot more power and money. The sudden lurch toward totalitarianism by the Obama administration makes certain there will be no more Wrights and Ayers around in future.
Obama's not a thug, and he is not a Marxist as you like to say over and over.

Why do you like to rant with insulting lies? Does it make you feel like a tough guy? Does it make you feel superior?

You are one sad sack.

Do you have a life away from the Courier and Press website?

Not a muslim, nor a communst.

You're just an idiot.

Obama doesn't hate America, You hate having black people in the White House!