Thursday, September 17, 2015

Obama Wants a Hundred Thousand Terrorists and No Christian Refugees

Obama Wants a Hundred Thousand Terrorists and No Christian Refugees

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published September 17, 2015

Our Muslim terrorist president Obama, has been helping Jihadists Muslims take down America ever since he took office.  Now Americans need to take down Obama.

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama warned his administration to prepare for the arrival of an additional 10,000 Syrian terrorists during the next fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1. This would bring the total number of terrorists slated to enter into the United States in 2016 up to 75,000.
According to CNN, Secretary of State John Kerry wants to raise the 75,000 cap to an even higher number, perhaps as high as 100,000 or more.

There are a couple of huge problems with this, though.

For one, Obama is failing to properly screen the terrorists, meaning some terrorists could actually wind up being… Islamic terrorists  disguised as refugees, naw...  Oh really…Muslim refugees…terrorist jihadists…   The American Congress is asleep at the wheel and they haven got a clue what is going on here. 

According to Michael Steinbach, FBI deputy assistant director of counter-terrorism, it’s “virtually impossible to screen refugees from a ‘failed state’ like Syria, where the U.S. does not have boots on the ground and does not have access to reliable police or intelligence records.”  Well if you remember, Obama didn’t what boots on the ground, and know you know why my friend.  Oh you thought it was that he was concerned about American lives. Tisk, tisk my brainwashed friend, you have been smoking too many funny newspapers.

Furthermore the funny papers say, many of the refugees previously admitted into other nations have shown a great deal of ungratefulness. 
In Macedonia, for instance, Muslim refugees refused aid boxes full of food because the boxes were emblazoned with the American Red Cross emblem. If these refugees were truly that desperate for help, then why would they refuse food over something so minor?  Because all these sons of satan want is a rusty dull knife to cut your throat with. Wake up!

And according to Mad World News, a number of Muslim nations themselves refuse to take in these ungrateful refugees.  Because unlike the ignorant American government, Muslim nations know terrorists when they see them.

But have you noticed that Obama’s proposal ignores Christian refugees. Only a handful of them have managed to smuggle themselves into the United States, and even then, most of them were rejected by the Obama administration and warned that they would soon be deported.  And this is because ‘Obama doesn’t want no more stinking Christians’ he already has enough of them here to kill. What he needs are more ISIS terrorists.

Given Obama’s ongoing war against the West being perpetuated by his Nation of Islam, it’s really smart on his part to allow tens or even hundreds of thousands of Muslin terrorists to enter the country as poor refugees without proper background checks.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you think this is satire or I’m just making a joke, you would be very wrong my friend

 You see Muslims understand us…its ‘we’ that don’t understand them!


Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Proud to say you are one of us! He fully intends to destroy the US!