Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obama Spent 100 Million per-Trainee to Fight ISIS, All Five of Them!

Obama Spent 100 Million per-Trainee to Fight ISIS, All Five of Them!  

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published September 29, 2015
Obama’s success in the Middle East has been nothing short of miraculous, that is, if one is the enemy.

The Middle East is a money hole…
Despite efforts to paint a rosy picture of strides made against’ ISIS, Al Qaeda and all of the flavors of Islamic Jihad, from Iraq to Syria to Libya to Yemen and beyond– the truth remains clear for all  to see: the Middle East is a boiling cesspool of instability and it is only getting worse.  Moreover you’ my friend, are paying for it.
In a recent appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Deb Fischer (R-NB) asked General Lloyd Austin of U.S. Central Command to confirm the number of U.S.-trained Syrian fighters on the battlefield to fight the war against ISIS.  Gen. Austin answered that of about 60 Syrian fighters the U.S. spent $500 million to train, only a small number remained. “It’s a small number.” He said. “The ones left that are trained to fight against’ ISIS is… ah, we’re talking four or five.”
So what happened to the other fifty five well trained and well supplied so-called moderate Muslim Syrian soldiers?  Well…they defected to ISIS.  As I have continued to articulate: There is no such Muslim as a moderate Muslim.  One is either a Muslim or one is not!  Watch an informative video of the three stages of Islam, what a Muslim really is, and why a Muslim cannot be trained to fight Islam.
THE BOTTOM LINE: At a half billion American tax payer dollars, the way my math reads --- that is…well’ a 100 million dollars per soldier. And how many ISIS murderers did those five expensively highly trained Muslim soldiers kill??? NONE! Nada! Nix!  We trained Muslim Jihadists to kill Muslim Jihadists…  ‘RIGHT’!
So what is the answer to defeating ISIS?  DEFEAT ISLAM!
In the Second World War We defeated Nazism by defeating Germany.  The Allied nations brought Germany to its knees. That’s how we defeat ISIS, we defeat the Nation of Islam.  And as during WWII we are now fighting for our very existence, the difference is we have been struck blind, brainwashed, indoctrinated, deceived into believing Islam is a religion, and a peaceful one at that. Islam as Nazism is a satanic ideology bent on subjugating the world.  “They Must Be Stopped”.
In light of the fact that it has recently been revealed that Obama has been ‘cooking the books’ among other things when it comes to his support of ISIS and trying to paint a picture of greater American success, now we find that the taxpayers have had to foot the bill for what could conservatively be called yet another expensive act of treason by Obama.
When are the American people going to demand accountability for Obama’s support of Islamic terrorism?  When is Congress going to cut off Obama’s funds that clearly support the enemy of America?
When indeed!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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