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Is Ben Carson Coming Into Full Bloom?

Is Ben Carson Coming Into Full Bloom?

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published September 19, 2015


In January I published an article titled “Would Ben Carson Make a Good President.” And another in March of 2015 titled “Doctor Ben Carson 2016”In both cases I was called everything from a dreamer to insane.  Here it is, eight months later and Carson is #2 of what… 14 major republican presidential candidates or so.  Am I still looking like a dreamer or worse like someone who is insane?  Well some will always think so no matter what I write.  But I think I can reasonably say ‘I told you so.’

The reason Carson is at the very top of the polls has “nothing to do with the color of his skin, and
everything to do with the content of his character.”- Quote coined by the late Reverend Martin Luther King.

Right now the polls show none other than retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson second to Trump in the polls, with nearly 20 percent.  
Sure, Carson is the same race as Obama, but unlike Obama he’s not a Muslim, he is not a Communist, he has not committed treason, and he is not intent on destroying all of what our founding fathers worked so hard to build.
What Carson is’, is a Christian American, much like’ our founding fathers were.
Bloomberg reports:
“Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has emerged as a leading Republican presidential candidate in Iowa and is closing in on frontrunner Donald Trump in the state that hosts the first 2016 nomination balloting contest.
The latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows billionaire Trump with the support of 22 percent of likely Republican caucus participants, followed by Carson at 18 percent. When first and second choices are combined, Carson is tied with Trump.
Trump finds himself in a vastly better position than when the previous Iowa Poll was taken. He has become a credible presidential candidate to many likely Republican caucus-goers. The real estate mogul is rated favorably by 61 percent and unfavorably by 35 percent, an almost complete reversal since the Iowa Poll in May. He finds his highest ratings among those planning to attend the caucuses for the first time (69 percent) and limited-government Tea Party activists (73 percent). Just 29 percent say they could never vote for him, a number cut in half since May.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: The interesting thing about both Carson and Trump’s dramatic rise to the top, is that neither of them are traditional politicians, they are just extraordinarily hard working Americans like most of the rest of us.
Both of them are non-conformists in terms of what the GOP would like to see in office. Instead they’re brilliant men in their own fields of expertise who have a very precise vision on what needs to be done to change the country.  Moreover, in spite of the GOP, they are what Americans’ would like to see in Office.
Although Trump and Carson are two very different people, they have something very important in common.  Truth, guts, and honesty…and a sense of right and wrong, even if it cost them.
And the truth be told, that’s exactly what Americans are looking for.
They’re looking to someone who isn’t going to pander to them to get a vote, but who is going to remain true to their principles and help put our nation back on course, away from a Communist-Democracy and back towards a “Constitutional Representative Republic” restoring America’s greatness.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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