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By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published September 06, 2015


The war of the religions:
Communism, Nazism, Christianism, Judaism, Islamism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Confucianism all fighting for’ or against’ – the perverted religions of gay marriageism, transgenderism, homosexualism, lesbianism, sapphism, pederastieism, sodomiteism, or whatever other flavor of perversionism that you might be involved in -- do you know where it comes from, what is behind it and/or what is driving it, and who is using it to destroy a once moral Christian society?   

Have you noticed the lack of gender in new children’s toys? The future of America if we don’t join in and get on the right side of this battle, is not only a gender neutral society but a hopelessly perverted culture embroiled in perpetual war.

Lila; a girl, born a boy, looks like a boy, acts like a boy, walks like a boy, and is anatomically a
teenage boy with long hair. Just maybe he is a boy…ya think?  But like all teenage boys, he would like to use the girl’s bathroom, locker room, showers etcetera, etctera… of course he does.  Especially if encouraged, all boys would.

The dispute at a Missouri high school over a so-called transgender teen boy who wants to use the girls’ room is just the first skirmish in a war that has already spread nationwide, observers believe.

There have been multiple developments at Hillsboro High School this week. Parents of some of the students prayed outside a meeting of the school board and called for transgender Lila Perry to be kept out of the girls’ room. Other students planned a rally in support of Perry.
And there were hundreds of other students who walked out of class in protest of Perry’s attempt to use the girls’ vicinities.
When communists, such as the contributors to the Think Progress website, condemned the students as “bigoted,” one pastor said the accusers should look in the mirror.  “All I can say is – good for these girls!” said pastor, author and talk-radio host Carl Gallups. “And shame on the insane branch of the media that is trying to marginalize girls for doing the only sane and decent thing.”

“The more ludicrous and unhinged the radical gay movement becomes in trying to push its perverse agenda upon the rest of us, the more I predict that their radicalism will begin to backfire on them – big time. And, I think this story is just one example of many more like it that are to follow.” Said Gallups.

Gallups is the author of the new book Be Thou Prepared,” which predicts the coming age of persecution for American Christians and anyone with moral values. He believes American Christians are ready to fight back against homosexual activists who are beginning to overreact.  I personally am not so sure that Christians are ready.

I’m not so sure that Christians or anyone else for that matter have been equipped to fight against this on slot of evil from Hell.  Moreover fighting this war from only a religious platform isn’t going to be effective in winning this war against the useful idiots of Communism, it might be better to use a legal strategy.  After all, this is what they’ are using, or I should say…’misusing’.  And no matter what religion one is’ in America the law is one thing we all have in common, at least that is the way the system is supposed to work. We already have laws governing most all of these issues.  Example the DOMA statute (marriage between one man and one woman) still stands. Congress hasn’t repealed it, not yet anyway. And until that occurs Gay Marriage is still against the law in all fifty states. Supreme Court opinion or not. Courts can’t make law my friend, court opinions are just opinions.  “WE THE PEOPLE!” Have just stepped back and allowed laws to be illegally abolished by Communist Judges. It’s called Judicial Tyranny.
Gallup continues. “Apparently, the agents of the radical gay agenda have mistaken America’s relative ‘tolerance’ towards those who choose to live the homosexual lifestyle with assuming that this ‘tolerant’ America has also collectively lost their complete sanity and rationality over this issue. I can assure you they haven’t,” he said.
“The radical homosexuals will keep sticking their collective fingers in the chest of America until finally they, metaphorically speaking, get their finger snapped off. Even in America, common-sense decency among most of the population still has its boundaries.”
But Gallups thinks it will get worse before it gets better, as does professor and historian Paul Kengor.
“This is not merely a war on gender but a war on nature – on human nature,” Kengor said. “And if you don’t agree with the fundamentally transformed New America’s cultural commissars, then you, dear comrade, are in dire need of re-education.”
Kengor, the author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” called America a “thoroughly confused country careening through a period of cultural madness.”
He argued: “We no longer follow any coherent set of first principles and eternal absolutes. This is what it looks like in practice. Watch out for the cultural train-wreck coming soon to a school or village near you.”
“And remember: these are the forces of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’ Once again they show that they refuse to tolerate a viewpoint that isn’t in complete conformity with their own. Their ‘diversity’ has always been a selective one at best. ‘Tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ are mere buzzwords – crass tactics to orchestrate the culture transformation that they want. If you disagree, you will not be tolerated but shamed and coerced. Enjoy the left’s new ‘tolerance.’”
Kengor says the cultural attack on gender norms is part of a deliberate strategy.
“This is the ‘repressive tolerance’ of Herbert Marcuse, the cultural Marxists and the New Left. This is the plan to ‘take down’ traditional culture that I detail in my book.”
Michael Brown, who has written several books on homosexuality, including “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” says it is time to draw a “line in the sand.”
Speaking to Lila Perry, Brown pleaded, "Don't impose things on girls, some of whom are going to be uncomfortable with this."
Noting how Lila said he felt targeted as a "transgender," Brown responded, "He's not a transgender woman; he's a confused teenage guy."
Continued Brown: "It is not bigotry. There are girls who are uncomfortable with the presence of a male in their bathroom. This is such insanity, friends. That's why I’m saying you draw a line in the sand."
Brown says far too many people don’t understand how far things have progressed.
"We must celebrate gender distinctions, rather than blur them or ban them or abolish them or multiply them," Brown said, claiming that defending differences will provide a way to push back against efforts at cultural transformation.
Gallups believes America has not seen the worst of what he believes is an extremist agenda.
"I still believe that America will not fully wake up to what the radical homosexual agenda has actually planned for us until they learn that their little children are literally being taught the intimate mechanics of gay sex techniques in their public school, Common Core, sex education classes. For those who might think I am being a bit melodramatic in this matter, please remember that sex techniques (complete with bananas and condoms) are already being taught to your children in sex education classes now.”
"Now that the SCOTUS has, illegally and unconstitutionally, decided for all fifty states that 'gay marriage' is normal, natural, and lawful, it is only a short matter of time before the sex education classes across America begin to accommodate America's new norm and 'settled law.' Add to this the fact that the radical gay activists have publicly stated their additional goal of infiltrating America's churches to force them to bow to the gay agenda and there is a recipe for a straight revolt cooking in the oven even now."
And that revolt, urged Gallups, should begin today.
"The only thing that is going to stem the tide of this abject insanity, and hold back the radical flood trying to sweep us all down the sewer with it, is for groups of people, like the girls in this story, to rise up and say, 'no!' Pastors, churches, families, groups of people being affected by the insanity (like these girls), and other people of legal and civic influence must stand together and say – we will go no further with this madness."
And then if that isn’t enough we are jailing people for their political views.  Yes in America, right now, today!  Political prisoners like Kim Davis who not only follow their heart, but follow the law.  Because she is obeying the Federal DOMA law of 1996 which hasn’t been abolished by congress, so the Statue is still the law under the U.S. Constitution but has become politically incorrect and so she has been illegally arrested and is in prison as a political prisoner in a Rowan County Kentucky prison. And without bail.  I can begin to tell you how many law were violated not by Davis but by the police, by the court, by the District Attorney.  The ACLJ is going to have a constitutional field day with this one. Moreover it just might turn out to be the ‘Case of the Century.‘The Tyranny of the Courts vs. Constitutional freedom and the law’.  Either the Courts will win and we all lose our rights of justice under the law, or Davis will win and we regain our constitutional rights.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The day of reckoning is upon us my friend…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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