Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Obama preparing for a Muslim America?

For those of you that are ‘still’ asleep to the fact that Obama is a Muslim terrorist Jihadist, bent on the overthrow of America, this is definitely for you!

By de Andréa

While this, in and of itself is proof of nothing, but if one would just connect the dots and add this to the laundry list of evidence that I have pointed out over the years, it is the “Icing on the cake” my friend.

Look very carefully at the book Obama is holding…do you see it?

The name of the book is called: THE POST-AMERICAN WORLD. It was written by Obama’s foreign policy advisor and fellow Muslim Jihadist Fareed Zakaria

"Post" America means: The World "After" America!” In other words an Islamic America. Even though the book doesn’t dwell on the demise of America as much as it does the rise of other nations, cleverly hidden within its pages, is the conquest of America by Islam.

Fareed Zakaria an Indian born Muslim is Obama’s foreign policy advisor. If Obama is reelected he may be Obama’s new Secretary of State. He is reported to be an America hating Muslim terrorist apologist saying in defense of Iran for example, that nuclear bombs are against Sharia law, and that Iran isn’t building nuclear weapons. That’s a big fat Islamic “Taqiyyah” ‘lie’ my friend. Islamic doctrine teaches that absolutely anything goes when it comes to the spread of Islam and the defeat of the kaffaar.

While I have to admit that I haven’t read the book titled THE POST-AMERICAN WORLD, only reviews and a summery, I have however read the Quran and the Hadith of Mohammad. And I can guaran-tee you that Muslims lie through their America hating teeth when it comes to covering up true Islam and its agenda. Moreover, if one identifies himself with Islam he identifies himself with lying terrorist Jihadists as well as Islamic Sharia law.

How does a weak nation defeat a strong nation? Answer - from the inside. And how is that accomplished? Answer – deception through Ignorance!

THE BOTTOM LINE: One ‘is’, or one ‘is not’, a Muslim… Ask yourself if there could be any such animal as a moderate Nazi or a moderate Marxists? What would that be, what would that look like? Then explain to me, and to yourself what a moderate Muslim is…

Our government is now approximately 31 percent Islamic. With Sharia creeping into our courts, why would one want and additional 69 percent, with a complete barbaric Sharia court system?

We have a Muslim foreign policy advisor who writes a book about The World "After" America while we are at war with the terrorism Islam, and a president that subscribes to it, and will not respect America, its constitution, or our flag…Isn’t that tantamount to having a Nazi foreign policy advisor while we were at war with the barbarism of Nazism? Of course it is. Isn’t this insane? Of course it is…

Think…please think about it America!

de Andréa

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